Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plant Tags

Looking for a good time? Well I know how to party.. Its a Thursday night is at bowling. He leaves for Rome tomorrow for his soccer Europe tour. He will be seeing his favorite team Roma. So while it rains and I gorge myself on chinese food I decided to have some silly fun. I stopped by Office Depot and bought Sharpies to go with my plant tags I bought at Home Depot today. They'll fade and wash away over the summer but it was a nice way to spend time in front of the fireplace. I also got slap happy. Who wants to draw 3 kinds of tomatoes or peas. So for Beefsteak I drew a cow, Sugar Daddy Peas a $ sign. It was fun to do drawrings, Simon sat by and enjoyed himself too :) Seedlings all appear to be doing well. While the natural pots are all good for the environment they are getting a bit mushy and moldy on the outside. Not sure my stand on doing them again.


Blogger angela said...

very cute! i think my favorite is the dwarf snow pea. :)

9:34 PM  

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