Sunday, April 24, 2011

Candy is dandy but fruit makes you poop

It's been raining just a bit here in St. Louis. Everyone I know appears to have made out ok from the tornado of this week. Personally aside from the little but of depression that its giving me and the lack of ability to go out and garden I'm loving it because I can see plants popping up like mad. Last fall I planted a pear tree, the spring before, a peach tree. Both are looking like they've lived through the winter and are sprouting new branches versus the sad sticks they were before. I think I might plant trees like that in the fall from now on, that is if I ever add to my two tree orchard. Keeping the peach tree alive through the summer was a bit precarious, the apricot tree croaked. Also I have seen my raspberries coming up. Maybe 5 of the 6 plants that I planted in the fall. I need to go out there and create my wire trellis I want to make for them to grow on and subsequently hide some ugly gravel, house foundation behind them. It also appears my 3 blueberries bushes have lived another year but i don't see how they will ever amount to anything. My strawberry planter is dead.. I'll need to get some more plug or move on with my life. I'm not sure it was such a prolific planter anyway. Inside my house my fig tree that I was considering planting this year is alive with figs. I think I counted 9 last night. That tree is going to stay a bonsai/indoor plant if it is self pollinating like that. Beside, no squirrels will come in my house and steal my figs. I'm impatiently waiting for Lowe/HD to have the mini citrus trees. A nice little lime tree would be the perfect addition to my indoor collection and taking up residiency in my guest bedroom. Maybe I'll leave limes on the guest pillows instead of their requested chocolates ;P
There is a break in the rain so I should go plant my remaining veggies. They are feeling very cramped inside my house and frankly, we've got a nice thing called rain that will water them without spilling water all over the floor. Nope, not a klutz, not me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growing Skeksis

The chicks are growing by leaps and bounds. I enjoy 3/4s of them.. One is a bit crazy/flighty.. Should have named her Stirfry instead of Pork/Katsu...Otherwise we are enjoying them and looking forward to their pest control skills. We had them outside and wow, they had fun. We have also fed them some insects we have killed inside and they just gobble it up.
My parents were in and my mom had a lot of fun with them. She is scared of so many animals so by the time she sees them again they will be too big and scary for her. Yes, the reptile lady is afraid of animals that aren't lizards.