Friday, June 30, 2006

Ya know what I like on Friday

that the only constant is change, shitty, crappy change. Change that has my part of my office being obliverated in renovations. Change that has the printer/fax that i am constantly being asked about being moved away. Change that I should not care about cause I should be in TX by the time it happens but yet I still care.
Oh yes, thank you, this is such a great way to end my week, a really happy hour event.

Prom time in TN

Prom in TN
Unfortunately my links got messed up so you'd just have to go through the 160 pics yourself.
Notes to prom goers - white tux with bright vest-bad. confederate flag-bad. hunting gear dress with bright orange nails - bad. Looking like stripper - bad, good for the guys though.

Coworker’s last day of work.

It Friday and this week we have a theme. Its called "see ya later shithead". And that’s the pg version of how I feel.

1. Tricky- Run DMC
2. Shove this Jay oh bee – Canibus with biz markie
3. A little less conversation – Elvis
4. Do the hustle
5. Trouble – Shampoo
6. Rev it up and go – Straycats
7. Work It – Nelly
8. Punk ass bitch – Wheatus
9. Go it alone - Beck
10. The breaks – kurtis blow

Thursday, June 29, 2006

You there, Shoes, step away from the electronics

Tonight I plan to wipe the laptop of its virus and everything else.
I come to work, the ipod isn't working again. It skips through all the songs like it can't load them. Yes, I have tried to reset.
Plans for the weekend. Nada, none, nil. Friday night I think I am taking a new scrapper to hobby lobby. She's po. So I'm guiding her with the, pick a set of photos and we'll pick out paper and maybe an embellishment or two routine. If she needs anything like brads or little doodads and such I'll have the supply. I think i invited her over Sunday to get creative but I can't recall.
Saturday is agility but I'm all in all pooped so I'm not looking forwards to it because I want to sleep like a mofo.
Maybe I'll check out some yard sales. I'm looking for an old crappy wooden chair to do up for the halloween living room. I also want to learn to purl before Kara leaves. Which would mean whining for kara to show me tonight when we have our hetrocouple date to watch the wedding date. I think I'm gonna pick lettuce and snowpeas from the garden and make salad. I will add corn, chickpeas, olives and bacos too. Ooh and regular peas... oh yes, i'm sasssy and excited about salad. I'm so hardcore...not.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh for crap's sake

I try to spell check and be all smart and stuff and my post disappears. You want the run down of the post...
1. thanks to those who said hi.
2. I'm a mean impatient person who is related to the deaf and dumb.
3. I wish they'd learn signlanguage so I don't sound like I'm dictating letters to a six year old.
4. My eye feels scratched, my skin feels dry. Resulted from botanical gardens and Afghanistan food.
5. There is a hidden post in me about aging and value of life for caretakers but I'm not letting it out cause its to complicated and makes me bad people.
6. If you won't be photographed in a ugly ass hat, then don't be wearing it in public with your highly sarcastic daughter.
7. Still working on virus issues but appears to be a heck of a lot better.
8. Can't wait to get to work and chew out shithead who snapped at me on the phone cause he didn't listen to me trying to explain that we don't have a login and password and thats just not how the site he was using worked for the rest of us...So glad he's leaving work in two days. Grumpy ass jerk. Go continue to drink your life into a stupor somewhere else and tell me how into christ he is and how he's saved and I'm fucked while he is very unchristian like.
10. Must squash continued desire to play with fire and glass at local blowing place. Seeing glass being worked on a gardens doesnt' help the desire that I've been squashing for about 20 years.
11. I'd really like to be asleep right now...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So how did you meet your girlfriend?

Wait, what, thats not funny. Okay so mom wanted to know how i met Kara...on the internet. Mom is of the generation of calling female friends girlfriends. Lady, get hip witht he times. Girls now have girlfriends and it isn't just to shop with at the mall.
So how did you meet her, how, what group? What do you have in common? The group is called the internet. Okay so all my friends are from the internet. Itworks well for the sober, dog loving, crafty non skanks like me. So when people want to know how i met others I really hate the explaination. Mom doesn't know about blogs. Others aren't welcome to read it so i don't want to say, well I have this online diary that you can write on and others can comment on but just well, not you.
So, how do you tell people how you met others...
Well I was really drunk and I met him as I stumbled out.... We exchanged pics of our dogs and talked old school rap.....
He hooked up with my friend and then got dumped and we chatted.... He liked my crafty projects and wanted to learn some skillz .

