Monday, June 26, 2006


Every once in a while I dream in cameos. Either people I’d like to not dream about show up and suddenly I have deep feelings for them or just I have random fly bys. What it means who knows. Sometimes the dreams just make me mentally hop from one situation to another and spring ideas in my head.
Yesterday Mom and I talked about high holidays. It of course implanted itself in my head and so here I am, wonder what happened to Danny.
Dan and Ryan. Those were my Hebrew school chums. Ryan became too cool at some point and we grew apart. Our friendship that we did have I really enjoyed even though I of course had to fight off the ever wonderful hormones that cause crushes. I usually keptit in check except once or twice. And that just ended up being horribly embarrassing. “Heather told me to ask you to the dance, why would I want to do that, why would she even suggest it”
Well I was finished with hebrew school when I was 15 and so my regular interaction with those folks ended. I wasn’t smart back then, none of use were… we were in high school for christ’s sake. So I lost touch with them. I later lost touch with my equivalent Longstreth boys… Again, intelligence wasn’t a strong suit. I probably should have appreciated them more too and hung out with them more but hey, its life right?Anyway Ryan of course changed to something I didn’t fit in well with. Danny, I just didn’t notice. The quiet ones that you can just let slip by. Sure we always waved and were friendly but that was as far as it went. I’m still obviously stuck in 3rd grade because I can’t stop calling him Danny and he’s not been that for a long time.
I wonder what happened to him. He and I shared a past with our moms. They knew each other when they were our age. My mom was friends with her older sister.
Danny was smart, so was Ryan for that matter and both really helped me in Math. Hell my freshman year was helped by everyone in math. Geometry was not my friend. Who’d think I was born to a man who would like to do my geometry for fun.
Avi helped me too, he was with us in class also but was sort of annoying with all his damn smartness… found out what he’s been up to through friendster hopping. Makes me happy to see how happy he looks. His dog didn’t help my previous fear of dogs, little penis revealing pug.
I wonder what happened to Danny. I heard once that he just ended up being boring but hey aren’t we all. He in certain ways disappeared. Did he go elsewhere to reveal who he wanted to be? After all not everyone can break through who they were. I know I couldn’t get through my anger issues in PA. Did he find a nice person someday? Did he find his loud voice.? I hope he’s happy. Danny, when you cross my mind a happy smile passes my lips. You were a sweet guy through my youth. Thanks.


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