Thursday, November 29, 2007

Remember that one Saturday morning I spent in Florissant..

no, neither do I but I got a traffic ticket for those cameras at intersections. Problem is, its not my car. I've been trying to get through to the Florissant Court today and gotten a machine all day that then hangs up on me and tells me to call later when court is not in session, but not when later is. I talked to the people and they confirmed, that is not my car but they cannot revoke the ticket. I hope someone picks up tomorrow. You are also supposed to be able to call there to schedule a court date if you want to fight your ticket but getting through is the challenge...I'd love to say I was asleep with my car in my driveway when it happened but I was in St. Chaz running agility with my hounds.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All Good

Nurse called, I am all good under my hood... I have my follow up next wednesday morning.. I have about an inch cut with stitches... in navy blue, so not my color ;P

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not sick

so Monday is the surgery and I cannot be sick because it cannot be rescheduled. My mother is coming in for it. Wednesday I had a bit too much coffee and did my impression of Gonads and Strife...alot...since then my throat has gone down hill fast. Its allergies right, thats what my general MD says. I've been doing zicam and airborne as well as drinking like a fish... Doesn't seem to be clearing up. I feel fine but I seem to choke on my uvula every few hours which is less than pleasant. I've been trying to finish chores that I may not get to next week. (Like carrying laundry up and down stairs) and just general cleaning for mom and for my own satisfaction. If I'm home and loopy you might find me trying to clean. When I got my wisdom teeth out I couldn't sleep nor could I watch tv so my mom taught me to crochet. This time I guess I have knitting I can do... Although I hope to not be royally spacey...Who knows...
I'm even feeling better about the needle thing. I was better at one point in my past and then i had dental work done kind of got scared again.. Shouldn't have but I did... anyway right now I'm sort of feeling like facing my fear...Weird isn't it.... I think its also because I feel like I should have a blood panel done for routine checking up. I haven't done it in a few years...Lord knows why... I don't think I knew i was supposed to do it every year... Mom's been at the dr so much I never pay attention to whats routine and whats not.
BTW did you see Fosters School for Imaginary Friend at the Macy's parade.. Cheese sang and say "i love chocolate milk"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dear Horror Film People

I'm going to need you to stop making scary looking dvd covers with eyeball less kids for films that don't have any ghostly zombielike folks. You don't get to make a cover like that for a movie unless its like The Ring. When the movie doesn't have ghouls and such I don't get aim is the scariness so hop to it. Make your covers with kids and teddy bears if thats what the movie is going to cover.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I treat you like milk, do nothing but spoil ya.

So here in the Crafty Household we are getting our rap on. The roomie is downstairs getting her sewing craft on so there is no noise pollution for her. I'm dying yarn with a new base that I'm not digging, knitting and Mildew the Jewish African American Cat is actually chilling right next to hip hop central. Kinda of odd. We barely see her but if I'm alone she hangs out on the couch, even with the Crap Rap playing next to her. She particularly liked the 69 Boyz. Thats her to the left, she'd doing the roger rabbit.
Me, Miss Crap has been a busy little bee. Made hat thats to small for me, been working on a scarf, working on holiday gifts. Work has been keeping me more busy that a ho having a half price sale. Due to upcoming surgery and scheduling issues I have changed my Turkey Day plans. Boo's family will be in VT over Jesus Day so I will be going out there then.
So you ask, "well Miss Crap, what will you do on turkey day?" My Jesus Day ritual. Horror movies. I had a few offers for places to take me in but honestly I'm exhausted and some time alone with the herd would be nice. You could almost say I'd be grateful for it..
badum ching, Phoebe Banana Hammock out.. peace and humptiness forever...

Monday, November 19, 2007


So people talk about how Heroes isn't as good as last year.... and we wonder why. For me, I thinks that I can't tell who is good and who is bad and death means nothing. Each time you think a character is gone they reappear somehow.. now we have about 4 to5 people who can regenerate and thus live forever or a long long time as explained this evening so I can't be too worried about them going anywhere. I also think its hella hokey that Claire is now dating a guy who flies as does her paternal father. We haven't had any two people with the same skills who weren't related. I do wonder if Claire was born with her skills or if Adam had a hand in it..afterall healing a baby who had been a fire would be hard to not to do if you knew you could do it.
Geek out.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Its weird isn't it....

that I'd like to spend more money on a composter than I'd spend on buying compost. That and I live in the city, technically I can add compostable stuff to our yard waste containers...