Anyway today I welcome you to say hi. Come on out, I know you are there and so does sitemeter..... Say hi!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Every once in a while I dream in cameos. Either people I’d like to not dream about show up and suddenly I have deep feelings for them or just I have random fly bys. What it means who knows. Sometimes the dreams just make me mentally hop from one situation to another and spring ideas in my head.
Yesterday Mom and I talked about high holidays. It of course implanted itself in my head and so here I am, wonder what happened to Danny.
Dan and Ryan. Those were my Hebrew school chums. Ryan became too cool at some point and we grew apart. Our friendship that we did have I really enjoyed even though I of course had to fight off the ever wonderful hormones that cause crushes. I usually keptit in check except once or twice. And that just ended up being horribly embarrassing. “Heather told me to ask you to the dance, why would I want to do that, why would she even suggest it”
Well I was finished with hebrew school when I was 15 and so my regular interaction with those folks ended. I wasn’t smart back then, none of use were… we were in high school for christ’s sake. So I lost touch with them. I later lost touch with my equivalent Longstreth boys… Again, intelligence wasn’t a strong suit. I probably should have appreciated them more too and hung out with them more but hey, its life right?Anyway Ryan of course changed to something I didn’t fit in well with. Danny, I just didn’t notice. The quiet ones that you can just let slip by. Sure we always waved and were friendly but that was as far as it went. I’m still obviously stuck in 3rd grade because I can’t stop calling him Danny and he’s not been that for a long time.
I wonder what happened to him. He and I shared a past with our moms. They knew each other when they were our age. My mom was friends with her older sister.
Danny was smart, so was Ryan for that matter and both really helped me in Math. Hell my freshman year was helped by everyone in math. Geometry was not my friend. Who’d think I was born to a man who would like to do my geometry for fun.
Avi helped me too, he was with us in class also but was sort of annoying with all his damn smartness… found out what he’s been up to through friendster hopping. Makes me happy to see how happy he looks. His dog didn’t help my previous fear of dogs, little penis revealing pug.
I wonder what happened to Danny. I heard once that he just ended up being boring but hey aren’t we all. He in certain ways disappeared. Did he go elsewhere to reveal who he wanted to be? After all not everyone can break through who they were. I know I couldn’t get through my anger issues in PA. Did he find a nice person someday? Did he find his loud voice.? I hope he’s happy. Danny, when you cross my mind a happy smile passes my lips. You were a sweet guy through my youth. Thanks.

Maybe its not the dog who's special....

Last week I wore a bra to work that wasn't cutting it. My solution, staple the straps higher.... Picture is below along with the pickle I was craving and the special sticker i got from arby's.
I then abused the dogs through the weekend/week.
Mom and Buby are here this week so I busted out a painting (that I question if i like) for the living room and some new displays and finished wall for the living room. I also cleaned my room to death and made a little frame for coconut and her collar. I like it.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

stupid stupid stupid

Blogging from different computer.... i downloading a big bad virus... Stupid move too.... will be "borrow" Norton on Monday.....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Acting Out

Simon's acting out I think. He stole feminine products from the bathroom and ate half in the bedroom and took stuff out of my work bag. This is not my perfect dog.

must learn to use phone

note to self, learn to call others.... I'm a bitchy mean person deep down so I'm not surrounded by many people. When you live with one, you need to call the other too. Soon there will just be the one nearby. And ya know, get my mojo in check and find my right other puzzle pieces that i fit with. Preferably ones without 4 feet and fur.

Here’s a shovel, can you dig it?

Slept through the night hard, Lunesta free too. I dreamt I was in Japan with Eric and we were uncover spies on some American folks there. I ended up having to play the girlfriend to the head guy. Let me tell you, it’s a strain on a relationship if you have to make out and such in front of your spy boyfriend….wait, they should make a movie about that…. Hmmm.
1. Unrelated thing – They might be giants….skipped past, too much of a slow downer, I like happy.
2. Whoomp! There it is- Tag Team...Tell me you can’t sing along. Even roomie knows the words and she be Festus white.
3. Edge of 17 – Stevie Nicks…. All I can picture is Ms. Cusack singing drunk…. Which is less irritating then her cell phone commercials. Quick name the movie…
4. Donkey Kong Country- Nintendo- Fear Factory
5. Bukowski- Modest Mouse…I swear when they say Bukowski it sounds like bill cosby.
6. What’s the Number – Apples in Stereo
7. The Rubberband Man – The spinners- can you explain this song to me.. I love it but…well….yeah…help me.
8. I want you to want me – Liquid soul. Its nothing like the song you are thinking of.
9. Everything – Lauren Hill.. where’s she go...
10. Santeria - Sublime...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Pasta Lord

