Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi remember me?

I seem to be falling off the blogging world. I have finished knit objects that I don't share cause my fellow knitters can see it on Ravelry. I have random thoughts, they go on twitter. Oh well, its a hobby this blogging. Never had many readers or a following so it doesn't matter much.
I've started my major plans for spring gardening. That includes 4 chickens, and a lot of planting/creating garden beds. I did a recon mission yesterday at lowes and am rethinking alot of my beds i planned to make. My big bed that was to house potatoes, rhubarb and sunchokes may go back to being the potato bags. The rubarb may just go tossed in my major flower plans. I plan to take a foot for grass out from my back of my yard and fill it with flowers. I currently have a few flowers back there, some shrubs and blueberry bushes. I've started a bunch of flowers inside and will also plant seeds outside. I also am startin a bunch of lavender to transplant there. I figure a rhubarb or two will add some interest. It may look like a big shmorgaborg of crap but if its all pretty wildflowers i bet it won't matter. It will also make lawn mowing way easier. Who knows, the chickens may decimate it all pretty darn quickly. I've been taking pics of my seedling growth but I've missplaces the battery charger so that may be a problem pretty soon.
Off to a day of food, friends and yarn.


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