Friday, March 30, 2007

Questions of life

How many weight watcher points do you get back if you get ill after a G.D. bowl of cereal? I'm pretty sure I'm done with milk at this point in my or lactose free is going to be my new thing.
How long will it be for the burnt roof of my mouth to heal so i can eat comfortably?
How long between letter to neighbor to shed refinishing.... right away..woohoo!
How does a bird take to remake a nest that I knock down each night? 8 hours.
Does my cat like to be locked in the bathroom with me? Yes, as long as she's given love.
Who is a rockstar with her Pesach celebration? I am...because of me we will have three visitors for hebrewschool friend and her parents on different nights. I'm very excited.. we used to do all services together and such when we were younger. Plus my cousin Ali will be in on Monday.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

When I was just a little girl

I asked my mother what would I be...
Okay maybe not, I probably told her with two snaps up. Funny how When I was 16-22 I really saw me as a get married settle down girl and yet here at 28 I can't imagine it...its will it be different than now. Is it cause really although I've not had a wedding I really am all settled down. I hear about highschool folks married and with kids and it blows me away. I'm just waiting for Brown to tell me he's gonna be a dad...Crazy man...crazy...
I think I missed the "right time" and life has happened and so going back to that previous time seems odd. I'm past wanting a real wedding and the whole 9 yards. I feel like I've been hitched for a few years.... at this point, a quick ceremony during thanksgiving or labor day (late summer/fall) is all I want... both sets of parents and the vermont folks there... It would be great to spend a few weeks in their extra house with our dogs and working the farm and just enjoying some nice weather.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Planting Season is Upon Us

And I really need to nicely write a note to the neighbor to fix the shed against my property. I also need to stake my stuff out better this year... I have a few little fencey things from walmart that I used to fend off the dogs. I need to probably use more and mark whats what so its not a surprise of...I think..thats....peppers...and to keep the dogs out...
I don't need anything this pretty but isn't it pretty none the less.
Eric's grandma sent me China New year money so I promised to put it towards fun house stuff... that includes plants, dirt, and taller metal thingers for my peas and beans. I want to feed the world in peas and beans this year.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its an exciting life...

I think the Kohls shoe has won. Initially it was my winner but then I tried to expand my horizons a little.... guess initial instinct should be trusted....although freshman history taught me, I suck at multiple guess... I don't trust my instinct.

you vote....

We may have a winner or b or c or d... i'm thinking d but i'm not sure

Feel like plastic, its fantastic.

So I'm a simple girl. I want some cute black dress shoes. My dress shoes all old enough to be in kindergarten. I searched the grown up stores of Zappos and the likes and yet I'm a simple girl.. I find stuff at Le Target that I prefer more over the others.. I'm not sold yet.. I'm still searching and bookmarking. Its a hard line to find black dress shoes... they vary from dowdy to whore and I prefer neither. Then if you find one the shape you want it ends up having bling, bows or prom all over it. I have an idea in my head which makes it harder to find and I don't want f*ck me pumps cause I won't be so sexy laying in a heap on the ground after falling to my death, shoes flying off and stabbing me in the eye.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

The knitty:
I finished knitting Duane's ultra cool camera holder. I need to sew a lining and call it a day.

I finished a sock for my mudder. They are going to be a mother's day gift. Gotta do the other still.
The home:
Worked on the garden, oh yes, I was good enough to dump peat moss. Need two more bags and then its flower time.. I also worked on peeling the paint of my steps with my heat gun. Gonna be a long process but it has to be done.

The hair:

Dyed my hair last night and Saturday... one color, one highlights... I'm liking it.

The Boo:

Went home Sunday morning. The dogs are very confused and are barking up a storm. I'm ready to kill.. okay I love them dearly but they are wearing my nerves a bit. Riley was so hyper that he knocked his water bowl over and we had to wash his bed yesterday.

I had bought Boo Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for his gameboy to play on his flight home. Its simple for him, of course as he is a Final Fantasy pro or as I like to call it.. a dork... Anyway he beat it and suggested I tried it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I played a role playing game and last night beat it...I feel the acne rising on my face and suddenly i can't talk to boys. I also have a deep urge to go home to my parents are take up root in their basement.

Before he left we did a Target run. You know how that goes.. $100 bucks later we go home.. I bought myself one of those travel neck pillows and have been loving it, plus its magenta which of course makes it work better. I also made Boo choke as I ran into the kitchen holding it by my nether regions crying "I'm Labia Girl, Up up and away." He choked from the surprise.... all in all, a very good visit.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shhh Riley!

I swear my dog has gone ape shit. He's a barker by nature but the last two days he's been insane... I call it, the weekend hell that I call the Openning of the Windows... Now that Boo has left the boys are also barking at ever little thing thinking the second coming of Boo will occur... Its driving me nuts...
Today is knitting at starbucks. I just used up my gift cards on last weekend where I got so ill it lasted through the week...maybe its a sign I should touch the dairy goodness...