Thank you for Cunettos beef tortilini. Please send more asap.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pukey McPukers

So this is yoga right now. Ya know, breathe in, breathe out. Did you read about my day earlier... didn't break me. really didn't even bruise me, well except the big lumpy on my leg from falling up the stairs. Came home, found puke in front of riley's cage. Simon did it I thought or unless Riley did it before Kara put him away. I look towards my bed. Big big wet spot. Not from any dirty activities. No, puke again on the spot i sleep on about 2 feet long and one foot wide. Thats a large spanse of puke. More of it was liquid stain. Oh yeah, stiff liquid clear stain. Unusual I thought. I did leave riley sleeping there earlier so maybe it was him. The floor puke still had food in it and well dogs eat their food after they puke it up... its a lovely attribute they have right along with feces consumption by some.
I clean up and do an hour of yard work and talk to kara later and hit something off a shelf. "hey, why's my gummy worm bag empty" -fuck.
Hey and the water bowl is empty, man I've been a bad mom, I've let the dogs run out of water. Kara then corrects me and lets me know she filled it this morning.
So that stiffness wet spot would be dogfood bowl's worth of liquid jello. Confirmation of Simon McPukers.
I go off to dinner where I also feed the hungry mosquitos of the world and return. There is tinfoil bits everywhere. Simon, I'm so perfect, Dog picked the trash for last nights tin foil from grilled salmon. I don't think he ate it, just mulched it. The trash was considered for taking out but vetoed by the reviewing commitee. Next time they should reconsider.
After cleaning it up with the roomie I sit tiredly down on the couch and simon heads for his bed. Fuck - there's puke there too. Laundry will be done now. I'm heading to sleep and I'll throw it all in the dryer tomorrow. No need for Simon McPukers to be joined by dryer buzzer king, Riley McBarkers of the Barkenson family.

Did I tell you I'm smart....okay maybe not, but I'm thrifty

I just remembered what I was thinking as I fell asleep last night..... I have an ugly ass framed piece of "art" that the neighbor gave me after he was given it by the previous owners of my house. I can't toss it, he's a trash picker.... but I've been wanting to do a painting/collage and been planning on buying a canvas. Duh. Use what you have genius, save a gesso bucket and fabric....

Goodmorning Starshine.... the retarded Mindy says hello

Lodi Dodi, we like to sleep. Dogs wake me up cause I didn't set alarm. I decide I haven't had coffee all week cause of the sensitive stomach and its lack of appeal but damn, a Chai would rock like a hurricane.
I drive with good light and traffic karma all the way to Starbucks and realize Riley never got put away. I kinda would like to let him stay out til Kara leaves cause all he does is lounge on the couch or bed. But still. All day he cannot stay out... he's retarded like his mama. (that's me)
I get to Starbucks, open door for mom and daughter and another person because although I'm stupid, I'm nice. Get a chai for coworker, impromptu move, get espresso beans for boss, look at hand and think...This cell phone is supposed to be my keys. Fuck.
Call work, ride is on its way. Call home, key is outside for me to pick up at lunch. Now if you've seen my brain somewhere its probably locked in my car with my keys waiting for the 97 degree heat.
Drive with coworker and pull a Ron as I like to call it (high school folk who'd offer donuts to strangers in traffic when he and friends went out driving)... See coworker walks to work so when we passed him I cat called him of my own accord and then thrust the chai out and asked him if he wanted a chai. He was confused and then I told him I got it for him. He's an ass, and thinks I'm the most retarded person on the earth, but he does always offer me coffee when he knows he'll run to the bucks. Anyways, he's only here til the end of June anyway.
We had a nice little stop light conversation and when he turned green he continued on his merry way and we drove. We'd had offer him a ride which he declined. Good thing cause coworkers car was completely not suitable for any more than two people and a baby.
So if you see a frying brain, or a redhead who should be freaking out walking around know that the brain wasn't being used anyway and the redhead head thinks its no big deal. Stupidity runs its streaks in all of us...I've just got a good run of it this week. *

* I fell up the stairs and bruised my knee something awful and hit my head on the stadium seats at Sunday's game whenever I bent down to pick up my purse.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Duane Says, Mindy Does

And he says this should be more crafty.... but i have no wise words to share with the digital world today...
So instead here are two layouts. One more of a traditional Heritage colored base and one that went for broke and did whatever damn brightness I wanted. I also started my hopeful new habit of having a post it note next to me so i can write down supplies as I go thus making submittion to magazines and books easier.