I can't handle responsibility..

of my amazingly warm target blanket. The last few nights I've woken up and had to remove some articles of clothing cause I'm sweating my left nut off which is by itself quite a skill as i have no nuts to start with. I go to bed quite cold because my room drafts right through the walls but apparently at some point during the night my room becomes toasty warm thanks to my blanket and the 15 animals i have sleeping on me.
I feel like I've had 5 cups of coffee this morning...why, zombie, werewolf, vampires, ghosts... Nice to have a very complicated nightmare that continues through bathroom breaks and taking the dogs out. When you combine all those entities it gets complicated, zombies alone are stupid but when they are part vampire well then logic comes into it....unless its Bob from Day of the Dead when the zombies evolve to have problem solving skills... At some point it was all a TV show that I couldn't stop watching or change the channel even though it scared the beejesus out of me...

Friday, November 16, 2007


Gee you'd think after a 13-14 hour work day I'd be asleep but I popped my shoulder tonight by accident. Its happened before... so I woke up with pain that I also went to bed with and oh yeah, a sheltie in my crotch and me sweating bullets... I went to bed freezing, whats the deal? So I can't sleep, my arm hurts, I took some aleve so I'm hoping that kicks in. Very exciting aren't I? I go camping-ish, and don't blog about it but hurt arm and hot dog and I'm so there, blogging away....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bah, the internet

The internet sometimes can suck. Its right there, providing instant space to bitch and lose tempers. Send emails we later want to take back and posts that we regret putting out there for the world to see... But I'm not doing that.. I'm working.... its very exciting and will pay for holiday gifts....and by gifts I mean the gps unit for my parents. I've come up with a nickname for someone, FT...its stands for fucking twat... I've used it in front of my Wednesday knitting group. I'm so going to call someone else, not dumbledore's army...dumbass. Why eloquently curse when we can just break it down to crassness...I don't know if I'm pissed at DA's actions or just the way DA took action. I think it may be the latter. If it was the first one I'd probably call them SH (can ya figure it out?)...instead of inferring the lack of thinking things through, with others involved.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shrinky Dinks

I've been wanting to do some of this for a while... Its groovy and fun... this was a great post about making your own Shrinky Dinks
You can make magnets, thumb tac heads, stitch markers, keychain decor..whatever...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

15 calls, 94 curse words, and a road trip later

things have been figured out. I will be having surgery on Nov 26th. My mom is coming in town and will be in town actually 10 hours before I am back from vermont. That will require some logistics of travel. Anyone want to do a shuttle bus service during thankgiving? Ugh, can't even imagine with the construction. She gets in at 1:30 on a Sunday I get in at 11 pm. Oh and wednesday I leave at like7:45/8... I hear there are these things fancy rich people use called taxis... I also could learn metrolink i suppose....
Dr protocol is weird. Mom wants to me to call about preop stuff...shouldn't they just call me for that..

Friday, November 09, 2007

I feel like an incompetant fool

The dr called and tried to explain why she thinks its very important for me to have the operation. ..I think the xray showed one thing, the biopsy showed another, but what the biopsy showed is not what they saw on the xray or is in addition to it so they want to see if they can find what was on the xray...I don't get it.. She kept asking me if i got it but really, i didn't. I asked if she though she should ultrasound again and she said they put a clip in with the mamogram so they don't need to... I didn't think that made sense at all. I guess I had some dark mark (sounds so Harry Potter) on the ultrasound, they biopsied and found something that doesn't appear as a dark mark on ultrasounds so dark material is still there and they need to find to what it is I have a call into my uncle. So i have the schlerosing adenosis but there is something else there too and they need to see it to figure it out. Like the physical lump was a sign of something else going there...Just the way to start my party weekend :) I'm really f-ing pissed that I don't understand this and I don't want to blindly go into surgery. I don't really want surgery for that matter but seems like i don't have a choice. I think I do but to the dr, i don't.

Things taste better without guilt

Kara makes the best pumpkin bread. It tastes even better knowing instead of oil or butter it has applesauce... as a lactard that makes it even sweeter..Non dairy and healthy and delicious....I will be eatting it all weekend at our girls knit retreat.. and by girls I mean 5 women and two gay boy dogs...Simon is excited. He knows something is going on and it includes his bag of stuff so he gets to go too... and the leashes, oh the excitement over the leashes....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Getting Crafty with it....

I was feeling the need for change and I seem to want to post crafty stuff more and more so i changed my blog name...welcome...and crap.

