Friday, September 29, 2006

Positively Mahem

Here at Casa Worm my tub is being re installed.. ya know, just a little project. I'm working at home while they do the insane project aht it is becoming. Cats are hiding, dogs are barking and I'm two seconds away from eatting my weight in candy.
I'd blog more about it but I have to work... ya know.. that thing I do so that i can buy high holiday tickets for 50 buck a piece and then get one ticket in the mail for all services....the 100 bucks I spent I guess was an extra 50 donation cause us Jews are loaded.
Anyway before I get all angry and jaded at my tight money whoasas I pay off the bathroom that is being fixed at the moment I present the shuffle. Irony.. iron freaking knee....

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie
Back in Baby’s Arm s- Patsy Cline
Xplosion – Outkast
Blues for Mama – Nina Simone _ I know she's skilled and all but at first I didn't know it was a woman singing... I'm so classless.
If I ruled the world – fugaes- Nas
I love you – G Love & Special Sauce
Getting’ High – Asylum Street Spankers
Planet Claire – B-52’s
One oclock jump – Count Basie
Havana Bound – The pretty things

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shit breath...

Riley's got total shit breath...he's been barking alot, so I put the citronella collar on him, (side note I think it needs a new battery but don't tell him), so he's sad, so he's clinging to me, and breathing by me...I want to puke....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sushi Died

Mom's fish Sushi died...guess who named it.. yeah. me... He was two... he was a good betta.. RIP.
What was sadder than his death was having to pick out a new one with mom.... Oh the decisions.
Rosh Hashanah has been good. I'm not a fan of seeing all the engaged or knocked up people I knew... are we that old.. yep.. we are.
Mom had me making some art for her wall in the her porch. Its has to be cheap and tossable because it could get mildew. I took tissue paper, matte medium and ranger's color sprays and made some art. If i call it art, it is... I also stamped on it with some acrylic paint. I got a spec of orange dye on me. Fuck. I really would liek to stop ruining kmart basic edition white t's. Thank goodness I go the Kmart route all the same cause like my life partner... ah hem, just kidding, I spill stuff on me. I'm messy and dang it i'm proud.
Buby and I hung out on the porch talking life while I worked. Most about my brother who has called like 3 times today and wants mom to call about a dr appt for him on Monday. Mom said he should do it or his girlfriend. He said it wasn't the girlfriend's responsibility and if she was a good mom she'd do it cause its her job to take care of her kids... He's 25. He's no kid. Take care of yourself.
Apparently many folks like my dad and my brother and his girlfriend think mom's mean not to let them move into the house. Gee cause she wants to be a slave? Cause thats what she is to him. My old friend Marne used to say its amazing i turned out so normal so to speak. I forget this at times. Its true. I know you think I may have issues but I don't want my life taken care of by my mom. Sure we'd all like to be 10 again and carefree but thats not a choice so suck it up baby and grow the fuck up.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And a happy Jewish New Year to you

So there is a funny Jew. She’s a Jew who has her own brand of Jewish religion. Isn’t each person’s celebration of religions their own person sect? I love the tradition but I still believe in equality it all things. Orthodox has shown me that men and women are equal in their view just the sexes master different things. The Conservative Reconstructionist Jew, that I am, believes we master the same things. The thing for me is that I don’t fear the different from me folks. Not that others fear it, its just easier to be among your own. So I’m a middle girl. There are reform folks more religious than I that perhaps I’d fit with in my acceptance of the secular world but I miss the Hebrew a traditionalist approach. Sometimes I just want to sing in another language and not discuss Rachel and Sarah and Bobafett…. Just making sure you were paying attention. During the Amidah I pray solo to G-d. I don’t read the empty Hebrew or English, I just talk straight up. I don’t think he really hears but its nice to think it… I don’t believe in the power of prayer. People pray and don’t get it answered all the time. Sure there might be a deeper thing going on but its too hard for me to figure out…guess I’m human.
I made a choice at one point. I chose that I would probably feel like an outsider to Judaism my whole life but that I’d still relish the tradition and celebrate individually. My friends aren’t Jewish, my boyfriend isn’t Jewish, most of my family aren’t Jewish. I don’t consider myself in a mixed religion relationship. He just isn’t Jewish by birth. We have a kosher house, celebrate the holidays and will raise our embryo from China Jewish. Who’s going to accept us as we are? No changing. No asking for him to devote himself to a life with solo G-d.
Isn’t that what the basis of Judaism is… belief in one G-d? That’s what I was taught along time ago…. Imagine if all the people who believe just in 1 G-d were considered Jewish….
I know, I’m tipping on offensive here… but there are lot of folks that are Christian by association but don’t believe in the big J man.
Anyway this is the time of the year when I want to belong to some Jewish community but then realize, I just don’t fit. I read Frum with Priv. for a while. I think he too was stuck in a middle place. When you try to level up it doesn’t always work, for some it does. Its easier to go back to what you are and just ignore the urges or just realize we are too lazy often to go to somewhere we don’t fit in, aka services. At least for me it is.
I think its alright, I don’t fit much in any community or group. Its my strength and downfall at the same time. Unless I lose faith again like last year I plan to make a sukkah this year. I’ll do it alone, I’ll enjoy it alone. I’d rather have a group and a family to do it with but its just not in the cards. Such is life…. Besides, does it all matter; I’m totally banking on a MadMax way of life in a few thousand years. We’ve downward spiraled into a I don’t give a crap about anything kind of world for years…. Sure there are people who do, don’t get me wrong, but there is an increase moral downfall overall. Or we just are redefining what good/bad morals are. What was once consider immoral we now, not only take it out of hiding, we take pride in it and have group shopping parties for it. There are good sides to this too. While I don’t feel the need or desire to celebrate the sexual revolutions of the present day I do think it’s good that at least sexual preferences partner wise can come forth.
It’s a tricky line, my thoughts and beliefs. Its also hard to describe without suddenly having words on here that will be googled by folks looking for gay stripper donkey porn, and mutual masturbating monkeys.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A five minute break will make me more productive in the end.

