Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strength or foolishness

My neighbor just told me its my fault that his dogs bark because i don't keep mine at bay.. I've lived here two years and on the whole my dogs do what I say. Right now I am having trouble with Simon going in my garden when his dogs are out which is all the fucking time. Yes, my dogs bark. With such a problem I don't leave them out and I do tell them to come and be quite when I'm outside. The fact that Simon was the fault in this matter between my two dogs shows that it was crazy. I have a lot of control over senior simon. It Sunday, drink have probably been flowing. Also this neighbor is the one with the dog out at 3 am barking and mine then barking too.. The roomie's intelligent comment, " he probably had the police called and is sensitive" I would just like to say I didn't call the police no matter how much I whined because I know dogs are hard but at 3 am in the city if you dog has to go, you go out with them. You don't leave them out.
I'm very sensitive so I'm hurt but at the same time after I went in and got pissed i decided fuck it, I"m going back out. Control over simon, I have that... Riley is harder but he wasn't the one causing problems in my neighbor's eyes. Keep my dogs at bay... lets talk my Saturday mornings at agility.
Can I just move on from the fact that my neighbor was probably drunk and he dogs are out almost constantly.. not so much but I'm trying. Being out here after his comment, is it foolish, or it strength. I don't want to back down because I think its bull. My dogs unfortunately have gotten trained to the guys door hinge...90% of the time the hinge squeak means the dogs are coming out and so now Riley associated it with that. He grills 7 days a week and come out multiple times a day so now, in the summer half the time its just him but my dogs to associate it with it being his dogs. But do my dogs mind... normally yes... Simon never would go in my garden. THis past week he has. Also this past week the neighbor has taken his dogs inside more... so it makes me think a call was made....
Damn my sensitive ass. I don't think I'm all to blame here.. and frankly my dogs don't spend much time out here... No other neighbors have dogs but if they did...even the neighbor with the handicap helping dog gets barked at by his dog. Mine are barking at her right now cause she's new but we spent last weekend out with her and the quieted after the initial excitement...
I'm feeling really tired of the South City white trash....I've been dealing with their dogs for a while and looking at their run down house. I'm trying and I appreciate the people who have tried to better their homes but there are still so many..... I don't live in the great south city end so I should be used to it but I'm not...
Hopefully it all make sense here...we all have our venting moments... I hate being sensitive but at the same time at least I"m still here, trying to stick it out and show that I'm not the complete at fault one here...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Truffle Shuffle

I'm a bit tired from my exciting life of yarn and good weather so I'll make this short. Mountain Dew Amp..makes me feel like I've got a margarita at 9 am... i like it...

Dyed three skeins last night.. one will be second coated to make it tealer its a 100% merino, not superwash...the others are superwash.. one is for my coworker Ode to Pat in the center and one i call affectionately Kentucky Fried Camilla is for moi....Good thing cause its not perfect stripes... a little red and blue dots made their way onto the white...very little but the perfectionist in me wouldn't sell or give it.

I've got two repeats of Zokni damn easy and pretty..and yarn is dyed by me on Superwash sock yarn which makes it neater for me.

I picked up the magazine I'm in yesterday...they named the layouts... one is called super mommy... ha!! I just submit the photos and what i used and they make it all instructional and named...
For anyone keeping track this is my 4th craft publishing... I was in 3 other books for scrapping and this is my first magazine plus the one episode on DIY years ago that an iguana layout got on... fun stuff...

Onto the shuffle
  1. Please, please, please – James brown… anyone remember rudy or maybe olivia/raven on cosby show singing it….
  2. What’s Golden Jurassic 5
  3. Still Life with Cooley – Better than Ezra
  4. Stuck in the middle with you – Stealers wheel
  5. Smack Dab in the middle –The I -10 Chronicals
  6. Two Guys for Each Girl – Peaches
  7. I like to move it Reel to Real
  8. Walking After Midnight – PatsyCline
  9. I feel the earth move – Carol King
  10. Problem Girl – Rob Thomas

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Color me a dipshit...

So I submitted some cards for Stamper's Samplers but had my old email address on the submission.... I just found out I got two cards in this months magazine... Guess I'll be running to Joann's today during lunch...
I had a few cards for the last call and didn't submit them cause life and knitting got the best of me... kinda slapping myself now...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My favorite comic

Every once in a while I love to read this comic... its funny, its true, its my life...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taking surveys avoids thinking..

Meme from kara... she interviewed me.. if you want me to interview you ask in the comments.