What Duane Says, Mindy Does

And he says this should be more crafty.... but i have no wise words to share with the digital world today...
So instead here are two layouts. One more of a traditional Heritage colored base and one that went for broke and did whatever damn brightness I wanted. I also started my hopeful new habit of having a post it note next to me so i can write down supplies as I go thus making submittion to magazines and books easier.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Jeremy

Thank you thank you thank you.... Thank you and your 18 handsome years of age. Thank you for the fliration situation that I've never been in before. Sure we talked while Kara ran and got buns for the hotdogs. I had nervous unable to look up issues alot but dude, you held conversation about veggie bites that my roomate bought. This was the closest to a bar scene I've experienced and thats a little sad cause you know, you are a check out boy at dierbergs.
My heart is so all a flutter cause usually the only flirting I experience involved guys at home depot hitting on me and usually they are missing teeth and implement duct tape on their everytday attire. The little carding thing was a bit too adorable, oh did i tell you jeremy that you are way hotter than any guy who has ever hit on me...present handsome men in my life excluded. Who knew that 27 worked so much better for me than 17 when I would have at least been the right age bracket. Damn man, you were all sorts of handsome. Maybe your mom could drive us to the movies where I'd only let you hold hands with me cause yeah, I may be older but I'm still that 13 year old trying to drink that nasty milk and turn into a babe. You don't even get that reference... damn.

way past my knowledge

So I update the work website and make little tweeks. Well now have a menu that lists projects we have worked on and the boss had me add more than its set up to take so formatting is all funked up. I can't figure for the life of me where the thing is set up because its all that crazy java talk and such. Its also the same for our employee section. I figure if I could find where its located and lower the padding I can keep everything at the same size which would be really convienent but I can't figure it out to save my life. I've fudged the project site by adding a space under the picture next to the list so that they increase the template but for the people I can't do that.
Are you still following me... yeah...didn't think so... Basically I think I need to find where this little stupid piece of the page is, lower the padding and call it a day. I can't find the little part of the page....
I don't know what programming i need to learn. Dang the days past html basics with one long ass page with everything centered.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Noah's Arc part two

So I've been worried about the bunnies. Today they appeared to be gone. Woohoo! Then when I watered my garden then scattered. yay. No, really, yay. I don't want them in my garden but i do want the alive and moving on in life and they are doing that.
I've been doggy sitting my coworker's dog Cherokee. She's a great dog. Really chill. We all napped today in bed cause she is afraid of storms. She was hesitant of us at first and growled at Riley alittle but she was getting me happy to see me and do what I say. Ya know. Until she attacked Simon and I had to break it up. Simon is fine just terrified and refuses to walk anywhere. He can walk fine and walked around the bedroom. I had to carry him to the living room where he is glued to me leg and cuddley. Poor baby.
Cherokee is now sequestered to the kitchen where she isn't sure what she did wrong.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hip on Swing Dancing, Cool on Classic Cars

