Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pukey McPukers

So this is yoga right now. Ya know, breathe in, breathe out. Did you read about my day earlier... didn't break me. really didn't even bruise me, well except the big lumpy on my leg from falling up the stairs. Came home, found puke in front of riley's cage. Simon did it I thought or unless Riley did it before Kara put him away. I look towards my bed. Big big wet spot. Not from any dirty activities. No, puke again on the spot i sleep on about 2 feet long and one foot wide. Thats a large spanse of puke. More of it was liquid stain. Oh yeah, stiff liquid clear stain. Unusual I thought. I did leave riley sleeping there earlier so maybe it was him. The floor puke still had food in it and well dogs eat their food after they puke it up... its a lovely attribute they have right along with feces consumption by some.
I clean up and do an hour of yard work and talk to kara later and hit something off a shelf. "hey, why's my gummy worm bag empty" -fuck.
Hey and the water bowl is empty, man I've been a bad mom, I've let the dogs run out of water. Kara then corrects me and lets me know she filled it this morning.
So that stiffness wet spot would be dogfood bowl's worth of liquid jello. Confirmation of Simon McPukers.
I go off to dinner where I also feed the hungry mosquitos of the world and return. There is tinfoil bits everywhere. Simon, I'm so perfect, Dog picked the trash for last nights tin foil from grilled salmon. I don't think he ate it, just mulched it. The trash was considered for taking out but vetoed by the reviewing commitee. Next time they should reconsider.
After cleaning it up with the roomie I sit tiredly down on the couch and simon heads for his bed. Fuck - there's puke there too. Laundry will be done now. I'm heading to sleep and I'll throw it all in the dryer tomorrow. No need for Simon McPukers to be joined by dryer buzzer king, Riley McBarkers of the Barkenson family.


Blogger Marriage-101 said...

Oh goodness! We got a puppy about 3 weeks ago. No puking stories yet, but I'm sure he'll get there.

5:06 PM  

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