So not blog worthy

I need to learn to use spellcheck... At work when i send my mail it does it automatically but when I mail out my gmail I get hit with a side of "doh!" cause I forgot to hit the spellcheck button.
I spellz louzy, cuz I'z lazy in mi tieping

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear Boys and Girl but mostly Boys

Dear Canine Companions,
It is time you learn about weird things us humans do. Sure you already know about that weird bowl we use when we must relieve ourselves and those sticks we use to stab our food but there is other stuff to be learned. This week it is daylight savings. We have changed our clocks an hour and you need to change your internal clocks. This waking me up an hour earlier thing is not cutting it and I am beginning to love you a little less....Sleep and Mom, they are very important, it keeps her from killing everyone.



Monday, November 05, 2007

10 happy things on a Monday

1. My new slippers

2. Bonfire outback
3. Roasting potatoes and hot dogs on it and then drinking half a beer with it from Schaefly.
4. Dog cuddling and ziggy sleeping on my bed... Ziggy never is on my bed
5. Almost done Boo's sock
6. Running an errand to Home Depot and getting everythin I needd.
7. Its Heroes, How I met your mother, and big bang theory night.
8. Plans for lunch date and dinner date this week with friends I don't see enouh.
9. My new laundry basket.. Its super cool.. I broke my handle straight off mine.
10. Did my laundry and put it away right away....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Photoshop girl

I am often asked for photoshop guidance at work and outside of it. The thing I use the most is levels.... and often times I think that is what others are asking to use to "fix" their pictures... They're photos are too dark. There are tons of things you can do but here is a great start
I don't use any "auto" options so here is what i found the most helpful from the above site.

1. Here is how I used Levels to make the bag look more attractive and saleable: I chose Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Levels. This opened the dialog box shown in Figure 2.9.
Figure 2.9: Levels graphically show the distribution of tonal values and provide a means to individually adjust shadows, midtones, or highlights.
2. Looking at the Levels histogram, I saw the problem. Most of the values were to the left, toward the shadow areas. I needed to spread the values across the spectrum and increase the contrast. To do this, I dragged the Input Levels white triangle (at the lower-right corner of the histogram) to the left, toward the edge of the tall black mound. As I did this, I saw the whites, or highlights, in my actual image lighten and the overall contrast increase. (Be sure you have selected the Preview check box in the Levels dialog box. With this option selected, any changes you make in the Levels dialog box will be shown in the actual image).
3. Next I adjusted the midtones by dragging the Input Levels gray triangle (found in the middle of the bottom edge of the histogram) to the right. This darkened and intensified the midtones. The numbers in the three boxes above the histogram represent numerically, in order, shadows, midtones, and highlight areas. As you move the triangle sliders, you’ll see these values change to reflect the new values. You can also enter numeric values into these boxes, but it’s a lot easier to manually slide the sliders.
4. At various points in the process, I found it useful to carefully examine the effects of my changes on detailed parts of the image. For example, when I adjusted the midtones, I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose any details in the gold embroidery. Even though the Levels dialog box was open, I could still use my navigation keyboard commands to magnify and scroll around the image. (This works only in Standard Edit, not in Quick Fix).
5. The shadow areas (again, represented in the left side of the histogram) looked fine, but I went ahead and moved the black triangle anyway. In Figure 2.10, you can see how I adjusted the Levels so that the shadow areas became too dark. At this point I could have slid the black triangle back to its original position, but I decided to start over completely and reset the image to its original state. To do this, I held down the Alt/Option key and clicked the Reset button in the Levels dialog box.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Boobie Ray

So I've been a good quite girl lately, without a worry in the world even though I had a breast lump, ultrasound and then a biopsy. I had a core biopsy and it came back negative. Woo...then the dr calls and says its Sclerosing adenosis and that i should get it removed... Seems retarded to me. I had the option of removal or core biospy.. I chose core... now since its negative and not really anything they want it all removed...had it been positive, they'd probably want it removed. So either way it seems like I should have had it removed in the first place, so why the option. Now I'm all bijigity and don't feel that I need to have it removed and its just an ass coverage move...
Ass coverage is not something I really want to do. Ya know, with all the invasion, time off and just whatever.....
Okay lookin it up more it seems like its not just could turn to something...Wish when I was passed out for this they could remove birthmarks at the same time.. pansy people, i am a pansy, well and only some places even mention is possibly becoming something. My arm may possibly fall off but its doubtful.
After talking with family and folks, I'm not getting it removed..besides the fact that I no longer feel any of it...if it grows then we will see but right now it appears they sucked most of not all of it out.