Work has been insane.. last two weeks completly nuts. Yesterday I was all the hail the queen productive working on a rendering that was liek taking an escher collection and stealing parts to built a drawing of your own home... make sense, no? Trust me, it was challenging. I continue working on big projects and working late. Last night 9 pm. Tonight, the same. Tomorrow fly to PA for Rosh Hashanah. I think I'm suposed to collect some stuff and make an impromtu piece of art/collage while I'm there for my mom's porch.... I'm not even going to be in for 48 hours.
On other fronts my friend Roni made the Ranger design team and I'm just brimming full of excitement about it... its big, real big.
And on another front Simon loves black pussy. Its okay cause she has jungle fever tooo...
Mildew is getting along very well with the dogs, they even played last night and pointed and laughed at Ziggy the Wundercat who was not welcome to the party.
Sometimes Riley's not invited either and they just stare at him wondering what the heck is wrong with him....

I also am very much aware there will be no Friday shuffle so I leave you with my mp3 need list.... instead of what i'm listening to its what I want to add.
Karma – Alicia Keys
If I Got You - Alicia Keys
You Don't Know My Name – Alicia Keys
Don't Mess Wit My Man – Nivea
The Boy is mine – monica, Brandy
Word Up! – Cameo
Smooth Criminal – Alient Ant farm
Roll Out - Ludacris... i need a legal version with no idiot introducing it.
Regulate - Warren G
California Love - Tupac
Hit 'Em Up Style - Blu Cantrell

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lunch today

Merb's bionic apple. Flipping freaking fantastic. I swear is tastes like that inject soda or something in them, its gota little fiz to the apple. I know, i'm nuts.... geniune pecan!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just one of those days...

Coworker got engaged, laptop screen got broke, boss loaded me up with enough work where he put his head in his hands and said, shit I have too much for you to do, dog went potty in the bedroom.
I'm sure I could have handled most without that first item, I know, I'm lame...I'm human folks. Lameness comes in the package. Although I may not have been able to handle the last. I have a dog I can never have out of my sight... do you know how often I trip over baby gates....

Paw Pussy, Paw Pussy Cat.

