Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Test of Time for Women

From year to year music gets remade and forgotten all in the same step. Certain singers and songs make their way into our hearts through talent and some through catchiness. Kara has been working with the top 500 songs of the century I think on her computer. That isn't to say the 500 most popular. Lots of people were the first for their movements and so there are Beatles our the wazoo and others of that era. People such as Christina Agulara will go the way of others such as Lisa Lobe, SWV, Debbie Gibson, Pat Benitar. Anotherwords most kids in 10 years will be dying Christina who? Or did you see that funny short guy on American Idol. I think his name was the Duke..... Yet through the ever changing music tastes certain people are either remembered or usher us into reeducating ourselves to previous genres. First half of the century, name chic singer. Ella Fitzgerald, middle century, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross. Now I challenge you. Go 50-100 years in the future. Name a talented female singer for the end of this century. Mc Lyte- no, Britney, no. Madonna? No Madonna is our Josephine Baker. Who will make others want to learn more singers of this day? Note singers, people of talent. Stripped of their marketing and make up and still being skilled. Janet Jackson? Would we know her if she wasn't a Jackson? Well thanks to her breast we might. Kim who? Foxy Brown? Faith Evans? What was her husband's name again? Gwen Stefani? Probably the way of Blonde.
My vote is Mary J. Blige. Whitney has just gone down too bad of a road while Mary J has crossed over a few decades.
You listen to Mary J in 100 years and wanted to find other singers to go with her... What would you choose. Lauren Hill/fugaes maybe? Mariah is a nutter and annoying. Beyonce and Crew I still put in the fad category. Its just a long fad. Celine Dion would be found, Gloria Estefan, maybe tori amos although she never became mainstream enough but who knows what the future would want. Erica Baduh? TLC? People such as Monica, Aaliyah and Brandi are vague memories.
I suppose I'm looking for your top singers of this odd era, The 85-00s route. The prime of my life, right? Who would make you want to check out this time period 100 years from now. All artists come and go, who will be the ones that they'll want to play on their antique cd player.


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