1. Why won’t Riley Pants shut the hell up?
Riley is an autistic dog. I'm convinced of it... or he's like one of those kids on tv who has no social skills from not being loved enough as a baby...
2. Yarn Dyeing, knitting, scrapbooking - have you met a hobby you didn’t like?
Wire work...oh wait, i'm sort of doing that again with stitch markers. anything requiring sanding. Dog Brushing....Don't really like crochet very much....Sucked at baking/decorating said baking...remember the halloween incident of 2006... Pumpkin muffins a flurry and icings and sprinkles tosses in the trash...
3. What’s your earliest musical memory?
I can't really recall. I remember going to summer concerts alot as a kid... Oldies night was the best cause at least i then recognized the songs...They usually were at high schools or libraries...probably now I'd think they suck...
4. What’s your favorite book and why?
A tree grows in brooklyn. Fantastic imagery... I just can't explain it.. its like being there in Brooklyn in the beginning of the century.
5. Now that you’ve adopted Mildew the Cat, would you consider rescuing another stray cat in a similar situation?
No. Too many pets... I only can give out so much love and the crafts take up one and half animals so in theory I'm a crazy animal lady with like 5 pets.. 2 dogs, a cat, knitting and a half, and scrapping... and don't forget about the dusting and vacuum hobbies... I love them the bestest.

I'm gonna do some of this

if you want to add anything I'll be sending out some bags next week

"Thank you so much for your awesome (and quick) response to the Mozambique Goodwill Goodie Bag idea.

The details:
1. Size/weight is important. I'll be taking these bags with me in my one, giant duffel. Please make sure your goodie bag isn't larger than a quart sized Ziplock bag. I mention the Ziplock because even if you decide to package these in something the same size (which is great!) please consider putting everything in a Ziplock to minimize any spills. A quart bag is 7 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

2. Please do not include money. Thank you anyway! I have a long list of charities I work with, if you are interested in that regard.

3. Please don't forget the card/photo and note. These must be in Portuguese because Moz is a Portuguese speaking country. You can translate your letter here:

4. Things to consider including: pencils, soap (they really need soap), a washcloth, a small t-shirt, bandannas, band aids, chapstick, hair ties, stickers, gum, art supplies, etc. This will take some creativity considering the size of the goodie bag. Hotel-sized toiletries are great too! Such a great challenge!

5. Please do not include: any medication, money, razors, anything you wouldn't hand your own 7-year-old child.

6. It is great if you want to include more than $10 worth of stuff. I'm certain the orphanage director will figure out a way to distribute everything. However, it would be even better if your stuff was about $10 in value. It just makes everything easier.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Call me MacGyver

So I wound yarn this weekend... you would assume I'd have the right tools..nope... my winder thinger was missing a clamp attachment and a tension stick... my skills replaced the tension with a bbq skewer all bent and fixed the clamp issue with a knife and my own clamp. I also don't own a swift...

Well after seeing the most awesome swift ever on the internet i broke out my legos and made my own..

Wait my own legos.. yes and I'd have more if it wasn't for that who being an adult thing..

The set it up isn't perfect, the winder needs some practice on the right height for the skewer but it just needs some adjustments.

So i dyed yarn... I did two varigated ones that i just want for the heck of it and then I decided to do what I initially aimed for... making striped yarn..
I call this one Miss Piggy... Its not a solid color for each stripe but i like it....

Also being the neat girl I am I made stitch markers too

Friday, April 20, 2007

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life ....

So a few weeks back we voted on shoes... well here they are...

They need to be broken in but they are cute. I wore them to see Chicago last week. I need some little cushion things so I don't slip down in them but beside that they are pretty spiffy.

I also needed some neutral ones and Payless did the trick.. Unfortunately they seem a smidge too tight...Hopefully I have it in me to be able to stretch them out..

Lastly in the shoe arena I finally got my supa dupa fly mary jane chucks...They rock.. they continue my realization that I do need some orthotics... which are as sexy as my bite plate.

So I'm a happy little shoe chick. Don't know when I got all girly...

So onto the Friday Shuffle

Lets get it on Marvin Gaye
Mississippi Sheryl Crow
A Million Ways – O.K. Go
Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat
Ring Ding Dong – Dr. Dre feat. Ice Cube
Make an Ugly Woman your wife - Percy Sledge
Love and Affection Joan armatrading
Don’t Speak – no doubt
Sexy Mexican Maid – Red Hot Chilly Peppers
Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Basic Human Etiquette