Remember how I didn’t get sleep the night before last. And how the visitor left yesterday. Well that leads to me not answering the teleryphone. I do rather enjoy the dogs yelling at my mom’s personal ring while I completely ignore it. After the night of no sleep I slept last night for a little less than 8 hours. I’ve already started eating Swedish fish at 8:30, had a bowl of cinnamon life and can’t lift my coffee cup. Its too heavy. When I’m really tired I eat like a fiend looking for that energy. I still haven’t found it but I have managed to waste much of my morning checking out josh blue’s site. I’ve liked his routine’s on last comic standing. I don’t watch reality tv but the two episodes I caught of this season were to see how he does. He’s just fun or seems it. Like the kinda guy that seems like a fun guy to hang out with but for all we know he could be a prick who only drinks a specific bottled water and foods without gluten it or something but I doubt it...
Apparently I’m finding much funny these days. I watched The Man and laughed. I’ve got low standards you know. I also received some jewish mockimentary paraphernalia and then I realized it wasn’t. It totally was a pay for prayers from big ass high rabbis that looked way past their prime.
Oh and dude, if you don’t post to my bunny posts I just can’t offer you much else.
Off to the shuffle
1. Hello City – Barenaked ladies.
2. And it is – Spacehog
3. Mr. Richard Smoker – Ween
4. Rock Lobster – B52s
Unfortunately not this version but don’t worry you, like Cleveland will be okay.
5. Twisted – Keith Sweat
6. Hosana – JC and his supa dupa crew
7. Nobody – Keith Sweat
8. Beer – Asylum Street Spankers
9. Broken Drum – Beck
10. Smells like 30 something – Asylum Street Spankers

Apparently my ipod really wants to get it on because really isn’t that was keith sweat is.. music that you try to get someone turned on by. I personally need to wake the f* up so I may hit up the spankers or my booty shaking tracks. If I wasn’t in my seat I’d be up dancing trying to wake up, that, and I like to dance.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A new low.....

in the wonderful world of insomnia. I couldn't remember if I took the lunesta this evening. Its 2:30 and I'm up so I'm guessing no. I tried sleeping on the couch where I was unfaithful with my dogs by having a cat try to sleep by my feet. Then I start thinking about a mystery meeting at work tomorrow. I'm one of those people who always thinks they are the person at fault so thats more sleepnessless.
So I reach a new ghetto fabulous low in my city living. I went to Walgreens at two thirty, braless. I normally sleep in one but well tonight I decided to free myself and let the rest follow. Naturally I had to deal with insomnia and go out and hell if I was reholstering the ladies. I decided fuck it*, I'm gonna go get some Valerium and pick up my prescription which I needed to get tomorrow morning but don't have time to get.
I feel so ghetto. I'm also really hungry. I have some Swedish fish I keep forgetting about in a snack drawer. I really want them now. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll remember to at least pack them for work. Sure I could do that now but then I'd risk temptation for pure sugar at 2:30 in the morning and I really want to fall asleep soon and not run the risk of being a matchbox 20** song.

* I'm a sailor who has gotten in much better check these days. I know I shouldn't curse but by gosh the bunnies. Really shouldn't webster or whoever runs the spellcheck just face reality and add fuck to the spellcheck so its not pointed out each time I curse.
** my spell check thinks a proper replacement for Matchbox is Mitzvah. Imagine how many people write about Rob Thomas and have that pop up on their spell check.
*** so still not a sleep an hour later. guess I should have taken two pills. I've even popped a xanex. Totally can't breath either and feel like i'm raring to go run a race. Oh and I've eatten too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Its like I'm fucking Noah or Mother fucking Nature

So there was this cardinal, I called him carl. He visited my house multiple times a day. Idiot. Every 10 minutes Riley chased him and he returned none-the-less. He must have been special like Riley. Then I stopped hanging outside as much because of a visitor so I stopped seeing him. I start mowing my lawn and almost run over a teenage rabbit who was living in my hostas and eating my goods. My yard isn't very accessible so usually the mom gets hurt coming in eventually realizes it should hang out in my yard cause its hard to escape from. Its going to be worse soon as I line my fence with rocks from the front. I come outside once with riley and see this hopping item. Riley goes after it. Its a baby robin. I put it in another yard and hope it does okay. My neighbor is working on recreating the wild in her backyard so lots of cover for it. I later find a blackish bird taking a nap on my window sill. He sees me, says what's up and just keeps hanging out. Not freak at all, really.
A few weeks later I start trimming trees around the same time because I enjoy electricity and my neighbor's tree that she doesn't take care of was impending on that perk of being an evolved creature. I have a fucking robin in my way with a nest. Of course I also discovered bird remains in the shed at that time and had a cat visiting my yard at night which kept my dogs from holding their shit together. My visitor informed me this week that he saw the robin pick up a worm and then heard baby robins all squeaking.
A few times I came home and nearly ran over a rabbit. Today Eric found its babies. Two, it looks like. One was sunning itself outside the hole and didn't move the other was peeping out. They are like hamsters. Fucking bunnies. Sure they are all cute and shit but when the black cat that visits our home and eats robins in my shed kills a bunny I'm gonna be all emotional and you'll have to listen to it. Or if I run one over I will have to through myself off my one floor roof which would only be sad and I'd just break a limb.
Seriously. I don't be wanting no baby bunnies even if they are cute. Especially when we have a frequent outside visitor and they live by my parking spot. I can't take the pressure and stress. Go be cute elsewhere or you'll drive me to therapy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Take a second, matter fact, take two

