Thursday, June 28, 2007

Must dye yarn

I'm currently dying yarn... I must remember to put the money aside for new glasses...I am also watching Cider House Rules (john irving has a thing about the medical profession and lack of parents) and can't see the 11 feet in front of me...I think I just saw heavy d...actually i did..he's in it...

I also just blocked my swatch for the mystery stole KAL that Annie hooked me into... It doesn't look good if you ask me but I'll wait til it dries and see what it looks like...maybe smaller needles before I go searching for different yarn...

Dork out...

Must dye yarn

I'm currently dying yarn... I must remember to put the money aside for new glasses...I am also watching Cider House Rules and can't see the 11 feet in front of me...I think I just saw heavy d...actually i did..he's in it...
I also just blocked my swatch for the mystery stole KAL that Annie hooked me into... It doesn't look good if you ask me but I'll wait til it dries and see what it looks like...maybe smaller needles before I go searching for different yarn...
Dork out...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Once upon a time...

I was eh...not happy, not sad... I tended to be more negative (More than I still am) I'd start my sentences with you "you know what i hate." Now i consider myself happy but unfortunately I also get sad too. The inbetween isn't there anymore.
I needed to see more good out there and I started doing the oprah 5. Five good things that happened you in you day. No negative twist like, I didn't get hit by another car... That and I think reading bios and reflecting on other's lives made me see little things as great things. So I feel like expressing the good from yesterday.
1. I saw a younger black guy get up and open two doors for the elderly white woman at ihop. I swear those doors were lined with syrup but he didn't wait to see if that was it...
2. Emily came back to knitting. Its nice when new members return to knitting again. I look foward to the two groups i attend. Having that common trait makes the beginning talking easier but then we eventually talk super heros, cars, sports, and food... naturally :)
3. I tied up my tomatoes. They are hitting 4 feet tall..and by they I mean my one giant plant. My squash is hitting the top of my fence.
4. Riley was super cuddly this weekend. It was really nice.
5. I'm really getting a handle on one of my sock patterns I'm knitting. I was struggling and took a few days off and started another sock but now that i picked it back up suddenly i've broke through a wall.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I heart old navy

So in Shoes world there has been a lot of ups and downs lately due to life/love challenges. The one thing that I can say is I can see the light in little things... today's little thing is Old Navy... I actually can wear jeans in a small size and they look nice and the small size capris are too big... how often do you get to wear a size that you know is totally not your size.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

and this is why we don't like baby bunnies

So I've had some baby bunnies between my house and the house next door. I hate finding the baby bunnies. They're nothing but trouble and grow up to eat my garden and be scary with their big rabbit selves. Yes I'm a bit afraid of the cottontail. They seem bigger then I remember. I tend to picture rabbits to be the tinier like this eastern cotton tail and am wrong...Today as I water my garden I notice the rabbits are gone. Thank goodness. I worry about little bunny massacres. So I go on my merry way and see Simon pawing at a corner by my gate. Crap, the bunnies. I tell him to stop but he's excited. He loved the guinea pigs. I'm freaking out cause visiting Riley kills the toys and bunny are much like toys but with beadier eyes... So I go to the shed to get gloves to move the bunnies. I move one back to its home, and go for the second. Both are back and I go back to watering the garden. I suddenly hear massive screaming from a baby bunny. Shit, the dogs got out because for some reason I thought they'd be able to look and not touch the tempting little bunnies. My gate was shut but there is no lock. What kinda of idiot am I...I grab dogs and make sure mouths are empty.. Okay only the one cause the other is begging me to let them be his friend. "Can I keep them mom? Can I? Can I? I'll clean up their poop."

Riley "one point oh" is still in the yard going, hey mom, "i think the other dogs are up to something."

I herd two back to the yard and now have running bunnies towards me screaming to help them.. I pick the two up to put away and make sure i don't need to put one out of its misery. Suddenly the other dog (visiting Riley) runs towards the shed and I hear a racket.. Shit, there must be three baby bunnies...So I have two bunnies in one hand and am trying to get the dogs inside, not let out cats and not squeeze the bunnies to death. I finally get dogs in, put two bunnies away, grab ugly third bunny who is bigger and not as cute. I go to put him away and see 2nd baby bunny running in my yard. Adorable but not what i had in mind. I walk towards him and he stops and flattens out. Yeah I can't see you mr. baby bunny.

