Wednesday, December 31, 2008

String 2008 - 13 objects..

Most resolutions were not met cause ya know, i didn't plan on a wedding in there.... yarn work though did flourish...

1. Simon the male model, 2. Photo 4, 3. IMG_2170, 4. Bride Shawl, 5. Button Tab Hat/ Bridesmaid gift, 6. amirugumi sheep, my first crochet project, 7. New hat, 8. I'm hunting rabbits, city rabbits with the wrong sort of gun, 9. P1270913, 10. "Cashmere scarf pattern" out of VT Yarn, 11. 100_0898, 12. hedera2, 13. Crochet Hat for Charity14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bitchin' about bitchin'

Since I can't say this without starting a family feud let me say some stuff here.
A) wedding thank you's are allowed up to a year.. Its been 2 months thus far and I got off all the parental friends thank you's as they were bitchin and concerned....
b) I send out 4 package with gifts from honeymoon and thank yous, one gift gets lost and receivee knows this. He doesn't know it has a thank you in it. Made sense to me to send thank you with gifts but thats just me.. Do you think another receivee that first receivee bitches to about this could say, "oh yeah, it had a thank you in mine you probably had it too.. So no they aren't being rude and not, not thanking you. In fact they were even nicer that they thought of you on the honeymoon and got you a gift."
c) 2nd, silent receivee who was bitched to has turn gift of some flavored oil from a "crappy gift" to a nice gift with so much time and effort put into it...
d) guess i have to write another thank you ....perhaps i can get the husband to do it..
we are so jewish...even those of us who have given it up haven given it up for computers and science, the bitchin and moaning and guilt factor still remains just fine..

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Trip to Vermont the 6th edition or there abouts...

Comes sans pictures from this trip, supplemental pics from previous trips... there is so much to share so excuse the choppiness of the writing.
Second leg of flight the man next to me who was stinky and very friendly ordered a water. US Airways doesn't give drinks. He chugs it down and then proceeds to do chew for two hours and spit in his bottle. Ew gross.
We get off plane and I swear it took me 3 bathrooms to find one before our 1.5 hour drive to the Boy's aunt's home. Luckily she picked us up because it was supposed to be bad weather the next day and we didn't think we'd be able to get a rental at our late hour of arrival. She also informed us that the living room was being redone and we'd all be in a small room by the fireplace (my favorite location). We had lots of dogs and cats and people all in a small area but it was cozy and nice.
Chrismas Eve we woke up at decent hour even though we went to bed at 3 am. We were informed on the ride back from the airport that Buttercup had been turned to hamburger as she tried for a third time to kill her calf. She succeeded the second time. So they had a two month old calf that needed to be bottlefed, Tanzy. She apparently was a friendly thing about the size of a great pyrenees and runs around loose during barn chores with the dogs.. seriously cows can haul ass. Anyway she was being bottle fed so that because my happy job for the rest of the trip, seriously, i could handle it and she was love dovey. Whats a 75 lb calf anyway :P The calf shown here is her full brother and she was half his size with curlier hair.
I went back to the home to find out the teenager likes me this time and so we had a really nice trip this time. Very talkative and friendly.
Christmas morning we drank coffee putting off chores. The uncle goes to do chores and yells, there are cow prints in the driveway! We get suited up and go out to find that Daisy the pregnant cow had escaped her barn area that was too keep her safe during the end of her pregnancy and she broke into the regular cow field, hence letting out all the other cows. She had the gate door stuck on her and she fell over in the field so they had to help heave a 1000 lb cow up in two feet of snow while avoiding her very large horns. She got pulled up and back in the barn and all other cows were rounded up.
We went to the other aunt's home for dinner and one adult stayed back to keep an eye on Daisy. We had a really nice dinner just the 6 of us and some dog playing fun. Did I mention one family has 4 border collies and one family has one border collie, 3 of the 5 are 6 month old siblings. We came home, chatted. Daisy seemed to be okay although the vet would come out the day after xmas to see if her leg was broken. The uncle went off to do night feeding of the calf and we got a ring not long after. Daisy was having the calf! The aunt didn't think it would be a live birth but i tried to not let it get me down cause she can have that negative side. We all ran out to the barn at 10:45/11 pm and watched her struggling with her injury. About a half hour in we started to see hooves... It took her longer than usual but eventually we saw legs and nose... I also saw the aunt helping stretch out the openning... ew, ew, ew...The baby was pulled out and turned out to be alive and a boy. He was born at 11:30 on Xmas and was named Ferdinand... I know, it should have so been something more xmasy. We hung around for a while longer and watched him get cleaned and start walking. It was sorta like a zombie movie, cool, but gross as hell. Massive fluids, gels, etc and oh the stretching.... My toes were freezing so i went and hung out with Tanzy a little and she warmed me up. Definately put me at an advantage when we returned home and my toes were the only ones with feeling.
The day after xmas we did chinese hot pot, a favorite dish of mine. I went to see Ferdinand a few times but he was always asleep. Daisy had a broken hip, she may be okay, if not, well, it a farm... you know how these things work... Eventually I caught him awake, fun little buckaroo. I did knitting with one aunt while a cousin sewed her cool clothing prints she's been doing. Eventually it was the day for us to leave. We woke up to two extra dogs, they had been found straying on the road. The other four dogs and a cat all came running into our room and got locked in there with us by accident. The stray's owners were already called and the dogs were safely kept in the kitchen away from the hoards of other animals.
We eventually went to the airport and found out we had some delays. We also got stuck on the runway and were certain we'd miss our connection. When we landed in philly we ran to our next leg of the trip which also included a shuttle drive. We found out that it was delayed and let me just say i sighed from relief and I couldn't breathe from running. We even had time for my silver lining, philly soft pretzels. They were fantastic! Better than usual, i swear..
So that was my trip, it was good, and not boring in the least. I read more of the sookie stackhouse mysteries and finished Boo's first Thuja sock. His cousin loves the gloves he made her. I do have pics of those but its on the camera and i can't find the cord. The problem with traveling is we "clean" up before... so added to my list of things missing which includes things i can't for the life of me figure how i lost them.
Now folks, we gotta talk, i am not pregnant, don't plan to be....the cow gave birth, not me... i plan to adopt and not for a long ass time. I did get better once i got to VT which was nice... perhaps it was Missouri allergies...Zombie goo, its the cow... not me....if I do get pregnant please, send zombies to eat my brains.....