To appreciate and enjoy how beautiful it is out today. Not too windy but still a nice breeze. I walked to the bank, healthstore and got ice cream for lunch. A great lunch indeed as well as listening to fun music on the ipod.

my grain

Mi flipping Graine.... The desire to sport a hellraiser look on the left side of my face and all the presssure will seep out of the needles into the atomosphere. My nose feels like an evil person is pinching it where if i was truly jewish my bump would be. My eye feel such presssure... if feels like a good Dali movie would be an asset as he would remove my eye with a melon baller. Today I will be walking to the healthfood store for some euculiptis oil. In the mean time everything makes me a nauseus and considering the nerves I've had lately nauseusness wasn't a needed addition.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't take it personally

So if your boyfriend is depressed whenever he visits you how do you not take it personally. He also says its partially me but can't figure out what.... Maybe it isn't.

The fat apron grows

Dude, can I tell you how much I've been eating since eric's returned. We go out for all the favs which is way more grease than I'm used to. I really am feeling the need for exercise in my regime. I have the recumbant bike downstairs but I'm not sure if i've seen the motivation running around to use it.
Mindy's advice for the day. Go out and buy some red grapes. They are fabulous right now.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Going batshit

So its lovely how I lose my sanity on weekends and spend all week wishing it was the weekend. I'd like my sanity to be here on the weekends too. It doesn't feel like a good thing when you spend time wanting the weekend and then the weekend you want the week cause your sanity stays in check. Dr phone call has been made. Waiting for a response. I need to stop thinking. I can't enjoy animals without worry about their future demise. I can't hear about Shnozzfest's rabbit without having my own panic attacks from guinea pigs gone. I'm all retarded with E here too. I feel, unloved or something, i know, not sane.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Diverse Shuffle

Today the whole office practically is off play golf for a local group... I am here...working...

1. Jerry the junker - Asylum Street Spankers
2. A fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy
3. Hypnotise The White Stripes
4. Country Grammer- hot in here - Nelly
5. Missing -Beck
6. Irish Jig - Asylum Street Spankers
7. Feel the Vibration - Marky Mark.... dude...duane...
8. You've got her in your pocket The White Stripes
9. Monkey Rag - Asylum Street Spankers
10. Brian Wilson Bare Nekkid Ladies

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Drama, drama, you don't want no drama....

Do you know why I'm not interesting? I don't have drama. Know what? Thats okay with me. Yesterday two things happened. One, I went to Sweetie Pies for dinner. Afterwards I really wanted to drop it like it was hot as I walked to my car past a blasting radio. Seriously, how does such a sober, prude girl love the hoochie rap music. I also clicked some link to myspace. I then did the mandatory random high school search that everyone does once in a while. Know what? I'm not drunk or pretty enough to be on there. I'm also not hard core enough or funny enough. Really I think we can go through and make catagories and everyone would fit in it. I love all the girls who have their wedding shots on there too. I like seeing the random oddballs that you never think about until you see their name. I saw one guy who was in one of the special eds. I don't recall if it was learning disablity or temper issues. He was a nice kid, had a little lisp. I can't remember him past 7th grade. Apparently he's still kicking so thats good. There are also all the ghetto fabulous folks. I think instead of two guns I need my watering hose cause I love my garden and a squirt gun. Oh wait, the chances of you seeing my stomach or my back on myspace is zero to none. Besides I don't have whore tag on my back. Remember all those drunk fun times in college, yeah not me. My favorite college moment would be with eric and sergi senior year having an indoor squirt gun fight after playing some kart. Mario Kart that is... I would like to have more indoor squirt gun fights but at this point the dogs would figure they were in trouble, my stacks of crafty paperness would get soaked and I'm sure I'd probably take an eye out.

