Friday, June 23, 2006

Here’s a shovel, can you dig it?

Slept through the night hard, Lunesta free too. I dreamt I was in Japan with Eric and we were uncover spies on some American folks there. I ended up having to play the girlfriend to the head guy. Let me tell you, it’s a strain on a relationship if you have to make out and such in front of your spy boyfriend….wait, they should make a movie about that…. Hmmm.
1. Unrelated thing – They might be giants….skipped past, too much of a slow downer, I like happy.
2. Whoomp! There it is- Tag Team...Tell me you can’t sing along. Even roomie knows the words and she be Festus white.
3. Edge of 17 – Stevie Nicks…. All I can picture is Ms. Cusack singing drunk…. Which is less irritating then her cell phone commercials. Quick name the movie…
4. Donkey Kong Country- Nintendo- Fear Factory
5. Bukowski- Modest Mouse…I swear when they say Bukowski it sounds like bill cosby.
6. What’s the Number – Apples in Stereo
7. The Rubberband Man – The spinners- can you explain this song to me.. I love it but…well….yeah…help me.
8. I want you to want me – Liquid soul. Its nothing like the song you are thinking of.
9. Everything – Lauren Hill.. where’s she go...
10. Santeria - Sublime...


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