Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dude I'm growing pumpkins

So i have this mystery squash growing in my garden. I chopped one down today and cracked it open.. I didn't know what it was. I've got 3 big ones and a dozen smaller ones... well after a search on there internet I learned that its my pumpkins pre orange coloring... SWEET!

reading, writing, rithmatic

So i spent the better part of my morning reading about non hodgkin lymphoma on the internets. Aside from the one chuckle at Hairy Cell Lymphoma's name it wasn't all that fun to read. What spurred it on. Duane I knew the post was coming with info but i couldn't stay up late enough to read it..(I'm a walking zombie right now even though I did get sleep last night, i got enough for last night but not two nights) I had two of my three closest people going through the shitmill, now its a full 3 of three.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I don't heart NYC

This little Warminster, Pennsylvania girl just can't wrap her arms around the love of NYC. I like hong kong but can't seem to get a grip on NYC, go figure. I stayed in Koreatown by times square. Its busy, too many people and i'm not a fan of public transit....I went out for 5 hours on Friday and was exhausted. I had lost luggage and delayed flights galore and some folks didn't get in til an hour before the wedding because of the wonderful air transit world.
We went to the cooper hewitt museum which was really cool. They had a display on http://readymademag.com/ which is sooo me. The displays were art in everyday life...your ipod commecials, target medicine packaging, landscape architecture, interior design etc. Very me. When I go to art museums i'm more interested in artifacts than "art." Ya know, dead white guys in gold frames.
The wedding was fine. Parts were a bit cheeze for me and as a member of the reject table near the exit with the photographers I missed out on a lot cause i was so darn far away. I met a girl who i enjoyed my time with so that was cool. I did get to dance my patooty off and i'm pretty sure everyone saw my panties when Boo spun me during dancing time. They were black and covered my behind so I'm cool.... They've probably never seen a hiney so big since most girls were a size 3. The Asian nation (korean-chinese wedding) there were teenie tiny girls
Their vows were simple and the line I clung to (when I could hear) was "When I say I love you it means I believe in you, I have faith in you." So true to my current situations with the boy. When I tell him I love him I'm telling him he can do it. He can find what he needs in life. I still hold onto the hope of him pursuing animation and farming being part of outside of work life where does gardening become farming is a question but I think my hope is a pipe dream. To see him at the cooper hewitt musuem where there were animation toys were on display I saw that spark is still in him somewhere. I wish he could find the strength inside to try animating on his own without school...even if its not a career he did like doing it....
Anyway onto farming. Kara is so in charge of my garden from now on. 4 zuchs, squash and green beans... She probably did nothing but it worked :P I have a ton of weeding and work to do but that's alright, its fun exercise as long as I have the right bug spray.

This has been a really a boring description of my trip so here is a list of parts/highlights of the trip
1. Crazy woman at CVS cursing cause they had no egg salad...CVS, egg salad...ew...
2. Rage against the machine concert letting out the same time as we went home from the wedding...nothing like 6 tourists in suits and 30 rage against the machine fans on the subway.
3. Getting my luggage on Friday...arriving on Thursday
4. Creepy guy complimenting my mary jane chucks when i toured the city alone...
5. Boys without cameras and phones.... both of mine died from unexpected usage.
6. Displays about being Green and world conscious at the museum. Very interesting.
7. English...most orders i got were wrong because folks didn't speak english.. at a bagel place you don't expect it.. I ordered pumpernickel I got poppy. I order a dirty vodka martini at a bar, i get a glass of vodka.
8. 3 days of Korean food...yum
9. Finished harry potter
10. Haven't slept since Saturday...so i'm a force to be reckoned with... got in too late for Lunesta...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can make it there...

Off to NYC for a wedding in Queens. Back at the end of the weekend.
Peace and Humptiness forever....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garden Notes

My lunch today is from my garden... yum... if i was more ambitious my salad dressing would be too. Next year I want to try growing lettuce heads versus the weedy leaves. I think I've watered my lettuce for weeks to get one day's lunch worth.
My squashes are blowing monkey chucks though I have some decoratives stuff that is kicking butt however my zuchs are not doing well.. they start and then shrivel or rot...I was overwatering... I'm trying not to now...I got cocky and said i'd share my zuchs if they did well like the first year... thus they are sucking. I have a lot of squash plants that are not doing much fast but are hanging in there. They may be my pumpkin attempt.
I'm also going to try a second run of some stuff. Roni has told me peas can be late summer/fall grown. I had peppers my first year. This year's didn't take but the hot ones did which I don't eat. I wish you could grow fruit like veggies. Blueberries and rasberries would rock my world.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can't sleep.

