Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free to a good home

Two dogs who won't stop barking. Boo has left for a vacation and they are lost wanting to know where he is. This week is my staycation, or as close I get. I talked with MIL last night about vacation time, Boo's sister's impending marriage and what do I get this morning? An email about another family vacation they want to take in 2012. Right after she made is clear that sis will probably get married in 2012 and then i made it clear that will be my vacation for 2012. Perhaps she's being nice, trying to include Boo and I in everything but its just making me look like the ungrateful bitch. I cannot do these trips and having to say no over and over just makes me look bad. We have to hide any vacation time we take for ourselves cause its a day less we can take with them. In all of this my mother really wants to take a trip to Israel together and frankly I'd like to at some point pre children. Barking again.. off to strangle the hounds.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plant Tags

Looking for a good time? Well I know how to party.. Its a Thursday night is at bowling. He leaves for Rome tomorrow for his soccer Europe tour. He will be seeing his favorite team Roma. So while it rains and I gorge myself on chinese food I decided to have some silly fun. I stopped by Office Depot and bought Sharpies to go with my plant tags I bought at Home Depot today. They'll fade and wash away over the summer but it was a nice way to spend time in front of the fireplace. I also got slap happy. Who wants to draw 3 kinds of tomatoes or peas. So for Beefsteak I drew a cow, Sugar Daddy Peas a $ sign. It was fun to do drawrings, Simon sat by and enjoyed himself too :) Seedlings all appear to be doing well. While the natural pots are all good for the environment they are getting a bit mushy and moldy on the outside. Not sure my stand on doing them again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi remember me?

I seem to be falling off the blogging world. I have finished knit objects that I don't share cause my fellow knitters can see it on Ravelry. I have random thoughts, they go on twitter. Oh well, its a hobby this blogging. Never had many readers or a following so it doesn't matter much.
I've started my major plans for spring gardening. That includes 4 chickens, and a lot of planting/creating garden beds. I did a recon mission yesterday at lowes and am rethinking alot of my beds i planned to make. My big bed that was to house potatoes, rhubarb and sunchokes may go back to being the potato bags. The rubarb may just go tossed in my major flower plans. I plan to take a foot for grass out from my back of my yard and fill it with flowers. I currently have a few flowers back there, some shrubs and blueberry bushes. I've started a bunch of flowers inside and will also plant seeds outside. I also am startin a bunch of lavender to transplant there. I figure a rhubarb or two will add some interest. It may look like a big shmorgaborg of crap but if its all pretty wildflowers i bet it won't matter. It will also make lawn mowing way easier. Who knows, the chickens may decimate it all pretty darn quickly. I've been taking pics of my seedling growth but I've missplaces the battery charger so that may be a problem pretty soon.
Off to a day of food, friends and yarn.