Picture it, a herd of seals barking away….Over and over and over… that’s what the copier that is 3 feet away from me sounds like. It needs its oil thinger refilled… I have the oil but don’t know where the thinger is. In avoidance of hearing it I’m on a White Stripes kick, plus they were on the Simpsons last night.
Weekend was good. There was cleaning, reading, outside time, knitting, scrapping, socializing, and cat entertainment. I spent a few hours outside on Saturday reading House of Stairs, a book I read in 8th grade. I had the blanket out, Riley glued onto me with fear of life, Simon chill but trying to get a sip of my coke blak.
Later I bought some yarn for a snake scarf I am editting from online. I had a dragon scarf when I was little and loved it. I don’t care if I’m going to be 28, I will love a snake scarf. I also wear hats in the winter that others say they don’t have the guts to do. Its really not so hard….Its not like I’m going out nekkid. I just have the hat with two tops…
New Knitty is out… they have a pattern using Kureyon yarn… Kara is knitting with some Noro and its gorgeus. I won’t be knitting an afghan but its still pretty.
Sunday I met up with a stitch and bitch group. I will be starting this as a regular shtick after the jewish holidays. Young nice ladies, rock on! I also discovered I can’t find one of my needles for the scarf for Eric’s mom…that is somewhat problematic. How long do you go before you decide you lost it in the airport coming back from NJ.
The cat has adopted my room as hers. She's hopped in and out over the gate so that riley doesn't escape during the night. I'm pretty sure all three were on my bed at some point. She's less than thrilled with Ziggy. She was fine at first, he hissed at her and now she's moody and he's alright with her some of the time. Everyone asks about the dogs. There three of them are very happy together. She's their fag hag. Its wrong, but true.
Speaking of random crap lets talk about Fergi, yeah, her... So I'm a little pure and innocent but can you tell me what London Bridges go down means? Does she have bridgework in her mouth? Is she removing it for some oral activities... come on folks, I need a young speak dictionary.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its possible I just died from boredom

So I've recently discovered mash-ups. I listen to them on 107.7 on Fridays after work...some are good, some not.. so I finally downloaded some... Maroon 5 and Marvin Gaye.... it fits in the not category. So far the downloads off of LW suck. That be why they are free.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

B-day plans

So yesterday I cleaned forever cause I was in the zone. I even orgaized my plasticwear....
As i went to bed I did a head count of possible b-day attendees and realized I have zero idea what to do for it....I've got yuppy germ fear dude, picky eatter couple, klutzy roomate, and then there is me. Weird klutz who likes germy activities.
Places like the city museum probably wouldn't work and food places like Pho Grand or other multi cultural places would work. Getting Lapizza and playing games at home would kill the cat allergy folks. Although i did like the idea of a big blow up castle to jump on but well I'm 28 not 8....Bowling - out...tooo germy...Gotta think of something, boo is going to be in also and I'm skipping a work event cause i have "plans"....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Get on the Scrap Train...

So suddenly all the scrap girls I know are finding the world of blogs...(stop laughing!) Its a little odd since I've been doing this for a few years on various addresses. I only let one gal know here because I don't hide anything from her and she doesn't annoy me. There are one or two that I could also let on but then it spawns and soon the folks I don't want on here discover it and I'm fucked. Ya know, the ones I want to say quit bitching, start enjoying shit. Or get off the computer and spend time with your kid.
So this spawns a little issue I have with computer time. Folks are spending too much time on the computer. Get out, spend time in the sun, with your kids, with your sig others etc. With the internet as it is so many stop spending time in person with people and start to rely on the comfort and friendship they find on the internet. The internet is great for that too but there is a line where its a problem.
It was a problem for my mom for a while. Its finally sorted it self out because she doesn't have time while she takes care of herself, buby and randy. When she's done with them she doesn't want to spend time reading their emails and other's woes. She goes and relaxes with her igs. Good for her! Celery phones have also made conversation on the phone free and as such replaced the free communication across the country that the internet also provided us. She was hooked on this internet for a few years. Whenever she could hop on she did. Its nice to no longer have a cyberstalker, aka, Mom.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Crafty girl

A quick little project I did Sat. evening. I used my new tool the Cropidile which is for setting eyelets but punches holes like butter. I used some cigarette cards I got from Justin. Fun little project. Don't know if i like the ribbon or what I'd do with it but it still looks cool right?

The aminals are just being weird

I just got in from some garden work. Simon doesn't pull my plants except when i weed. He think's he's weeding too and granted he is pulling the right plants, its just weird.
Ziggy the Wondercat has been weird. First he was all depressed like, now he's all attention whore like and coming after the hounds. Last night he decided he had to come in my room during ah hem...nekkid time.
During the same time Simon scaled he puppy gate and hid in the kitchen. The well behaved animal right now is retarded riley. Whats up with that?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The new 101.1