Saturday, March 24, 2007


So I'm doing betterish... I don't know if it was voodoo hoodoo that helped or the organic inflammation healing meds but I'm surviving. I'll go on Monday and be adjusted but then that's it... I liked my other dr she just wasn't open on Friday.
I do need to get some orthodics but I'm not going to use this guy. I love my chucks but I do know they provide no support.
Off to enjoy my last night with Boo... reading, knitting and video games.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Calling it crap

Went to the chiro... 5 xrays later and too much talking he popped my neck but I still feel achy.. hot heat he says so the icing last night, not good.
First he talks of my posture and need for orthodics. True and I think I will get them but that's not why I was there. Then my allergies.. He uses some ancient looking electro ray thing called a Vega test with little viles of stuff and has me hold a metal pole... Oh yeah... so he says, I'm allergic to wheat and that's what sets off my allergies and lactose crap. Possibly even my depression... I should consider no wheat for two months.. Okay right.... Can we talk about this... bare being the way I am or ask my loved one to give up wheat in our eatting.... By loved one i mean Boo, not roomie..then lets talk passover... try no wheat on passover is like being vegan at a meat fest.
So i leave and it was only 20 bucks copay...that I can deal with..when i get a bill later from insurance then we'll talk... I also am suposed to go back on monday and then any other time...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

if you read this enough

you'd notice I seem to pull/pinch nerves or muscles. I'm not sure what I should do about it. See a general dr to which I have non and need to find one... go to the chiropractor when something like this happens.
Whats you opinion...strangers want to know....


So what was as sore neck two days ago has escalated to a sore shoulder too.. don't know what the heck I did but take a few aleve and I'm sure I"ll be fine.. that is if I my stomach doesn't revolt against the aleve.. My body is just funked up right now.
Went to dinner and see a house of friends. Love it. Felt so grown up. I don't feel that way about my own place but I'm also crammed into a smaller pit and well I like some not so mature stuff....When I have more rooms and space I can have a family room and a nice front room. For now its living room, scraproom, dining room combo.. and by dining room I mean we eat on the couch.
I did some yardwork during lunch and last night. I'm so in the zone for yard home improvements but its a waiting game with the weather. I should have done some indoor painting of trim this year but things like knitting and not knowing how to keep cats off of stuff kept me sidetracked.
Oh well, off to work and find that aleve.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The space where you can keep rejecting friends who don't get that you want some space...eternal space...
Same with Friendster.....

I gots nothing

Boo's home, been stuffing myself like a pig since STL has such yummy food compared to Savannah. Been knitting, gaming, relaxing, playing with animals, watching movies, etc. Its so nice I may walk home today of course by tomorrow it could snow, it is stl ya know!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a tasty cake...

Now I love me some Tasty Kakes… How many lunches were a chocolate chip snak bar… and mom who buys no snacks or treats would sometimes get Kandy Kakes which we all know is the best and rivels a cake version of Tagalongs but a case of these things… now that’s a bit much. That’s a habit that needs a twelve step program.
In college I'd have mom get me them and I'd hide them or else my dad and brother would down them.
I haven't had mom get me these to take back to STL in like 4 years but its time. I must share with the roomie, the joy that is a kandy kake...
I remember in elementary school Erin McMahon was a tastykake deliver person, she had the song and everything in her tastykake truck. Pure brilliance Erin's mom. It was a great costume.
Hostess ain't got jack on some Philly tastykakes... and this my friends possibly is my definition of perfection
because Turkey Hill rocks my world...

Three time ten is (30 - Keep going), three times nine is (27),

Because I'm not tired or snotty enough, Boo is coming home and i need to clean like a motherfarker tonight. He's allergic to Senior Ziggy so the most crap I can get up the better...I'm exhausted from this week's hijinks and switching around offices at work... and I still can't kick my disease....
The ipod will be rocking me out as i clean like a crazy girl and then partake in Taco night when the roomie returns from work... Am I excited to clean.. um no... but let me show you last week's cleaning organizing feat... roll over for tons of notes....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We'll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne

So last night I went to see Scissors Sisters. I kept myself hopped up on water to not further my sickness or cause faintyness..Besides the hour and a half of the dj the Scissor Sisters were awesome and hey I learned that is apparently a sex move...Seems complicated, probably requiring coordination and noisy from bumping around.

I don't know many of their songs but I enjoyed the show alot. The guitarist, all cute with his little gay self had a one piece tight jump suit the beegees would be jealous of...