I need to still get them out of the yard because Riley 1.0 has to go potty. I'm convinced two are boys and ones a girl. First bunny is a boy, i saw his nads, third bunny is bigger, Second bunny stayed in her home after i put her back and continued with my watering while one and three were petrified against the wall trying to hide. As I walk back to the house I see girl bunny napping in her home. She has to be the girl. Boys are stupid.

So now I'm back inside and to the tune of "okay george" I have three dogs who wanna go out side and see the entertainment some more. "I wanna bunny ma, a bunny.... " "hey guys did you see the bunny, didja, didja?"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Get off my lawn

So at work I just want to yell at the new kids to get off my lawn and stop wasting my time. You ask them to do something and they spend half their time surfing myspace..

anyway...speaking of lawn here are some garden image and hounds that i took this morning.

Tomato plants and squash


Riley 1.0

Visiting Riley or Riley 2.0

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The reportable

the pro:
I made a dirty maritini this evening which was yummy thanks to Geek Dave teaching me how to make it
the con: I've been thirsty all night.
the pro:
I actually managed to be bandaid free from my cut today without ripping myself open again
the con:
I need to rip open my couch, a spring broke and we need to fix it, not sure if we can
the pro:
Work has been taking an upswing at responsibility
the con:
dude, I'm tirrred

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brain Fart

Been a long time since I look forward to the work week for some distraction and normalcy. My brain is so distracted that i just read phobias as pho- bias like tobias..

Ideal waking time

So on the weekends I usually have agility or am exhausted from agility. Ideally no matter what time I go to bed I am very happy if i wake in the 9 range....I can't remember the last time I actually did wake up in that range... today i did.. woo! These little things make me happy.

so this is what, the 3rd or 4th night i can't sleep this week.

Too many people are getting my mind all riled up and I'm getting ticked. A lot of its a boy and then alot is family. I'm sort of in a state of purgatory and not sure if I will pass and go to the white pearlys or to the hot flames. A bunch of stuff i should probably keep off here but that jury is still out on that one. I don't know if I'm the stupid PITA chick or if I'm reasonable and level headed with reasonable expectations and a great desire for everything to end up ok.
Anyway its about two weeks til my parents go on their vacation....guess that will be good. There should be lots of positive fun things to talk about then. I've got no summer vacation plans. I could visit Boo but he is uprooted right now not sure where he will be in months time. I still have no plane ticket to wedding that I'm pretty sure they don't like whiteys or just don't like me.
So Boo hasn't asked much about me in a bit cause he can't keep track or just doesn't know whats going on in my life so I"m gonna get it out here now... My garden is looking fab. I tied up my squash today and have flowers on my tomatoes, the beans are coming up but peas are failing. Alot of my flowers are on the cusp of budding. I've been trying to spring clean the house and start on some more repairs. Ironic how Boo is in VT doing manual labor while I've always done it here. I need to work on my lawn a bit more where I pulled out rocks. I really need new shed doors and my bedroom doors screws are coming out. Not sure how to fix that other than patching the hole and redrilling.
My sliced finger is really causing trouble so that makes it all alot more difficult. The yarn dying is going well although I'm petsitting this week so no yarn work probably. I am knitting just no dying. I also want to /need to find a few yarns to dye and am not sure what i want or what is good. The Merino/nylon yarn is great and I've been knitting with it but selling it just sits. I'd love to find a merino tencel but nothing reasonable is out there. I started a pair of socks where the yarn make me think of malabrigo coloring but instead its dyed by me :) We are having troubles with the pet sitting and I need to stop offering because its not going well. My riley and simon have been extra cuddley with the other Riley visiting and getting bossy. They are looking to me for safety. I bought a kids pool today and me and simon soaked and he played with the others and then would crash into the pool. My Riley has been so good lately that I really send out kudos the powers that be that he's gotten some messages through to his little noggin. I'm not sure about agility this summer because i don't know whats going on schedule wise plus there are shows that I don't know if they will push class off a week or go on at teh same time which means a waste of class pay.
Work has been crazy and there is alot of drama going on. I'm doing really well at keeping a good face on but it doesn't mean i'm not confused by the multiple directions and possible work I should be doing as long as someone follows through with it after i've done the hard part. If no one follows through then its all for naught and that stinks.
Monday I think I'm supposed to get together with old friend but she hasn't confirmed yet... for monday.. Good old shoes... just sitting around waiting to hear what people want to do. What does Shoes want... to knit, to read, to garden to play with the animals. Oh and shop, i've had a shopping kick so I got my roomie's present for her b-day. Although also part of the twist in the travel situation. I don't want to miss her birthday and its located near traveling time if i want to Boo. But if I'm so stressed with boo i don't know if i want to see him. I'm trying to give him time but patience is not my high point. He's going to need to stand up to family there and pass on activities so that he can do his work, call his woman, and take care of his responsibilities.
And one last pet peeve here. My boyfriend is 900 miles away...would it kill him to send me a love note once in a while. It could be filled with a knock knock fart joke. I'd be pleased as peaches. I know he's having issues but I've gotten one note in the 2 years he's been gone. Apparently it would kill him cause I had to ask if he got my birthday present for him... take about let down in a feeling when you have to do that.

