Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Different Goals

Become a better person, nah. Clean more, nah... how about some tangible new years goals.
  • Finish Orangina Sweater
  • Make a needlebook.
  • Embroider a cardigan.
  • Buy a new house.
  • Get a new knitbag or switch over to bag kara made me that i use as a purse and stick with it.
  • Get/Make a bowling shoes bag.
  • Get a Nook cover so I don't abuse it like I abuse all other things with screens.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My VT Xmas 2009

It started with a 27 lb roast pig in the trunk when we were picked up at the airport. I hear it was fantastic.. I passed on that dining choice.

I got attacked by a rooster 4 times in two days. I have some impressive bruises. I also hear that after the second day he got the crap beaten out of him for attacking his owner and Boo.

We petted furry cows (this one was the one i bottle fed last year)

We got cow kisses. She likes to lick the ones she likes. I guess most people do.

We abused the cow. Kara said too take pics of the hat she made me with the furry cows, I don't think this is what she meant.

We played with the border collie named Bear. He might have less going on upstairs than Riley. I loved him.

We stalked and killed a Christmas tree. I also decorated two, count them 2 trees.

We played with a kitten.

We got awesome gifts. I got a Nook, a few towels, a kosher cookbook and a some other goodies.

And thats xmas 2009, not bad for a jew right?

Monday, December 28, 2009

better late than never

Monday, December 14, 2009


Been doing alot of blogging in my head. It never seems to make it on here and when I do sit down its usually quick and bland. Today's blandness is the sweater clips I made. Unfortunately I used hot glue which i never ever use and it totally kicked me in the ass. Perhaps finishing at 12:18 am when i needed to gift it the next morning was part of the problem. Also running out of E6000 didn't help. Me running out of that is like Boo running out of rice. The gift was obtained broken. I fixed it but I think it wasn't all that exciting of a gift. Luckily i gifted it with a pretty kick ass book so all is good. I've been doing a few more polymer things that are on my flickr site. I'm just not a huge fan of it. I love good ole messy clay but it breaks so easily that it doesn't work either. I've also got paper clay but that doesn't flow as well as the paper tends to get some clumping tendancies and you can't just slap a little extra on as you can with clay-clay. Anyway I forsee the clay being put away from another 10 years. Might do a few more sea creatures before I do but as far as stitch markers I'm probably done. When I have a barbie loving kid i might make more miniatures but otherwise I feel a bit underwhelmed. I do like this squid octopus thing i made as well as a few other things I can't show yet but as for teenie tiny, not so much.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I bitch and moan about my concerns for adoption at knitting a lot. But alas, I haven't felt resolved yet. I understand the long wait, I understand all the work. I have heard through the grapevine my depression will not effect the application to China if I have a dr's note but I want to hear it straight from the agency. I also need to stop worrying about this now. We have to move before we even start the process but this issue weighs on me heavily. We received our packet this week. The application process is not quick so why not start reviewing it. There are so many big steps before send off our application but I can't help but harp on this one detail. I think the pregnancy of a coworker has brought the child issues up. I had hoped it wouldn't but alas it has. Although with a 3-5 year wait after the application and all that goes with it does make it difference. I'm not looking for having a child now but in a few years, yes, it might be time. I am also waiting on Boo to get the motivation for all this. Perhaps I should harp like i do for other things in the past but for this I do not want to take that route. He knows I'm waiting on his motivation for moving and really that is our first step for this process.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mister Moore I presume...

I waited forever to read Christopher Moore's newest book Fool. I'm in the midst of reading it now and am at times a tad lost with characters trying to be sly while using old english, or the likes. It might just be the pre sleep reading that is the problem. None-the-less I snort when I read it and show lines to Boo who has already read it. Christopher Moore is pee your pants funny in my humble opinion. Fool is a lot more sexual than his other books but apparently that all the day of King Lear folks did.
Oddly with my love of Moore I have never read his books more than once. Might be time to give it a whirl. My favorites are Lamb (The story of Biff, BFF of Jesus) and A Dirty Job which does not have Mike Rowe in it, sadly. Boo's favorite is Fluke. I'm thinking that might be one to try again seeing as he loved it so and I barely remember it.
If you are looking for light reading Moore is the way to go, its funny and light and although there are characters that float around in other books knowing or not knowing this doesn't seem to matter. Its more of a fun, aha moment when they reappear.