Blog Post to Come Later

but here is your tease...
"giving birth is sorta like a zombie movie, its cool but its gross as hell"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pretty mama, gonna make everything all right

This was the couch

This was the Dad

Middle School was the Time..
I was home early and sick on the couch. This wasn't a couch we used that much but when you walk into the house, roll over and die, its right there...Dad came home early from work, sat at the end and there we slept for hours both sick with the flu. Its a happy memory I have of my dad, who i'm speaking of in past tense which i shouldn't cause he is still kicking...
Anywho, that day, its sucked but was good.. currently i feel sick like that... Oh yeah, i fly out at 6:30 tonight to vermont... that will be fun!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 good things

Can you name three good things from today? Give it a whirl.....i used to do it daily and it was 5 things... it gave me a more positive outlook on the little things.
My three things:
I found my headset for my phone, I have been missing it for months
I biked for a half an hour. We went to the dog park where we got very very muddy and I definately needed to shower but i decided to squeeze some sweat in first.
I took a half hour shower with a great hairwash and conditioning.
Bonus: I got into fresh pjs and fleece and am in pink from head to toe...
Whats your three for today?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cuz i know he doesn't read this...

I got Boo stuff that will pretty much lul him to sleep for hannukah. I got him the dark tower books 1-4 which ya know, reading, makes me sleepy. I got him mexican hot chocolate. Hot yummy drink, good for sleepiness, i got him socks... be it very cool/cheezy socks and I got him a fuzzy blanket of death... These blankets wipe your life force... they are soooo great....
I also made him a little something for his book. He asked me to make him a bookmark last year, and he loves snails. So i present my little knitted friend.....I'm off to nap...just writing about cozy socks with books, blankets and hot cocoa is making me sleepy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Every Hunter needs matching gloves...

Remember my oh so cool hat made from yarn that Boo gave me for my 29th... Well this goober needed matching gloves...