I'm digging it... that being said, they played Right said fred. I know you've all wondered what happen to that character so here it is:
Right Said Fred is the name of a British pop/rock band, which was founded in 1989 by the brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass from East Grinstead.
In 1991 they released their debut, "I'm Too Sexy", which was released by the Gut Reaction firm on a specially created record label called Tug. The song, a tongue in cheek dance song sung from the point of view of a vain male fashion model, became a huge hit in Britain, spending six weeks at number two behind Bryan Adams' blockbuster "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You". The song also went to number one on the charts in the United States and went on to become a hit around the world. The song's instrumental break is based on the chorus of the 1974 instrumental hit "Dance With The Devil" by Cozy Powell.
Their second single, "Don't Talk Just Kiss", which featured soul diva Jocelyn Brown, was released for the Christmas market and made number three in the UK charts. In 1992 they released their third single, "Deeply Dippy". Although it was their lowest-selling single to date, it was also up against weaker opposition and therefore became their first, and to date only, UK number one single. The success of the singles resulted in their debut album Up. In 1993 they released their second album, Sex and Travel. Their third album was called Smashing.
After failing to attract substantial interest in the UK, Right Said Fred went to Germany in order to work with Alex Christensen U96 and released a single called "You're My Mate" and an album titled "Fredhead" in 2002, which both became successful in Germany (at number five on German Top 100 and gold status), Switzerland and Austria. "You're My Mate" was also used as the official anthem of the South African National Rugby team in 2002, and remained in the German Top 100 for 23 weeks, while the album Fredhead reached number two. "You're My Mate" achieved gold status in South Africa and reached the Top 20 in the UK.
A long time member of the band, Rob Manzoli, departed the band prior to their latest album release, For Sale.[1]

With that I say, Germany likes david hasselhoff too.....

Friday, September 08, 2006

So why is it every time i get a pet i'm afraid to tell my mom

I think thats where my partial issues lie with deciding to take mildew or not.... the issue has arisen since no one wants her and she's awesome.
I've been informed she has a strong resemblence to snowball II.

Shriday Fuffle

So I’ve been feeling really self centered and focused lately… fabulous trait right? Anyway this weeks shuffle is “me” based…. Enjoy…..and if you don't, hey, its me based not you...:P

Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplic
Miss me Blind – Boy George
Nevermind me – Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Passing me by – The Pharcyde
People are People – Depeche Mode
Poor Little Girl – George Harrison
Ride with me – Nelly
I wish – Skee Lo
Spin me Round- Dead or Alive
Bitch Please II -Eminem

Tired of being the inappropriate one

Its becoming my rep, I say what shouldn't be said, I have no filter or something like that. There was just a work discussion about it. Not a work discussion just a bunch of us talking. I should apparently be fake and smile and lie through my teeth and that would be better... yeah I'd rather just be quiet.
Last night I decided fuck it, I'm going to be the one saying the wrong more time....
Out at dinner Boo says to his friends that Pixar hired a bunch of SCAD folks and if they offered him a job he'd be off to CA. My response to hearing this the first time and our plans of Austin going down the toilet was "Well then I rescind my pressure for marriage"
There are tons of locations he could work. In fact there are 70 places in Austin that are video game/computer gamed based which was his goal. I've been very chill about all the changes and separation but I've been pretty open that I don't want to move to CA. I need space and a lawn and money and, and, and... why does he say big things like this out in public and not to me...this isn't the first time....
Okay the shuffle will be later. I just had to be inappropriate for a moment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Remember Noah

I'm pretty sure this happened right before the flood....afterall something has to break the camel's back....


So first I posted about how i totally am in love with the damn cat and wish we had found her a home... before i loved her.
Then I posted about my trip.
Then blogger ate it..
just look at my damn pictures on flickr

Friday, September 01, 2006

why does it surprise you

So its raining and windy and I've been unsuccessfully fishing. We have a dock down here or up here in NJ. For some reason it surprises Boo to see me picking off starfish and sea urchins off the dock. Or hooking squid and minnows. It also suprises him when I catch salamanders and frogs in VT. Do you see me out with no make up? Do you see me replacing toilets and sinks in my home? Yes... I'm not squeamish except for mice and big ass spiders.
We made paella last night. Yum. Steak tonight, yum. Photos will ensue eventually. I've been taught well to photograph good food.
Stomach hasn't been great, so its a double edge sword. Food yum, keeping food in stomach for days, bad.. I know. I've said too much but damnit, I want to make room for more food.
Mom keeps giving updates about old classmates. One old classmate that I regret being a bitch to apparently is single, a speech teacher and just adopted an asian child with a clef palette. I was directly mean to her freshman year of college and so regret it... I felt when I left for college that no one who i was friends with in HS knew me. We just all were good kids who had the same classes. No one knew my interests and life and I sounded off about it once. oh well, time would have probably broken us apart. When you hear me bitch about not having jewish friends, remind me I was mean the one jewish girl i was friends with...who adopted an asian kid, just like i want to.
Anyway been knitting, reading and sleeping. Watching a little Commander Zim on Eric's laptop... goodstuff.
It sorta weird having phone, tv and internet here. It used to be so non media based here.