Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teef are a-ok

Ever feel like a 2 year old.. Like wanting to say, i'm a big girl, i made my appt, went and after some filing and toothpaste hopefully all will be a-ok.
Of course I came back to mayhem where certainly nothing is anyone's fault ever... cause we are perfect...sure.... if you are always right and the entire world is wrong you may want to look at that idea again....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Call dentist tomorrow...

So, I am a bad patient on the whole but i'm getting better.. I don't have a GP cause i never think to go for general stuff. I need to get one..and get annual exams. I go to the dentist every 6 months quite well as well as the girly dr. I did get a tooth refilled because of pain, well, it didn't solve the problem. I'm now noticing that if i eat too many sweets it hurts.... Well looking at my teeth in the mirror all sly and macgyver like I'm questioning if I've cracked a tooth. Lord knows I grind my teeth like a mofo. I can see two lines which one may be be the edge of a filling... So its time to be smart, get my arse to the dentist. Hey, maybe i should eat a fuckload of sugar before so i really know which tooth hurts, its a sharp as hell pain. I even used some mouth numbing gel the other week. I don't know about you but i can't tell which tooth is which in my mouth on the whole. All I know is that I've had a tooth pain at least twice a week for a few weeks. Heck I even went running and my response at the end was, my tooth hurts.
So, its off to the tooth fairy I go. I ho, I ho....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recycle, Remade

Someone may have lost her "before pics" and is making do with what she has. See in its splendor, organization and awesomeness.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ethel Merman what should I do?

Well, after listening to some kanye, Nellie Mckay (title reference) and some Outhere Brothers', "Boom Boom Boom" music that sends me back to every cheerleader scene of history, I have finish my 3rd day of running. I barely ran any distance compared to my past of the slowest steady running in XC history aside from the girl with asthma. I could run forever but never fast. Thats how i picked folks off in meets. They'd start fast and then slow down, i stayed at an even steady slow and would finish in the middle. My first year I was in the top 5 of our team but alas we must have just had not as good of a team, and i hurt myself rollerskating sophomore year. Anywho, back to current running. The last 3 days I slapped the sports bra on top of my work bra, today, just the sport. Dude, not again. I want to be strapped down and if it weren't for the glue I'd duct tape the whole chest. I forgot how bra-dom was a problem in XC, hell my mom even talked to the coach about it. I need doubling. Back then I wasn't built like a 14 year old boy, i was a 36 C freshman year. Now, I'm even bigger and taller not that you care, but pale in comparison to all my well endowed knitting friends. Seriously, you want boobs come to knitting and I'm not just talking large girls with large boobs. Its pure craziness. As a friend once said, my large chested friends "makes a man want to knit"
So, gotta remember, double up your double mint gals or suffer the unnecessary chest pains of boobage.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember that one time I was all obsessed as hell with my garden

and did my whole post in a picture? Yeah, good times. Definitely a click on photo for more details kinda post. I'll be having lots of tomato plants and cuc plants to give away.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Letter to me and then some

Thank you for contacting prominant website regarding the cancellation of order #666.

Due to the volume and rapid processing of orders received at our warehouse, we were unable to cancel your order. We certainly apologize for this inconvenience. For future reference if you act very quickly after placing an order you may be able to cancel it. Or we will send you an auto response an hour later and then you must respond to that again before we actually read your email.

I have contacted our warehouse with a request to intercept your order before it is shipped. If we are unable to intercept your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail stating that your order has been shipped. I shall now switch tenses and make it seem like there is still hope. Um , no, oops. If the order is shipped, please visit our help pages using the following link and complete the instructions for initiating your return: Again, your order was shipped but I must pretend that it might not ship.

blah blah blah

Your refund will be processed as soon as we receive the returned shipment. Please allow 30 days from the date of the return for processing your refund.

For future reference, you may act quickly (usually within 30 minutes of placing the order) to cancel an order.BTW you are the dumbass who ordered twice although our site for some reason made it seem like your order didn't go through. To do so, click the Your Account link located on any prominant website page; when your account information appears, select Orders. When your orders list appears, choose the order you wish to cancel by clicking the order number. On your order detail page, simply click the Cancel Order link near the bottom of the page (under the blue "print order" button). BTW it appears your orders have been shipped yet. I know I know, you are going WTF by now.. Lets just play a game and see if you get twice as much product as you need.

