Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween ya!l

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi I’m Riley and I’m special. That's me over on the right with my human. Mitsy tagged me as well as Mai, sort of… So here are 8 random facts about me.

1. I am not cross eyed, my left eye is partially blue because I am a weak blue merle. Weak as in poor breeding. I have a little bit of grey in my ears.

2. Speaking of breeding my human mom believes she saw my real mom at the rescue. No point to that just curiosity since my brother Simon has no family history. That probably why he thinks he’s human.

3. I’m very clingy and yet when I go to sleep I tend to stay away from my people at the foot of the bed. Simon steals whatever part of the bed he can find.

4. I’m missing a toof. I broke it when I met Loki, Duane’s dog as well as some others and I freaked the fuck out.

5. I’m not named after anyone, I just have a cute, standard, oh so popular name. Which really is going in the family tradition because I came after a line of guinea pigs with very generic girl dog names. Abby, Zoe and Daisy.

6. I eat poop. I love it. Its part of my special side which licks the food bowl for an hour after I’ve finished eating. Simon’s tastes the best but lately I’m going back to original Riley flavor.

7. I lick the food bowl for an hour after its empty.

8. I love ice cubes. I will take a whole trays worth out of the water bowl and eat them all..

Since I'm Riley and I'm special, I break the rules I tag no one...why cause I'm stupid and don't know how to play tag, so i run in circles instead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Monogamous Knitting

I've been knitting on one project at a time. Not my usually route but I want to get some stuff done.
I started this feather and fan scarf last January and put it down for 6 months. Its Galway wool yarn bought from my favorite local yarn store, Knitorious.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I feel stinky

I have a dr appt today and the requested no deodorant before it... I am suprised how much we rely on it.. I feel sweaty and icky...
I however, also feel pretty, I actually for the first time since the 7th, and my sickness started, did my hair and wore makeup. Plus in the summer who needs make up, the sun and activeness makes us look good. I need a good flat iron but a coworker may hook me up...if not, well, I'll get one when I have the funds..Bills are crazy this month.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catching up

So when one is sick for two weeks and 3 drs appts in the same amount of time one gets very behind in chores and such.
Since I left work yesterday I have
Watched 30 days of night
Read enough of The Golden Compas to get into it.
gathered leaves
took apart sukkah
Have a nice chimenea fire in the back yard
Patched porch
Patched part of house where it meets the ground and causes leakage
Finished Painting porch
Picked pumpkins
Finished up halloween little packages
Did laundry

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Some is sending fake text and pics from my phone number but obviously its not me. I don't know if its something online that people an hack onto..

Friday, October 12, 2007

Things not often heard uttered from my lips

Trip with Boo in town was great. Like, go back three years or more to college time great.... I miss him, I'm ready for him to come back...
Damn weak feminine side poking out...must shove back into hard outer shell....must go watch zombie movies and eat fried foods...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

two fo' two

Two days, two finished objects. I'm full of flu and snot but it apparently makes me sit down and knit....
First up, red scarf for Red Scarf project modeled by the fantastic Kathy. It has two ribs but they don't show in the picture.

Second up, hat requested by Boo.. Complete with Sniffles McGee modeling it. Took a week and was really fun and easy.. Now i have enough yarn left for at least one extra hat. Its striped and I carried the yarn. Camera crapped out but its got a stripe of cream, grey and two red as well as the base of the grey. Fantastic Cashmere/Silk/Wool mix.

Snot head

I have a bug.. i thought i was feeling better last night... this morning my nose has stopped working..

On the bright side I will share with you last Oct when I had the flu and went hiking with my parents.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Awesome like a hotdog

Birthday party was on Saturday and Birthday on Sunday. I bridged the two days by doing a 10 pm to 2 am tour of haunted Alton. I know, your first question...did you see anything. Unless 50 flashes were going off no.. I wish I had but I apparently felt nothing anyone else did or saw anything. I did take a good ghostly pic of shanon, does that count? It was a beautiful night and the places were neat so I enjoyed myself nontheless. And, we had ice cream cake... It was awesome...

We started the night with so much swag I could having a knitting store..

The list is as follows:

Two size 2 addis for circular knitting from Pat

A bottle of Lambic from Justin

Fart Humor from Shanon and Brent

A hand made sock bag from kara

Purple Tencel Yarn dyed just for me from Kara

Claudia's handpaints in an awesome color from kara

Bittersweet Lorna's Laces from Kathy

Sheep Stationary products from Kathy

Monster themed bag from kathy for socks

Halloween Knitting bag and candy corn stitch markers from Kim

Two very awesome yarns from Boo.. including a color just like Bittersweet that will be made into a hat.

Awesome cookies from Shannon

Seriously folks, I haven't gotten this much stuff since my Bat Mitzvah and I officially can't turn back from knitting now. I've got yarn to last me through next year. I also got a ton of email birthday wishes.. Shoes is getting popular. Thanks to all who wished me a good 29th.
The tour was interesting but I didn't see or feel anything.. I did see a bat which was all sorts of adorable. I even managed to stay up past 2... Thats freaking amazing for me.
So the next day, my birthday we woke up at decent hour and went to Ihop. Then it was off to knitting with the girls. Later after a nap of the dead Boo and I went to sushi and spent the night snuggling...Its been just like old times with him this visit. Right around 9:30 my throat started to hurt and I've felt like crap since. Hopefully its just a quick bug and not some flu or junk from staying out late and being all youthful like :)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Ye Old Birthday

Is this weekend and Kara is getting me ice cream cake...She wanted to know if i wanted anything on it.. not really...but if i did... here are some not serious options..Really, what can a cake say... can you ask them to write fuck on a cake....besides only kara and iwouldbe the only ones who'd get them
1. Have a legend, wait for it, "dairy" birthday.
2. You're awesome, like a hot dog
3. Really, cause you look like a heather
4. Said, mr funny bunny to sweet little girl, happy birthday.
5. a picture of Cheese from fosters or Mindy or Mandy for billy and mandy.
6. No! No, I'm a fucking squirrel!"
7. "Cake or death?" "Uhh, cake please."
8. Ciao...
9. Nachoz, n-a-c-h-o-z Nachoz.
10. I'm a horse, Baaaaa

Thursday, October 04, 2007

For Selina and L

Happy Sukkot