Friday, August 28, 2009

What up bitches

I don't know what my problem is but I've been blog negligent. In fact this post has sat dormant for a bit so I"m just going ahead and posting it.

Things that have been going on:
  • Jdawg moved. I finished my secret project which was the below blanket for him.

  • My garden is dying slowly, its sad. I'm sad.
  • We've had mice in our shed. We bought traps last night.
  • I've started physical therapy.. seems to help..also had a massage that certainly didn't hurt :)
  • Bowled over a 100 in a game...yeah, i find that exciting.
  • Ran agility with simon and got 3rd place in both of his events. Might have been my first trial where I qualified for both events. We usually screw up at least one...
  • I have stuff on the needles but i'm not touching much cause the exercise makes me achy. Haven't touched this luscious project since ooh lala france...

  • I'm almost done shedir (knitted hat) with yarn that was graciously given to me. For some reason knitting this hat has been full of love and warmth as I decided to find a cancer charity to donate it to. Its cotton and pretty so its a good option for those who may want a hat outside the winter months.
  • I'm out of random update statements....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lets hear it for the boy, lets give the boy a hand...

This week our friend J-Dawg is leaving the lou to go get his edjumication on.. in honor of him and his history of being a Trader Joe's pusher, I give you my top ten favorite things of Trader Joes.
1. Meatless Meatballs - reminds me of veal parmigiana texture. I'm a big fan and I pair them with their egg noodles.. yum!
2. Turkish Apricots - as well as the whole dried fruit area, its good, its easy to eat and its a hellllll of a lot cheaper than the box store's options for dried fruits plus they have some interesting choices like dried hibiscus flowers are good. I used to eat a ton of their cinnamon dried apples... self control didn't come into play much at all.
3. Framboise Lambic, while not a TJ's product I like that I can get it there when its not sold out due to awesomeness
4. Nuts that are reasonably priced...ahem...say what you will
5. Bread both the garlic loaf and the olive loaf make me a happy camper, the garlic nan is pretty sweet too.
6. Their frozen shepherds Pie
7. Frozen breaded eggplant.
8. Frozen green beans.. They are frozen fresh and make the meal so much better.
9. Small plastic square containers of goodness... chocolate cover raspberry jells, espresso beans etc.. all f-ing good.
10.The whole damn snack section. So many delicious snacks with a lot of healthy options as well as interesting twists. Boo loves the wasabi tamarind almonds, I love the kettle corn, I have some pumpernickel pretzels in my desk right now.
So peace out Jasper-Dawg... we will miss you but are excited for your future endeavors... last time you left we all got closer, who knows what this time will bring. When you see zombies, think of me :) Rawr....brainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viva la French Toast

I'm such a douche.. our trip went so damn well I didn't blog about it...seriously, it was great... who knew...None of the important conversations (that we didn't want to have) were held, everyone got along...the only issue i had was the tea ceremony was totally half baked which was a disappointment...and i felt like 20 lbs too big but thats cause I apparently packed pregnancy clothes (dang style thats in fashion) and those europeans are skinny.
so leave you with pictures....

Friday, August 07, 2009

In my best jewish lady voice

eh whats a little bursitis..
Okay I'm back and have results (see below pics)... I have tendon stress/inflammation and some fluid build up/bursitis. I also have a hook shoulder bone which could be also effecting it but we are going to treat the other issues with drugs (pretty much 1000 mg of aleve a day) and therapy.. If that doesn't work i have to decide if surgery is something i want where they'll go in there and shave off some bone.. fun! It sounds at the moment like physical therapy may be the answer (fingers crossed!) and that they didn't find any tears etc which would have been bad.. we knew about the bone before the mri. I need to however, stop compensating with my neck and weird shoulder positioning....its killing me...He said he has nothing to do with mom's problems so no worries about that.. I haven't told my mom a peep cause i don't want the award of joining the pain party... yet, there is also the side of me that just wants to tell her cause we tell our parents stuff but alas, she would make a big deal of it and every family member/friend would hear about it as if I flew to the moon and cured cancer...and we can't talk about stuff with real content or conceptual discussion. Its more we can talk at each other about stuff we have done or problems she has.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

pop pop, click click

So tomorrow i get to further explore my fear of needles by getting a contrast mri for my shoulder. I told coworker cause i was going to be late for our meeting and she said she heard they hurt and you feel the dye. Not so at all but thanks for that vote of confidence...anyway xrays were not definitive enough. My options of problems are labrum tear which would account for popping, rotator cuff issues (which could account for need to pop things in place but they don't stay relieved for more than a few seconds on the whole), and weird boneness and irritated tissue.. My shoulder instead of being rounded has a hook in it that may be clicking and irritating tissue between my bones. Sort of a this tissue is hurt, now you bend your arm, now tissue is hurt more, rinse and repeat. No mention been made of anything to hope for or what paths we'd take but MRI is tomorrow and appt is on Friday. Reading up, i'm guessing labrum tear or injury but who knows....maybe there are little trolls in there having a party and beating the place up.
I ignore many aches and pains that are just stuff I've always had and probably also related to crappo scoliosis posture and superb klutziness but now that I'm paying attention to the shoulder I am also noticing the aches but am not sure if they are related to the shoulder injury or not. I'm only concerned with the shoulder...anything else is just active me. I know of at least two other parts of my body that are rotated a little off structurally so that it give me discomfort, no reason the shoulder can't be one too. It would make sense. Anywho...we shall see... it all started with yard clean up in the winter and pulling ivy... home ownership, its dangerous yo.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Old Lady Crap

So about 4 years ago i was pulling ivy before I attended a work christmas party and hurt my left shoulder. Still hurts. I find myself having pressure building up unless I pop it which then also give it pain. I sorta feel like if i can stop popping it for a long time (which is harder than hell) it feels better. Problem is i can raise my arm a certain way and it might pop on its own. I've recently discovered raising that arm to drive is what really sets it off... Or as I just discovered rolling over and sleeping on that side will wake me up with the feeling of good lord my shoulder has literally been set on fire. Not sure what to do about. Regular people ask their friend and family. My mother asks me regularly if I've any signs of arthritis, like I'll join her group happily. She got it at 30. I honestly don't think she is relieved that i say no. Some families share hobbies, mine wants to share sicknesses. I think I should just stop raising it to drive which I'm sure I probably did last night when I went to derby. I have the G-d Help Us Plan for insurance and no primary doctor which is bad enough as it is. Seems stupid to me to go to a regular dr for shoulder pain to get recommended to go somewhere else but i guess that is what insurance does. As I type this my arm is on fire and I reallly want to pop the shoulder to relieve the pressure but I know that isn't the way..