And I finished one gift for my mom... so not quite enough presentage but its still something and still cool. I also made it up myself and made it wool free as my mother things she is allergic to it but she just remembered 1973 wool which is way different than wool in 2008... or at least the wool options, there is still itchy ass yarn. Boo and I had hoped to finish our photobook for the wedding and gift those to the parents but I don't see that happening at all so I knitting I a go... I got my dad a marathon movie, knitting for mom but its still a bit weak on delivery... I need some extras for them...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

They say what happens at a holiday party stays at a holiday party.

But I didn't drink enough so I remember it all and it was crappy. Coworkers I like at work were catty and annoying. All discussions seemed to go to, what do you want to do now (i guess cause we are now married), where do you want to live, etc. were met with responses of "oh you don't want to do that" Yes, yes I do. What i should have said is, I'm happy where I am right now, and when I am ready for the next step I need to research my ideas, not just jump in and in this research I will decide what I want to do and the basic ideas I'm am throwing around are just ideas and I may discover are not what I want but I need to come to that discovery myself.
I'd like to go to the moon, just an idea but it might not work out once I look at the schooling and such. :P
The dad like figure in my life covered religion, kids, moving etc and more than once I was told, "thats stupid" Like wanting to have a Jewish community in my life. Wanting to raise my kids jewish and not blending it with a nice christmas mixer in my home. And do i think my kids will remain jewish, no and that thought isn't stupid, its realistic. Most folks I know have assimilated in the pop culture which is a christmas rearing culture. My kids who will not be the same race as most jews may follow when I do stuff but asian or not, there is a damn good chance they will give most of it up when they grow up and when they meet others to share their life with that probably are also not jewish. We aren't exactly the majority ya know.
And when coworkers want to know why i feel certain things can I use the fact that out of the 8 of my cousins who all obviously have some jewish in them, I am the only one who soley does jewish stuff. There is one other who does a mixer and the rest are straight up bunnies and fat men. And when my coworkers frowns on me caring about if there are other jewish my children's schools I at least had the balls to turn to them and say, "well, Mr X, once you are the only jew growing up in a school then you can talk to me about what I want for my kids" Until high school there wasn't another jew is sight and i don't think I ended up friends with any in high school either now that i had another like 5 to choose from out of 450 kids.
I said one mean thing and that sticks with me. I hate when that shit happens and I thought I was saying what the person had just said and I was agreeing.. apparently not. I'm sure it will fly from his head by Monday but i feel like crap and knowing me I will until i see everyone on monday and we are back to office folks. I always think i'm the same person, they aren't for sure, I guess then I probably am not either. If anything I'm quieter letting them share their opinions. Next year I'll just memorize some Cosby stand up and perform that all night so I don't put my foot in my mouth and don't let anyone else do the same. In the mean time, I just will do my regular thing, let it roll around in my head and not sleep cause thats what I do....

Friday, December 05, 2008

weekend break down

Well I have no quality statements so here is the weekend breakdown:
  • Lunch today: go to whole foods for my part of pot luck tomorrow
  • 3 pm, decorate work for holidays.. meaning i sit on my ass while they work.
  • Go home, wrap one stocking stuffer.
  • Assuming i'm awake after work, go to Chez Kara for some cat time and girl time.
  • Tomorrow get up and work Big Ass Indy from 10-1, go home, go to work party at 3:30 til who knows when, 4 house progressive dinner with Trolley ride between each place, First place starts with martinis, second bloody mary's. I'm set.
  • Sunday sleep in.
  • Sunday 3 pm, knitting
  • Leave knitting early, go pick up big ass product.
  • Hurry home, Flower girl comes over with mom that is bringing dinner. Help her with school project to make poster about her self.
Weekend over, back to work. Hopefully work will slow down. We usually do a proposal a month and in the last 3 weeks we've done like 8 as well as many big ass deadlines for big ass projects. Meanwhile I am knitting gifts as well as buying. I was supposed to have the wedding albums made by xmas and haven't started. We are making it digitally and getting it printed by shutterfly or the likes. So thats the world according to me. I finished a wrist warmer project as has Boo. Haven't photographed them yet but they are toasty toasty warm.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Crafty Mother Fucker

Last week was the rock and roll craft show. I didn't do as well as I hoped. Last night i made a makeshift display as I decided that had something to do with it. Next weekend is the Big Ass Indie Art and Craft Show. I'll be there Saturday morning to early afternoon. Come get your craft on...