Thursday, November 30, 2006

I’ve never….

So for content today I’m giving you fifteen things I’ve never done….

  1. I’ve never worn a football helmet
  2. I’ve never taken dance class (ballet etc)
  3. I’ve never had anything pierced
  4. I’ve never owned a new car…and don’t really want to…
  5. I’ve never shot a real gun, BB once…
  6. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle
  7. I’ve never slept through an alarm
  8. I’ve never spun yarn
  9. I’ve never been hit on at a bar
  10. I’ve never seen Titanic
  11. I’ve never sang karaoke
  12. I’ve never skate boarded
  13. I’ve never had home sickness for my parents home
  14. I’ve never made anything decent in a pottery class – I also took it at 8 am during thesis…I’d like to take another…
  15. I’ve never broken a bone.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You're the spice in my life...

So I've been craving spice. Wasabi peas didn't cut it, Bbq Vermont I tried Frank's Redhot Sauce... I'm in love... in fact I just had a chicken salad with it as my dressing... fresh new bottle... messy busy desk in the background...

You got a real kind of thing going down, there's a whole lot of rhythem going round

Have you seen my energy…. I think I used it up yesterday. I moved my entire bedroom around in order to build a cage for Marin to stay in while she visits and then take home with her… Marin is Boo’s iguana. As you all know Coconut passed on and Pickles moved home to PA where he is delighted in his harem. I had to move dressers and instead of doing things the right way I did it my way and in a Ross Pivot episode worth effort broke a leg off of my dresser… I think some glue and it being on the back leg it will all be fine.. had I been smart I would have removed the drawers first but there was a huge lack of space in my room with a 32x32 by 52 cage as well as riley’s cage, mildew’s barstool and oh yeah, me and my bed.
The cage is pretty sweet and I wish I had it when I had coconut. Its very contained and although not perhaps the recommended huge size it would have been fine for and possibly better since she wouldn’t have been able to fling herself 5 feet away from her heat.
I also put in an hour and a half OT in yesterday which I finished up after the massive room move.
I’m really going to share pics of our trip and my yarn aquiring but I need to take pics of the yarn and Boo has the camera which will come home tonight. I can show you I got 4 skeins of this... Mille Colori got any suggestions for use? 3 have no blue in them and I like that so I have one that I plan to not use the blue in like 375 yards worth..
So I’m trying to get my energy together at work and Parliament isn’t helping it. I mean if Parliament can’t give you energy, what can?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Keep my bubble to me…

So I’m writing at the airport waiting for my second leg of my trip. Why you might ask. Because if I don’t Wayne Brady may have to slap a bitch… okay maybe not that extreme but my last flight made me close to losing my oh so delicate temper that I’d like to not do it on the second.
My first leg I was stuck in a middle seat… thanks sweetie for booking that…. First I had one side empty but I heard a lot of commotion at some guy sitting in the wrong seat right behind my empty seat. He was in the wrong seat. He just didn’t feel like sitting where he belonged. Well I don’t feel like doing many things but we end up having to do it. Then He comes to sit down. Fine in this day and age some say weight prejudice is the last accepted prejudice… whatever… This man should have bought two seats and that’s all there is to it. During our flight he was hella tired and kept falling a sleep. In the process he hands, clenched together, fell. He’d jerk and then reclench. Dude, after this happens every 10 seconds for like 3 minutes. Wake the fuck up!
So now I’m waiting for my flight. I had sat down on a seat only to move because I had some motion sickness coming on from the mother bouncing a baby… I moved and then the baby started crying… I’m usually way more patient than this but today, that patience seems gone. Possibly if I had my far right window seat I’d have more patience…. Maybe….
Maybe not cause my second half of my flight included a year and a half old boy on his father’s lap crying and kicking my chair and about twenty minutes before landing taking a dump in his pants which added aromatherapy to the flight….

Friday, November 24, 2006

The woes of the organized...

Because I believe in sharing flight schedules when one is travelling and meeting up with eithers I have ruined important moments.... Whatever.... Moments that accessories weren't yet purchased of last week when I was infuriated at lack of communication.... Whatever. I'm smart so be creative and lie through your teeth...
I've been very emotional up here...I'm very worried about my future which as of right now doesn't seem directed towards Austin anymore....He flip flops through decisions and me having to follow dutifully is not sitting well. The rest of his family are flip floppers and considering in the 7 years of us being together his sister has gone through 5-6 jobs and 3 continents I think my stress is well founded. He isn't sure if he wants to do movies or animation and where he wants to go. When he comes to the Lou after turkey day he better research his ass off. Really I'm suposed to move in a year to a year and a half and I need some set plans and schedules....No wonder I don't forsee me showing my house til spring 2008. Due to work shit I was getting ready to leave when he graduates but realistically its better I don't. Plus my house shows much better in the spring.
I'm tired of being the take charge gal. I should know as an intelligent person should, you can't change the core of people and don't expect things like marriage to make people different...thats why there is this thing called divorce.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The off to Vermont Summary…