Inject me with some of that caffiene

So for a while I was buzzing with heart racing insomnia. Thats over now. I fell asleep at 10:30 and slept soundly til after 6 when I asked eric why he was getting up. Um the dogs his barking his head off... oh. All I can think of now is going home and sleeping once more. Its fabulous, Eric's gone and I'm up and when he's here I'm a big pile of sleeping drool.
I got a smidgen of energy last night while we listened to music and kara discovered I will sing along with every asylum street spankers song and if we listen to it long enough right on into the black eyed peas.
So guess what I want to do at lunch today... give you a clue, its starts with s and ends with eep.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My super mutant ability

I just got back from xmen 3. There were alot of twists I didn't expect. Some cheese that was obligatory. I would have prefered the introduction of more good guys. I spent half the movie trying figure what some lesbian chick did while eric thought she was a man, man.
I like seeing the human version of some of the characters. The mean machine was juggernaut and there was a j-ho twin.
Some questions I have is a) why do the bad guys always have to wear black, I want a pink bad guy b) why do bad guys always have spike and such that they throw, where is the hairball coughing bad guy that throws dust bunnies on people c) is colussus a 13th grader? Seriously he's the only adult that isn't a teacher and if he's a student then he has failed alot of grades.
I decided I know what mutant gene I want. The mutant skill of digesting lactic acid. My mutant name would be Lactard.

Its all about the hillbilly

I watched House of Wax last night. Paris Hilton's death rocked hardcore.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Honestly, you're a bitch....

So in my wonderful world of scrapping I've had to recently deal with some not so honest folks. I sometimes wonder how many people are dishonest to others. Instead of taking blame themselves or truely placing the blame on someone else they come up with crackpot excuses. This on gal from Canada complains about her kid constantly. I want to scream, get off the internet and repremand your son then. Of course then there is another chic from the north that smothers her kids and they act out because of it. I wonder if their true friends ever tell them these things. I know when my mom's friend tries to tell her stuff about randy mom doesn't react well. Of course not! We don't want to be told we are less that we think we are. I did however make major headway points with mom yesterday on the phone so that was nice.
She complained about not being invited to a party. She didn't want to go, had she been invited she'd bitch about having to gift a monetary gift. I told her such and she agreed and reflected on it further.
Are you being honest today? Once sleeping beauty awakens I will be honest that it takes me a day to adjust to him being here. Right now I feel awkward. I'm also way sleep deprived and mentally worn out from it so I'm not as good as I could be personality wise.

Who knew?

Elf is funny.
My sleep schedule is all funky. Major insomnia this week plus late napping after agility. Agility was great today. I didn't get sun burn but lately the skin is all a fire. Not sure why. I don't think its the cat although that did just cross my mind.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Man they are getting young...

I'm watching snl and I swear the people are getting younger and younger. Talked to mom today and duane. He's my boyfriend. We talk more than the real deal but hey if it works it works. I like to overanalyse stuff and he feeds that so here I am blogging and thinking. I've had a very small group of friends during my life. Usually just one at a time. We move from friend to friend wondering if this one is the one that will last. I wonder though if life is a series of friends and thinking we'll find that long term one. I don't particularly like that idea but I wonder if its just life. Maybe we are just not made to last much like many marriages these days.
We always feel like there won't be another one that was a good as the previous one but yet sometimes life surprises us. Sometimes circumstances end these and sometimes we change or lose patience with things we never minded prior. A few friendships were more circumstance related and I hate that it was what made us close at the time. In the last year I've had a some great frinedships where circumstances just made us further apart but I appreciate what we had.
I've discovered as I get older that there are some traits which are important to me. Self reflection and admitting we are wrong sometimes. I'm not saying I'm good at it but I'm glad to at least be able to spot it. Sometimes I'm hard on myself and don't spout my mouth off as if I'm queen of the world with all the answers. Life might have been easier when I was like that but I was kinda meaner than I am now so the change is good.
I'm a pretty mean person yet I can't take it myself. I've got lots of anger in me and think too much. Sometimes thinking mindy needs to shut it off and I think thats my biggest flaw. I just need to stop. I need to stop making lists, stop judging, stop emailing, stop talking, stop being upset at people who don't like me that I don't even like, stop trying to figure it all out. There is no answer for it all and we just can't all get along. Even the best people have people get annoyed with them. Even my perfect dog can get on my nerves.