At a work place with a $400,000 modern art like addition on its building you do not put your coat on your Herman Miller chair, you don't leave you place a mess, you don't curse every other sentence. You do not ignore your coworkers and you do not leave the building without letting someone know. When the clients call, people ask, we need to know where you are....without having to reference your calendar all the time. This is not rocket science.
Today I was treated with such disrespect because of one of the above issues. The most non issue seeming one. I set off Mr. Hyde and had to deal with or "not" deal with the results all day. I was actually in a good mood all day laughing at its absurdity... now its getting to me. Sure its the other person's issue if they are upset by a slight request in a business but I'm still bugged. I was shocked even though its happened before but now its turning to feeling really repulsed. I shouldn't be treated like that and I shouldn't have to curb my managing skills for fear of setting of Mr. Hyde. I'm sure its been spun to the bosses that I was so rude but my comment was addressed in an office wide memo weeks ago and I have also asked other employees to also follow it when they forgot about the memo.
I haven't contacted my bosses outside of work in about 2 years. Issues before then were all poor communcations and since we worked out being more communicative and trustworthy all has been good. Tonight, I sit here for the first time in years wanting to contact them and ask why should i be treated like this. I haven't done anything wrong. Sure I'm not perfect but this is just ridiculous. We aren't 9 years olds... we can't have hissy fits and frankly only parents should have to deal with that crap cause they can smack it out of them. (sarcasim folks, I'm not suggestiong beating your kids) I'm not going to contact them but I needed to get this out. If this wasn't a work situation I'd have all sorts of head swinging words to be had. I reallllly want to ask if their email is working, when they say yes then I say, then you got that memo last week please abide by it. that or Bitch were you born a barn, you can't treat people like that, livestock maybe, people, no.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ah spring

where the birds chirp and the bugs go crazy and my f-ing neighbor is all weird....lonely retirees should go volunteer somewhere and not my back yard. Last night I mowed the lawn and even used the weedwacker... My mother called and I turned my tools off and answered the phone.. I couldn't hear shit cause the crazy neighbor decided that was a good time to trim my parking spot/back of my fence...So I ran off with my phone ignoring dogs barking, mom barely able to use a damn cell phone and neighbor whacking off....those things shouldn't have set me off but they did... probably because they all interrupted my zen gardening which is a timed activity until the sinus police show up and slap me with a migraine. Luckily last night the coppers didn't show up so for that I am grateful like casey jones... or not cause I doubt he was grateful considering his untimely demise...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Well at least its starting to get interesting

I'm a fan of a few groups of books. I do enjoy some scifi / fantasy but alot of it is pure shit...JK Roling and that lord of the ring's guy aren't the only good series writers. And frankly before the movies I heard more complaining about Mr. Paid By the Sentence. So this average chic is trying to find some series... Currently I'm reading some story that just is trying to be all Lord of the Rings and if we change a word around maybe its a bit elves are now an Welves..pretty bad huh? But I read that if you like the book you'll love the series and sometimes a book has to introduce alot before it sums itself up and gets to be considered good so I'm forging forward. Its not as complicated as some stuff where you need a freaking ven diagram to keep track of who does what and has been where.

Maybe I need to switch over to another genre right now because I'm putting alot of pressure on books to be good when in reality I think I may be feeling the desire for a good bio or generic fiction instead...As the mother in law brought up this weekend, she likes 3rd world fiction writers.... I do too....Sometimes they have a lot more angst that I can read and not snark at versus romantic comedy stuff that I can't get through without thinking suck it up chica.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tales of a jewish country music star

okay maybe not but hey I have a friday shuffle. I have to say, I know I'll be shot, but I don't get nina simone... I had to convince Boo that she was in fact a chic when he heard a song of her's.

  1. How do you want it – Tupac
  2. You be my baby – Ray Charles
  3. Back 4 You – Jurassic 5
  4. Freak a leak Petey Pable
  5. Land of 1000 dances – Wilson Picket
  6. Rio – Duran Duran
  7. Speak Low – Billy Holiday
  8. Storms – Fleetwood Mac
  9. Black is the color of my True Love’s Hair – Nina Simone
  10. Camptown Races- Dave Brubeck

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Name that song

I have Lee Dorsey stuck in my head...without googling can you name the song...

Zoolander's failed career with his dad
Redone by Pure Prarie League better known for song Amie and also redone by Devo and the Judds.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Two 11 hour work days, 8 days without cornsyrup, I'm exhausted and freaking stupid acting from hyperness at the same time... I don't get how that works. Its 9 pm and I'm ready for bed... that would be two days in a row......

