Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My super mutant ability

I just got back from xmen 3. There were alot of twists I didn't expect. Some cheese that was obligatory. I would have prefered the introduction of more good guys. I spent half the movie trying figure what some lesbian chick did while eric thought she was a man, man.
I like seeing the human version of some of the characters. The mean machine was juggernaut and there was a j-ho twin.
Some questions I have is a) why do the bad guys always have to wear black, I want a pink bad guy b) why do bad guys always have spike and such that they throw, where is the hairball coughing bad guy that throws dust bunnies on people c) is colussus a 13th grader? Seriously he's the only adult that isn't a teacher and if he's a student then he has failed alot of grades.
I decided I know what mutant gene I want. The mutant skill of digesting lactic acid. My mutant name would be Lactard.


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