Friday, June 16, 2006

Hip on Swing Dancing, Cool on Classic Cars

Remember how I didn’t get sleep the night before last. And how the visitor left yesterday. Well that leads to me not answering the teleryphone. I do rather enjoy the dogs yelling at my mom’s personal ring while I completely ignore it. After the night of no sleep I slept last night for a little less than 8 hours. I’ve already started eating Swedish fish at 8:30, had a bowl of cinnamon life and can’t lift my coffee cup. Its too heavy. When I’m really tired I eat like a fiend looking for that energy. I still haven’t found it but I have managed to waste much of my morning checking out josh blue’s site. I’ve liked his routine’s on last comic standing. I don’t watch reality tv but the two episodes I caught of this season were to see how he does. He’s just fun or seems it. Like the kinda guy that seems like a fun guy to hang out with but for all we know he could be a prick who only drinks a specific bottled water and foods without gluten it or something but I doubt it...
Apparently I’m finding much funny these days. I watched The Man and laughed. I’ve got low standards you know. I also received some jewish mockimentary paraphernalia and then I realized it wasn’t. It totally was a pay for prayers from big ass high rabbis that looked way past their prime.
Oh and dude, if you don’t post to my bunny posts I just can’t offer you much else.
Off to the shuffle
1. Hello City – Barenaked ladies.
2. And it is – Spacehog
3. Mr. Richard Smoker – Ween
4. Rock Lobster – B52s
Unfortunately not this version but don’t worry you, like Cleveland will be okay.
5. Twisted – Keith Sweat
6. Hosana – JC and his supa dupa crew
7. Nobody – Keith Sweat
8. Beer – Asylum Street Spankers
9. Broken Drum – Beck
10. Smells like 30 something – Asylum Street Spankers

Apparently my ipod really wants to get it on because really isn’t that was keith sweat is.. music that you try to get someone turned on by. I personally need to wake the f* up so I may hit up the spankers or my booty shaking tracks. If I wasn’t in my seat I’d be up dancing trying to wake up, that, and I like to dance.


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