Friday, June 15, 2007

just awesome

Okay i think this scholarship/contest is awesome.
Now if I was a guy and my girlfriend wants to go as beauty and beast I may have to smack her but some are really creative and a good use of time versus what teens could be doing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What are you going to do? Bleed on me?

I cut my finger during lunch... with a pocket knife... doing something stupid. Do we ever cut ourselves when we do something exactly as we should with the right tools...not usually. Its my pointer finger on my right hand. I sense that the knitting forces may be disrupted which would suck with this being knit night. or is that knight...I may possibly work on my Dulaan project since its large needles.. I need to finish it asap anyway.
Bloody stump girl, over and out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I don't get it.

I just reread a book I read in 7th grade, Elli, Coming of Age in the Holocaust byt Livia Bitton Jackson. Last year I read I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust (Hardcover) by Livia Bitton-Jackson. Same story, same author, different books. I don't get it.. is one for kids and one for adults. She's written a lot of books...Like 4-5 biographies... I find something about it odd. Don't know what but odd. I can understand maybe 2-3 biographies but 5...
Anyway they are
Elli: Coming of Age in the Holocaust by Livia E.Bitton Jackson
I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Bitton-Jackson
Towards Freedom by Livia Bitton-Jackson
Hello, America by Livia Bitton-Jackson
My Bridges of Hope by Livia Bitton-Jackson

Someday when I'm a gazillionare..

from saving the world from hunger or curing cancer (although I'm not attempting either at the moment), my house will have a slurpee machine with diet coke with splenda slurpees.
It will be sweet, although, Boo has never had a head freeze...can you believe it?

Monday, June 11, 2007

not sleeping

So i haven't researched it but it seems lunesta has about a 30 day shelf life. After a month I can notice its strength lessening and with a new prescription its stronger again.
I'm also having mental issues.. not mental, i'm angry. Have we heard about my lesbian aunt who's a bitch who wants to pretend she's young meanwhile steals money from her parents and is just obnoxious. Who stayed out of our lives until her parents were diminishing and well get in on the will while you can. She tells my mom over a very not good family meeting that its their turn for me to spend thankgiving with. Eric's family has had me for a while. Say what.. I'm 28... most 28 year olds spend their time how they want it. I go home for passover, that is when I am greatful. I think about when my mom was 28. There were no ties with aunts at that point. she had her own family. In fact I'm the only cousin of the who has another family to be with it. And why doesn't the aunt ever spend thanksgiving with her girlfriends family... probably she can't get anything out of it where she can get drunk with my cousins and steal from her parents. nothing sadder than a 50 year old who thinks shes 21.
I so want to send her a note. Nothing fancy and bitchy like this post. Just a leave my mom alone about where I spend thanksgiving. I chose where and when i spend my time so don't bring it up.
Makes me think of you can't please them all... really my mother just shouldn't share when these statements are made. Tonight was the first time in the whole time i've knitted that she asked when my knit group was. She asks whats going on major life wise.. nothing but i knitted a pair of socks... ain't that neat. I've got my garden going... none of that stuff is talkable.. only negative drama so i'm quiet.
Now onto thanksgiving. I go to vermont where its a vacation and a family trip. Each year I want to get engaged or elope there. I have two cousins that i cuddle and hug and spend amazing time with. I've never had family that i cuddle with. I feel love there. I feel like a merit badge or a gold star on a progress chart with my fathers side of the family. If i go to PA for Thanksgiving that means i don't see my mom's side who i am closer to in april. I can only go home so much and use my vacation time for family trips.
Back to dad's side, I disagree with how they live their lives, how the inflict it on others and just general crap they pull on each other. I can stand it or deal with it and if i would return I'd probably go ape shit yelling at them. I'm a dominant upfront woman. They are sneak ballesss bastards. So excuse me. I'm not going to hurt their feelings by being a big ole biatch to their faces. I'm instead going to skip out on 3 hours of hell and spend 4 days of enjoyment in vt. In the end its better for everyone.
Damn Lunesta... kick in.. renewel shall be picked up tomorrow.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Two for Two

So i finished my Zokni socks... I love em but I made them a smidge too small.. stupid Shoes, stupid.. I probably won't notice once I'm not concentrating on them.