Can't sleep for shit. Lunesta ain't doing the job this week. I should have gotten some valarium for the short term effect. Each time I get near to falling asleep I jerk myself awake. My heart feels like I've had 18 espressos, arg. When I was younger I'd be so excited for the first day of school I'd take benedryl just to make me sleep. Right now thats looking mighty sweet.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dip me in acid

So I've been scratching my back constistantly ever since its become hot. I don't even notice myself doing it and there I am with my hand under my shirt. Today my back feels like its on fire. I removed the bra for the fire feeling and now my current tank is bothering me. Personally I'd like a full body acid dip. Just remove that layer of filth and skin. I've got a facial mask on now that I will peal in a bit. At least I'll feel fresh and new after that.
Tomorrow is agility. After last week's heat I'm looking forward to it. I also didn't work with the dogs this week like I should have. I was hot, tired, moody, busy. Right now I'm moody. I'm amazed at times at things that have occured in the last year. I've welcome people with open arms and not even noticed the great leap I've taken. On the other hand I still look in as if I have a grand answer and can give people their solution or their need for strength and the hostility that I have within me. Ironically when I need those two items they've often left for the weekend. For these people of the last year I cry for them, I get angry for them, I want to be there for them even if i don't know how. Unfortunately my mob connections are a bit low these days and I can't send people out to beat up other people, dieties, luck etc. I really want to though. Why can't the world be as smart as we think it can be. I had major driving anger today as I wondered this. Why, why can we all be better? Cause then we couldn't complain about the lousy stl drivers.

And mama cooked the breakfast with no hog.

Well its been 4 lovely days of dogs waking my ass up pre alarm or me being awake at 4 am. I'm tired. How is it not time to go home and how much control do i need to not take off some time.

Here be the shuffle.

  1. I believe in a thing called love – The darkness
  2. Dancing Queen - Abba
  3. Forever Love – Color me horrible….and shuffle to the next song.
  4. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Steffani
  5. The Jean Genie – David Bowie
  6. Player’s club – Easy E
  7. Never Scared – Bone Crusher
  8. Must have been a Good Day – Ice Cube
  9. Dancing Bear – Mamas and the Papas
  10. Hotrod Gang – Stray Cats

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Test of Time for Women

From year to year music gets remade and forgotten all in the same step. Certain singers and songs make their way into our hearts through talent and some through catchiness. Kara has been working with the top 500 songs of the century I think on her computer. That isn't to say the 500 most popular. Lots of people were the first for their movements and so there are Beatles our the wazoo and others of that era. People such as Christina Agulara will go the way of others such as Lisa Lobe, SWV, Debbie Gibson, Pat Benitar. Anotherwords most kids in 10 years will be dying Christina who? Or did you see that funny short guy on American Idol. I think his name was the Duke..... Yet through the ever changing music tastes certain people are either remembered or usher us into reeducating ourselves to previous genres. First half of the century, name chic singer. Ella Fitzgerald, middle century, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross. Now I challenge you. Go 50-100 years in the future. Name a talented female singer for the end of this century. Mc Lyte- no, Britney, no. Madonna? No Madonna is our Josephine Baker. Who will make others want to learn more singers of this day? Note singers, people of talent. Stripped of their marketing and make up and still being skilled. Janet Jackson? Would we know her if she wasn't a Jackson? Well thanks to her breast we might. Kim who? Foxy Brown? Faith Evans? What was her husband's name again? Gwen Stefani? Probably the way of Blonde.
My vote is Mary J. Blige. Whitney has just gone down too bad of a road while Mary J has crossed over a few decades.
You listen to Mary J in 100 years and wanted to find other singers to go with her... What would you choose. Lauren Hill/fugaes maybe? Mariah is a nutter and annoying. Beyonce and Crew I still put in the fad category. Its just a long fad. Celine Dion would be found, Gloria Estefan, maybe tori amos although she never became mainstream enough but who knows what the future would want. Erica Baduh? TLC? People such as Monica, Aaliyah and Brandi are vague memories.
I suppose I'm looking for your top singers of this odd era, The 85-00s route. The prime of my life, right? Who would make you want to check out this time period 100 years from now. All artists come and go, who will be the ones that they'll want to play on their antique cd player.

This is for you, and if you think I mean you, I probably do.

Sleep please

So I take lunesta for sleeping. Its my friend. It usually keeps me from waking up at 3 or 4 and tossing tile 6:45. It has not done its job the last three days. I'm hella tired.