Again Ms. Crap thank you for contacting prominant website. We appreciate your business!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dem Bones

I'm not big into duck but when I saw a vegetarian option for my kosher home I bought it. Boo liked it, Kara like it, I'm still not into duck.
When I opened the package on Saturday I was amused to see the fake poultry shape... I was mortified when I flipped it over and saw spine and rib cage...Really? does this make it more convincing in its fake duck or Fuck as I like to call it. I still merge words as wrestling guy/drug dealer Jon taught me in high school, fake meat, feat, fucking ugly, fugly... you know how it goes. Which side note, i think high school lunch is the cruelest thing on earth and I still have stressful dreams of where to sit, will you know someone etc. Senior year and junior year I sat every other day with some dorks of the male persuasion. Sadly, I fit in there better than with the smart well rounded guy/girl tables where people were squooshed trying to fit in, and not just physically, or the lesbian/thespian table, I sat with them every other day. Dude, i didn't even fit in with the marching band folks which frankly i think had as much clout in the school as the sports team, they certainly won more than our football team (sorry RB).
I did get a few weeks in of hiding on the otherside of the guys before the l/t noticed I was gone from their table but still lunching with someone, it was nice for a bit before I was found out, cause boy was I ridiculed. Obviously I had the hots for all of the dorks and thats why I was sitting there. In reality, I had the hots for one, super christian straightedge dude which really would have worked out well, and the rest let me sit there and read if I so wished and didn't taunt me. In fact, I read about judiasm a lot so I was in a way that super crazy jewish gal instead of christian crazy. Damn, I hate how 4 stupid years of your life are a) looked upon so damn fondly by most and b) freaking scar us or at least stay in our brains for like, forever...effing a-.
Tangent, end, pics of creepy fake duck, commence.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

well I think its worthy of noting...

So this is totally more of a twitter statement but whatever...
I may have had slurpee/icees 3 of the last 4 days...
That is all, carry on.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Plans for the weekend

It will be windy but warm tomorrow so I plan to garden like a mother fucker. Check our Kelli and myself in this month's Toasted Rav. Our illict seed swapping at the string shop with our canines was hilarious...Neither knew dogs would be with either. But they made out fine and Asher showed up all he had :P Anyway back to tomorrow, I got my two new planters that need to be assembled as well as 3 potato buckets. Boo and I will go asian food shopping and pick up compost at Heman park. It won't be enough but it will be a start. Actually if I get one full enough with the soils etc. I will toss some lettuce in there. My coworker's daughter plants her lettuce and snap peas in February and gets a nice early and yummy harvest.
I also have seeds to start for the 4 weeks out round. While I don't think I'll plant in the beginning of April I'm still starting my seeds as if I would be.
I also hope to finish my new towel organizer. Painting at least and also remove paint from clothes because we can be careful but we are me, klutzy. I'd like to built a custom drawer for a small shelf it has but that would require some supplies that I don't have in the house at this second. Nothing too fancy, just a temporary type 3 inch high bin possibly made of gator board, duct tape, and fabric. A this and that sorta drawer. Perhaps I will be able to come up with something. Cleaning the basement always finds interesting goodies.
I also plan to finish the second piece of the mystery blanket project. Its so easy and looking oh so fine.
There is so much one could do but when we get a peek of nice weather all I want is to be outside. Once that hits the wall then perhaps I'll have a pile of chores and fun done in the house. You gotta enjoy the outside nice weather when you can.
I have some test knits out there so I really ought to dye more yarn in those colors but I still have to skein them up and that would not be an outside activity. Self striping yarn takes a bit of time too. I also need to stop by string shop and photograph said samples. Miss Kara did an awesome job with Zoot Skips to the Groove if I do say so myself.
Off now to do stuff and things. I already had a happy hour with work, ate dinner with friend.. now to save the cheerleader and I'll be set for a full evening.

Monday, March 02, 2009


We are all without words to express the loss of our friend Selena's daughter Jennie. She now breathes freely, and we breath a little less soundly saddened by her passing.