I've been a knitting, stich marker maker, dyer freak...

And I even have a friday truffle shuffle.

Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell
Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution – ACDC
You’re Brand New, your retro – Tricky
Zealots- Fugees
Right Here, Right now – Jesus Jones
Say you love me - Fleetwood Mac
Take it or leave it – Jet
Blackbird – Sarah McLachlan
Now I’m Here- Queen
I meant you no harm/Jimmy’s Rap- Eddie Murphy – Dream Girls

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear Uncle Woodrow

I don't know aren't my uncle and I've told you 80 year old sounding self that you have the wrong number.... You sound like you are calling a 2nd cousin that you want to hook up with... a little snuggle snuggle if ya hear me.
Knitting tonight... I may finish my pair of sock...may not...
I left my stupid ipod cord at work..
I actually have songs to add today to my ipod...
they include:
Roger Miller
Manfred Mann
George Thurgood who i hear is in town this week...
Today theme at work today was Shoes isn't 50 but she knows all the dumb ass songs from the 50's and the 60s...So me and the 60 year old stoned swapped all afternoon...
Because I know the gyspy with the gold capped tooth, Loh she was so lovey dovey, gotta make an ugly woman your wife cause they're coming to take me away to the funny farm, in my little gto, and my hot- rod- Lincoln.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Taking lessons from other readers

I have put down Mr Norell and Jonathan has possibilities but I'm not feeling it right now. I've been reading Ann Fessler: The Girls Who Went Away : The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade which I found through Annie's blog... Its interesting but at the same time... I wanna go, I get it, they couldn't get birth control and the women got all the blame and shame...what do you want me to do go back in time and change that? I think I was raised with and perhaps others were with the idea that other generations with very abstinant and such but frankly I've learned that a) i was raised effed up, and b) all generations got their freak on... they just didn't advertise it and make it as big as a deal as we do today. Frankly I think we need to be more closeted about our sexuality...not our choices of male or females but just sex is so out everywhere...all over tv, internet, everywhere...
I was watching the Nanny last night and the 13 year old looked freaking 17..... she wasn't skanky or anything but everything was so out in the look older, you look sexier....things happen sooner versus later.... and this girl who killed her family at 12... looks older which gets her an older boyfriend of course... both are sort of batshit crazy..she needed some internet monitors....
So no real point to this post, just what I'm reading at the moment. I'd love to read a similiar type book about the Chinese mothers since I'm interested in that route one day.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yarn Cake - Wedding Cake

So in knitting when you wind up yarns you call them cakes of yarn. I decided I wanted to make Nicole a knitting wedding gift.While making Nicole hand dyed yarn in her wedding colors (one in girl colors called Nicole and one in boy colors called Rich) I came up with the brilliant idea that since she didn't have a yarn winder that I'd wind it for her... Then I thought hey, wedding cake. So I made her cakes of yarn and put them together with two sets of size two needles...get it, 2's ... I took some row counters to make "cans" and a just married sign on the back. I turned them to '07 since they are being married then. I scanned her wedding invite and used the pattern and matched the font since I have my graphic design goddessness font identifying skills. I added two samples of soap and two sets of stitch markers in the wedding colors. Seriously, so cute I could puke..It was really fun and I'm really happy for her getting married. Knowing what a bitter gal I can be that says a lot. Good luck Nicole and Rich!! and Scout cause you know dogs count too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I smell like a boy

Today I ran out of deoderant. How? I do not know. Luckily Boo had some spray stuff that he left here so I used that.... I love him but I don't want to smell like him... I'm allergic to deodorant and chances are I'll be clawing my pits by the end of the day or just stinking. I'll be heading to Target during lunch as well as HL to pick something up for the world's most adorable wedding gift I've been making. Fingers crossed the stuff in the mail shows up in time...