Friday, April 24, 2009

We love our dogs...alot

This week Riley had surgery to remove a cyst from his eye. Luckily the dr went through his gum as it was dental related and he's not got a scar. He's doing much better and the improvement is already quite noticeable.


While i feel horrid doing it Riley eats poop. We've tried to stop him by various methods. He's had surgery and dentals cause of it. So we bought a muzzle. Never even occurred to us before. This seems less torture on my wallet and his teeth and less sedative is required. I managed to have a great day in the yard with Senior Pants not eating poop and then we all napped during the later afternoon. I thought Riley would flip his shit and not poop or pee but he's doing just fine.. just a little confused why his face is another inch long.
Hello Clarice.....

During garden time we had a visit from the baby bunnies. Simon is so damn cute. He just nosed them and kissed them....

More pics on flickr

Where did my afternoon go?

I left work today at 11:30. I had worked til 9:30 last night and went in an hour early. I came home and spent time in the garden with the dogs for 2 hours. Came back in, watched an episode of intervention and then napped... Restless nap. Simon and i napped in the yard some, i came in, napped more. I certainly don't feel like i had 2 hours of napping but alas, time has passed so I must have. Of course during said nap i came inside for the outsider where I was napping and keeping an eye on Simon, was attacked by a cat in my bet while i pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't demand petting, the wind took down my ketubah, wedding sign in book, and a vintage camera in the living room, and kara stopped by to drop of goods for the girl scout drive. It was a lovely afternoon, i just hop i rested enough I'd really love for once to stay up later on a Friday night than I do one weekenday work nights ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The wedding album is in, its awesome. However I am an idiot and typed 2009 instead of 2008 on the cover and spine. We did a shutterfly album so I guess I'm just stuck with it.. Mayhaps I' need to look into some sort of plaque or whatnot to cover it up.

Seriously, got it wrong in the post too. (post has been edited) . I'm so done with 08 :P

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm agile baby.....

Welcome to the busy busy month of April. At least for me its always busy. Passover means cleaning my entire kitchen in a way that is insane but very satisfying. Boo and I flew home to PA where we got to sleep in my brother's room in our new "bed." That would be bunk beds put next to each other... at least they bed didn't deflate during the night. We were there for two days and left at the crack of dawn on Friday. Apparently that is the most I should stay there because at 5:30 in the morning I started to want to clean out the crap in the house. The boy doesn't live there and there were 8 keyboards in his closet and at least two cpu's from 1995 in there. Tell me that shit can't go. Passover was good. Boo was a bit crabby. I understand why but if he doesn't tell my mom whats wrong it won't change. Sure, I'm confrontational with her but its not just cause I'm a bitch...thats only half of it. The sedars was nice. The first night Buby was off the wall uncle was late so the sedar ran late and she can't stay up that late. We created a few new Passover memories that made us laugh til we cried. Second Seder we had family friends over from hebrew school days. Having friends makes it so much more fun as we age and don't have little kids and such with us.
We flew back friday morning, took Riley to another vet appt about his eye, came home and napped. Saturday we had an agility event that we volunteered at. There were a lot less crabby ass scorned women than usual so that was nice and the were vizslas there which is a dog Boo wants so he enjoyed that.
We got our final leg in Novice and will now go into Open. There were 3 other dogs in the event. Others completed it successfully and with a score of a 100 but we were the fastest so we got first.. woo! Simon was hot and tired by his 3 pm event so we didn't do well in that but thats ok. Video of our good run below.

Sunday I gardened and then we had family dinner with J Dawg and Kara. I got all domestic, turkey, matzah ball soup etc. After they left we bathed the stinky hounds. They soooooo needed it and right now riley is doing his best cotton ball impression. He got a big brushing and poofed out as he dried.
Our whirlwind weekend ended and I'm ready for a nap but alas they frown upon that at work. Oh and the highlight of the weekend. I fed the cat gefilte fish.. she loves it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garden requests.

Claim your veggies. I will have tomato plants and possibly peppers but right now I'm ready to give away the following veggies:
Spaghetti squash
Oriental Cucumber (they are skinny with less seeds)
Moon and Stars Watermelon

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Passover yal

I'm off to PA in the morning. I come back Friday. Take the special dog to a specialist. Saturday run agility with the super dog. Sunday, sleep, and make a turkey. Special dog disappointed me greatly this week with an accident. I thought we were past that... guess not. I'm sorta holding a grudge right now so he better give me lots of love tonight.. Doubtful, he'll probably give me lots of barking as I finished cleaning for Passover.
I love my igs, love my moms but I gotta say, I hate the lack of furry animals in PA. It effects me. Seriously. Going home is hard enough, seeing our aging parents who were once awesome in our eyes messes with our heads. But the animals distract me and give me comfort, even those that are not mine. You've read my blogs. I got nuts in PA. I fear becoming my mother. I find out things like I super jew with a dose of guilt goodness and find out my mother doesn't believe in a diety.. wtf... Family gets smaller and smaller and its saddening. I love STL, its for good but i have come to the point that I wish mom and dad were a few hours drive so that when we do see each other its just for a few hours and I don't have to go back to a house half stuck in 1972 and half stuck in 1986 and completely stuck in clutter and repair needs.
I'm not leaving here so I need to come to peace. Perhaps I should read "I know this much is true" again... it made me expect a whole lot less out of my dad who wasn't giving what i wanted to start with and be okay with it.