First, to Kara the dog walker and lover…… There is a used condom on our dog walk.. Simon seems to have a thing for the man meat…. Don’t let them get to it cause that’s beyond digusting….Who comes around and gets rid of that stuff?
Second – I’m stupid and put cat food in my dog food container… Luckily Kara is getting stuff tomorrow for the hounds….Stupid is running through me quite well.
Three--- Look what my coworker gave me this morning… it’s a hippo. Dude, a hippo!
Four… I look like I’m running away from home… its cold in VT which means many layers.. it also is a place where I knit and read a lot so I packed a buttload of both. Plus I have Boo’s winter stuff.. I’m a very good girlfriend..why you ask.. cause I saw he didn’t have decent or two matching gloves so I went out and bought him two pairs. One for using and one for when the other gets wet from chores or snowball fights.
I’m also not thinking about being retarded too much… ya know… about engagements and lack there of…VT my favorite place….I earlier this year suggestion tying the knot this weekend with both set of parents and a nice hot pot dinner, not telling them til they got to VT…Of course removing my father from his family for Thanksgiving is impossible unless we told them honest plans of marriage which is part of why secrecy is good… then I don’t have to worry about other family and friends and such. And if you are my good friend you understand how its all stressing it is to me.
I’m also trying to remain calm and not pissy about lack of details for his upcoming trips and him not confirming that I’m not going… I assume I’m not but until I see his details I assume nothing…Apparently he didn’t give me VT details cause he wanted to surprise me for our connection to VT. We’re on the same plane… (I did give him flight options where we could hook up for the second leg cause I’m smart like that) I’m just putting this all out here and getting it out of my system…Besides all I got him for Hannukah is a dvd set of Robot Chicken…..:P
Okay, think I’m done being stupid. I think I am… I don’t think I’ll think about it the rest of the week. Really… I’m serious… besides this is so not as looming as it was when we went to italy and thought we might give it up for the first time and possibly get engaged….

Since I won’t be here on Friday here is your not anticipated at all Friday Shuffle…
Short Short man – 20 fingers
Shine A Light – Rolling Stones
Looking out the window- Stevie Ray Vaughn
We live in Brooklyn, Baby – Digable Planets
Dedicated to the one I love – the M&Ps
The girl from Ipanema – Stan Getz
Hair Dresser on Fire – Morrisey
In the Light – Led Zepplin
Hollywood Nocturne - Brian Seltzer Orchestra
Criminal – Fionna Aple.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Knitty update

So I forgot to even mention I finished my wavy gravey scarf that goes with my pink jacket and cream gloves and hat.. I look way more prep froof than I am...
I also finished the Irish hiking scarf and my ipod case foe D-Wayne the ipod..ok that name just came up since that was my supplier...
I bought some mohair this weekend... except for a scarf for Boo's mom and a present for roni all my stuff is for me or donation..
Marsha at the knitting group showed me some new michaels single ply stuff that I want to go peruse so badly...I love single ply plus its soy silk yarn and nifty.
So here are the pics..ignore the xtra chin... If I wasn't a wimp and poor and all the other reasons I'd so have a dolly parton chin tuck done...

Friday, November 17, 2006

About laying on your back.

So last night as I took the lunesta slumber I so readily enjoy I tried to find a comfy place to sleep. I had noticed my neck had been hurting and was sure it was sleep related. I went over in my mind conversations held with Boo. He's a back sleeper. I'm a stomach or fetal position sleeper. I can't sleep on my back with my head facing up.. Its tense for me.. I feel like I'm balancing my head to stay up. Its just ten pounds too much. Now sleeping on your back with you head a full 90 degrees to the side, that won't be good for your neck either. I would like to be a back sleeper. I'd also like to be the commercials and sleep with my eyes looking towards the ceiling. Okay maybe not looking to the ceiling while sleeping cause that would mean you'd be an eye openner sleeper and thats just creepy.
Most of the time I can't get the pillow neck proportion right either.. on the whole lack of pillow with maybe a little at the top fo my head feels best. I also tend to sleep with my face facing whatever side doesn't have more bed..or couch. I can switch bed sides but i must face outward.... Its a breathing issue I think.. or a retard issue... Maybe I need a really good pillow.... yeah cause jewish cheap chic will go all fancy... Most pillows feel fine to me until i use them for a bit....Next week I'm in VT where i get a down pillow, maybe I ought to try the back sleeping shtick again...don't wait with baited breath for the update... i don't get on the internet up there much....

