Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two finished projects

One was on the needles for 2 years. Orangina. It ended up being bigger than I wanted (albiet it doesn't appear so in this photo.) I think i'll take it in with my sewing machine, although my mother says "What do you plan on being thin forever?" and thinks I shouldn't do that. She be crazy. Also, aside from pregnancy who plans on adding a tire around their middle. I've entered a new ten pound range that I'm not happy about but I shall still take this sucker in. Obviously its hard to see anything here since its black.

I also finished weaving a scarf. I had a tension issue due to user erros, not yarn, and ended up cutting it short a foot longer than i hoped. It won't be as wrappy as I like but it will still work just fine. I used Dyeabolical cotton slub which is a fab yarn if you are a knitter. I've used this yarn a few times and I just love it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

26 lbs 4 oz

Thats how much I've harvested and yet I consider this year a pretty big failure. I have had two cucumbers in the beginning and then the plants died. No zuchs, no raspberries, barely any beans, no peas, a few peppers that blew. I have had 3 mini potatos cause those failed too, some eggplants, decorative squash, a pumpkin and tomatos. A success would be having given away more than one tomato to a vegetarian who lives on air. I'm letting my beets still grow but I'm pretty sure these are just little rocks with leaves. Watermelon died, canteloupe died, and yet I found a mini canteloupe where i didn't plant one. I did plant some fancy pumpkins a few weeks back and some of those appear to be coming along well.
Next year I need to level my garden, too much run off. Plant things away from the wall of my house which is reflecting heat. Have patience. That last one may be a life goal. :)