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I have a sticker on my finger that say get well soon

no really.. mom and dad are asleep and the bandaids are in their room... Today i went to buby's and replaced her vanity and sink... I ran into a problem that her piping went through the floor instead of the wall so I needed to make a hole in the vanity... Well i sliced my finger cause I keep grabbing scissors the wrong way... Anyway its done and beautiful and my finger hasn't bled but keeps opening up... So being creative i got a sticker to keep it from doing that. What better than a get well sticker..
After a long afternoon I headed over to a hebrew school friend house and spent like 4 hours there.. it was great. Having grown up together we just got along but didn't have much in common.. well we bitched moms (moms are best friends for 24 years) and all that jazz and at some point I inherited a ton of cute clothes, a list of books to read and found out we have all the same favorite life moving books. Pretty cool and fun... We found more in common that when we were younger and talked old peers...
She and her parents came for different passover nights. They were great nights and I hope they will come to future sedars... Luckily I wasn't home tonight so perhaps I won't sit up getting angry about the house...
The friend talked of how she tosses junk from her parents home. unfortunately my parents stuff is more so old curtains, falling apart furniture and 25 years worth of magazines... its much harder to hide getting rid of that stuff...
I'm feeling super good right now which is good.. I got to hang out with someone and got to find more commonalities.. and gotta a comment of the same kind... Its nice to feel like there others out there like you or can relate to you.... I've got the Boo, wife and other man but its nice to get more friends in your life and its enjoyable to experience the changes and growth in these relationships...


So I'm waiting for the lunesta to kick in.. considering its 2:30 its not going well.. I keep not being able to sleep because I'm room designing in my head.. my parents house, sigh, what can be said.. "its good wallpaper" "its good furniture" "i don't have the energy to do anything and your father won't help" To that, its not goodwallpaper or furniture...its 30 years old and although it was good at the time life has moved on and the paper is peeling in every room, the furniture is kept together with scotch tape and is varnish is worn off. Its embarrassing....
My dad has 30 years of chesslife and runner's world and since he has run out of space in the den his bedroom now has wire shelves overpouring with magazines. Because my mom can't get enough space in the den or my dad is monopolizing the desk she has gone to the dining room. She uses an old tv unit to store her boxes of junk. Each room has cardboard boxes "to be gone through at some point" Great..... so when I have 2.5 kids, a hubby and they are senile and crankier, then we can go through it..
Its embarrassing, its like their homeless people within a house and have become the people they mocked. Hell I'm pretty sure some of my grandparents room's are more up to date then my parent's rooms. Sure they say someday they'll have money to do it but will they have more energy, will my dad lend a hand, will my mom's RSD and Fibromylgia have gone of course by then my brother may have moved back in and will live here till he kicks it and I won't have to worry about it... right?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do we learn from our parents

or do we just do the same thing to our kids... Mom's been cleaning out Buby's house, I come here I clean out here.. how many pencils does one person need 742.. about a hundred in each room in case we need to write something down with our 534 scraps of paper even though we have these great things called cordless phones and can walk to where ever a writing instrument is. And rulers.. ya know those free ones...chuck em cause you have 15 rulers in a drawer and you won't be running short unless perhaps you are collecting them to measure the circumference of you house with out measuring tape...
Sheesh.... at this point in my life I toss stuff of my own and reflect if its too much like my parents but apparently 20 years down the line I'll be collecting writing instruments in case of a cold war and I need to trade them for cigarette.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mom's stoned..

She has walking pnemonia... the meds the dr gave her today have knocked her shit out... I'm cooking dinner for 10.. Voila... good thing I was raised to be an independent domestic goddess...and a major bitch... if anyone has food issues tough luck ;P

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Every inch of me has been coated in gratefruit juice

Whew do I need a break.. I've been cooking for the last 2.5 hours. I've made about 50 meatballs, peeled and sectioned 6 grapefruits and worked on macaroons. I even took pics of me making meatballs and decided i should so make a zinfully jewish entry if Duane allows it.... Israeli meatpie on tuesday is is mindy with her hands stuck in 3 lbs of hamburger meat.
We've listened to all of my Scissors Sisters, School House Rock and now are on 42nd street.....
I've also painted my toe nails to my father great dismay... when I was in high school wanting to do it my mom told me I couldn't cause my dad doesn't like it cause only tramps paint their toe nails..Fantastic right? Should we discuss how his sisters paint their toenails also... hmmm???

Martini, two, please

I'm here in PA less than 3 hours and I pretty much wanna off myself, never have kids and never leave my home in STL.
Driving through the northeast makes me want to vomit. Its dirty, its fallen apart it build up with buildings in disrepair. Talking with mom just makes me depressed as hell..
Anyways 7 days of this is gonna be interesting... I've got no friends here since all have spread out in life. Or I've outgrown them and vice versa. The only person I know here I've only hung out once so ya know...weird... or not, who knows.
I'm gonna need to do something to zone out.. I realize I spent much of high school glued to the tv or glazing over listening to music, daydreaming..I believe thats called avoidance.
Anyway I've got cable. I'm in the middle of the Time Travellers wife... I've got no choice, survive or blog immensly... its a draw...right now its time for food and then I get to cook for tomorrow... mom's sick so we won't have her baking and cooking...
So thats my post. I, like dear eddie izzard like to finish my show with a "eh" kinda feeling.
Thank you and goodnight...Expect crazy posts throughout the week...