Is it cause I'm reflecting on my super great office review. No.
Is it cause I started reading harry potter. No.
Is it cause I said goodbye to my movie buddy today. No.
Is it about my upcoming trip to NYC..no
Its cause I had a disagreement with a coworker and of course didn't say things I wish I had. I keep trying to replay how i can get things through to him and not start a fight and i can't come up with it without being condescending. He doesn't take the positive, happy "cause i said so route" from me. ( he also doesn't see me as an authority figure when he should) I know the boss is going to talk with him about this but in the mean time its coming up again. I sound so management like but he needs to realize his work isn't about him, its about the company and its got to match others coworkers work and be easy for others to edit because who knows what future has in store. You can be at a meeting, at lunch etc and other people mess with your files. Cause they aren't yours. I got this whole wasting billable fee learning bit which needs to get out of these kids heads. We have few of them at work. Ya know, kids, a few years younger then me. They need to not worry about all time being billable cause non bill able is important too. If they'd put out more effort, figure stuff out for themselves instead of giving up and asking me and learn it then in the future they'd be faster and more productive. And besides, when I see them screwing around for hours and hours and asking others for work to do they could learn the software they need to then. Problem is they don't figure things out independently and branch the testing a software program world over to the applicable job use. All the bit was told was excuses. Its not a priority to him and it needs to be and if me saying it should be doesn't get it through then the bosses will take care of it.. but in the mean time I'm not asleep.
I need a glass of water.... completely unrelated.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Coworker gave me some of his spicy dilly beans... Hulk wants more...... I've had dilly beans inVT and they were great. I'm crafty but thats not something i really want to make at this point... send me beans people... i need more....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

But I yearn Mr. A, so do I Mr. J

I yearn for the fabulous sleep I hope to obtain this evening. You've read how I love the Lunesta and how its made me function and a nice civil adult but can we talk about its shelf life. I get 30 days worth. Right around 26 it sorta starts to suck but then my new prescription is back to full strength. I feel a bit wacky saying that it has a 25 day shelf life but month after month I'm finding the same result. Tonight its a new bottle. Oh the deep beautiful rested sleep. How i yearn and look forward to you.

Don't know nothing about no football

But i do know I'm absolutely disguested by Michael Vick and 6 years in jail is not enough in my opinion. Besides all the stuff he did he is accused of killing 8 dogs by non humane standards.. so you mean to tell me beating, drowning, choking a dog to death is equal to less than a year in jail per dog... let alone the rest of his disgusting operation.
I'm a dog person.. and even when Christopher on Sopranos killed Adrianna's dog by accident I was appauled. When I worked at the vet and saw a few month old chihuahua named Teenie starved to death I was floored. If you don't want the pet, give it up. Admit defeat. Or the 2 dogs that ate cooling fluid and died and then a few days later the same thing happened to the third dog... disgusting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sometimes I have too much free time... then my sticky notes get craftily cut and magical unicorns come to guard my couch.

Other times I just knit massive amounts of string... I'm up to Chart B of the Mystery Stole. The teal Life line is where it started. Boo told me the last swatch I put on Flick looked like underwear...not mine of course. These would now be considered granny panties... and thats the only time i can say that word...the p one...it makes me squirm

Ps. my title option seems to not work...hence the titleless posts...
Its actually not 510 degrees outside right now... who would like to mow my lawn....damn this 8-5 getting in the way of my yardwork.
From agility this week I got a lot of gnat bits so that 510 degrees is now 510 bug bites which makes my legs hella sexy.

Monday, July 09, 2007

cracking under pressure

I'm a cranky ass ho tonight. While girls hang on every word their guys say I'm apparently supposed to be smarter than that. I'm supposed to talk about my issues on the phone yet I only get called right before dinner or right before he's off to somewhere... I'm just becoming the negative nelly and I know everyone wonders what the good side is that I love...sigh...
So instead I will show you what I love. I love my yard, I love my dog and I love creating and growing plants, so I present to you Mister Sunshine being smart in the shade of the sunflowers.

Cranky ass ho off to bed...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

please let it sell!!!

My hellish neighbor two houses down is selling his house...
that is all.