By the end we were up and dancing. I don't dance well but hey even if I was as stiff as a

And looked like

I enjoyed myself immensely and the old person in me was happy to not be out toooo late.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The funny thing about spring

It usually shows up around passover... passover is a month away but the weather is gorgeous out so I'm singing to myself, "its beginning to feel a lot like Pesach" Damn commercialized Christmas invaded my Jewish flatbread time.

always feeling the jewish guilt

Actually I think it tends to be a sign of when I need to up my meds... like a first clue and this time I think I'll listen. I've found myself thinking of past friendships with complete guilt as if I'm the only one who has been the whole reason of falling outs or fading over time. I was even reflecting over my past job while in college.. its I guess I'll call up the shrink... apparently I have about a 6 month tolerance to prozac and then need upping... hence i was on it a few years, upped about ever 6 months until I reached max and then tried different meds until I could start the Zac again. This time though I have to say the rest of my sanity is fine and I firmly believe that the thing we called sleep/Lunesta has helped tremendously.
Plus the weather is getting nice and just like last year, i miss having my easily accessed, dog loving outdoor partner.

Friday, March 09, 2007

ahem, ahem...

no i don't have an announcment. Thats me clearing my throat for the 50th time in an hour... I'm home sick... so sick that after my shower I got in a new pair of pjs and didn't bother with a bra... I sleep in mine so let me tell you letting loose, not my so many ways.
Did you know Matlock is still on during the day... its been like that since at least high school...which is about ten years since graduation.
feed me people...I need nourishment with no dairy.... bring me a venti non fat chai latte... no? Well I have some instant stuff in the kitchen...although it has dairy it makes my throat and chest feel way better.
Anyone know magic. I have plans tonight that I want to go to...the food sounds awesome and I want a froofy drink....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is it a bit self centered?

A big trend in the scrapbook work is stuff about ourselves. Too express ourselves or to share with our kids in the future who we are or who they can't see we are so we make it clear to them.
Some of it though I think is us just wanting to make ourselves look good. Messing with taking pics to show how good we can look, accenting it and then getting to show it off to everyone else. Some of it stems from something I haven't yet experienced. Being a mom and wife and not feeling special or appreciated so we appreciate and make ourselves feel special with these pages/books. Its sort of look, world, myself, my children, I am someone. I am special. I am more than just a mom. Well of course. We are all more than one thing.. I started doing some of these layouts and felt too egocentric. Perhaps its luck or my own stupidity.. who knows. Too independent for my own good. Well, I'm 28, own my home and Boo is off at school. Thats just where I am right now.
Give me 10 years and I might be crying over the 15th load of laundry and fighting kids and I may need that therapy. I also might need that therapy to point out how much i love my kid because there are also the layouts declaring our kids' wonder and perfection in their imperfections.
See and you thought scrapbook was just recording events. Its freaking therapy man, communication and manipulating ourselves to seem better than we are. Which is fine cause ya know, our kids will think we suck which is another extreme we'd have to battle. We are not the worst mom ever... They say we suck, we say we are perfect and it will all even out in the middle in the end..right?

Crafty Update

So I haven't been feeling the sharing but I've got a bunch going on.
In the knit world I made one sock and have cast on and started knitting the second.

I'm done my first skein of my cable scarf. I've been putting it off cause I think I should make the hat that goes with it before I continue the scarf so I know i have enough yarn.

I'm almost done my first skein of my feather and fan scarf.

I have another fan and feather scarf waiting to be put on the needles as well as 2-3 pairs of socks I want to make my mom from an assortment of cottons I've collected, mispurchased etc. I also have some yarn waiting to be knit from VT and my snake scarf has made little to no progress...I also need to start a little bag, camera case for duane... that will probably be a one sitting project so no biggy there.

I've been scrappy too... see my tortured pooches...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just like Pabst....

We got a blue ribbon! Okay so we got first place in a contest of one but the point is we qualified. We did the course right. I gave one command that is a reinforcement command that confused him because he was on the right track. Simon spun around and did his jump so that was fine. He did his weaves in both events but didn't do well at the first event because of his

So he got a 95/100 score and did 49.55 seconds on a 68 second novice course.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Freaking wimp....

Well I'm a big old loser... I just got back from the concert that wasn't. I was going to see the apples in stereo at the duck room. I was very excited. I was enjoying Casper and Cookies and the insane bassist....who was wearing fake eyelashes and was pretty much reaching orgasm on stage. I then was about to pass out from cigarette smoke / heat. I went from fine to crap in 2.5 seconds. I was trying really hard to get over it.. I really wasn't getting over it.. so we left. I took the mature not idiotic route but I'm pretty pissed about it. Sure it was just a ten buck ticket but I've wanted to see them for a few years and finally was getting to plus I got to go the duck room which I shall never go to again since its gets too hot for my wimpy ass. I wasn't sure if i was going to puke or pass out and I removed my clothes and ran for air faster than Britney runs to a from rehab. This the second time this has happened. The other was 3 years ago at the House of Rock seeing Joe Dirt. Kara was much more attentive to making sure I didn't die than the guy I was with at HOR. I can't recall if alcohol was involved last time. This time i had a martini with dinner. Who knows if its related. Did i mention my pissedness... guess I'll get a full nights sleep before tomorrow's agility trial... blerg!