The Country Rap Shuffle

Last night I went off on Nirvana, today I took a swing at Johnny Cash. I’m a middle class woman from PA. I’m not angsty or downtrodden so forgive me if I forget to worship them.

1. Unsquare Dance – Dave Brubeck which I’m pretty sure the KO’s reference in Crabbukit
2. Brooklyn Sky – Digable Planets
3. The Wayward Wind – Patsy Cline – you leave some Patsy cline your second hand ipod and it won’t stop shuffling!
4. The real Slim Shady – Eminem
5. Show Em What they won - St. Lunatics
6. Here we come _ St. Lunatics
7. You don’t – Tricky
8. Dark Star – CSN
9. Neighborhood 4-7 Kettles, Arcade Fire
10. Piss up a rope - Ween

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bring it on I'm a Golem

And by that I mean Mud Monster... not stupid ring dude.... Last year I bought myself some sweet little rainboots to take to VT this year. For 8 bucks the Jew couldn't pass it up for when we are walking in sheep shit and mud...
Well laddyda its raining cat testicles out here and the grading on the sidewalk by me sucks so I broke out the boots a week early... I'm a happy wader now...Of course Riley is terrified of the much needed umbrella....
Woo for pink galoshes!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't want to be that slacker

I'm suposed to go to the tivoli for a 9:30 movie... I'm working at least 9 insane hours today and almost 12 yesterday... I really don't want to go... but I really don't want to cancel...oh the decisions....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Boys are stupid

They are... really they are.. mine needs a dad or something to teach him life's lessons... I don't get angry or fight with him much at all..usually once a year during basketball season...
This time its cause my tart hasn't made his winter break plans which means he will spend a ridiculous amount of money on flights... money thats could be so better used on me...or feeding the poor. I won't go with for any of the events cause its ricockulous to spend that much. I don't know his schedule and thus am stuck in the mud for my own plans... He's apologized on the phone about 4 times and has ignored a weeks worth of emails (he just doesn't check his email) but ya know what.. actions are more important. Each day that goes by where he hasn't done what he needs to do I get angrier and thus he has also effected our planned visit to VT which is one of our favorite places to go. Plus we are renting a car up there and he hasn't booked it yet... watch we not be able to get it... He called me at work today cause he was buying gifts for the family... okay hello....did you not get ghetto fabulous angry about this situation messege on Friday?
Sure I could stop bitching and do things myself but trust me I have done my part. Plus this is to visit his family. When its my family I take the bull by the horns...
I don't give a shit that its his end of the semester. We had all these dates last thanksgiving so there is no reason for the procrastination...
I could be worried that he'd read this but hey, its true and if he can't read his email then he sure as hell hasn't been reading my blog. His lack of interest is very odd if you ask me...

Whining and complacency

1. Animals are retarded....Riley is rubbing himself on the bed, Zigggy on my jeans cause its already pajama time.
2. I really want to go dancing... I haven't gone in 2 years... I don't care if you think I look silly and contrary to my musical enjoyment I don't drop it like its hot. Unfortunately no one i know likes to dance...people I'm way too young to be in knitting on a Saturday night.
3. I'm hunkering in to work for the night, nothing like a 12-13 hour monday. I don't mind the extra work. Money is good
4. I need to wrap up my shoeboxes and donate the kid boxes this week.
5. Kara let the gate down today and Simon didn't touch Ziggy's food. YAY!
6. And finally I received a dress form from Roni today....its for a craft project and is like 12 inches high.... Its totally if i would stop the knitting and get crafty again....

Works in Progress, the dorky editions....

So I've had the same layout of my mom not getting done on the scrap table for like two weeks.
I did however make two cards.
I am going to finish the irish hiking scarf tonight.
I finished the fetchings and a bracelet this week for a thanksgiving gift and also the hiking scarf and the black felted one below is for the same family.

I added a little to my caribean scarf.

Started my snake scarf. Which is pink and green not red, not christmasy

Got yarn for the Dulaan project.

And now need to go get needles from Joanns and upholstery fabric to recover my bottom of my box spring from Senorita Mildew Kitty...who has her own jingle... I won't share it cause you'll think I'm stupid... which i am, a little.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

a weekend of adventure

or not...
Well kind.. I would suggest reading kara's blog for all details... I couldn't put it better...well except I wasn't as crazily excited for BBQ but let me tell you, we saw tiger, tigers and tigers....
Today I dyed my hair, knit, went to the local knit store where I confirmed a knitting local gal is the same woman who had an amazing devotion to her poodle named Kramer while I worked at the vet... no, I didn't say hi...but I put a few things together and was glad to see my super sleuth skills were in check.
I was a bit disappointed in not running into anyone else... I was totally keeping an eye out for the Spinster although I didn't know if she was back from the penitentiary yet....
I had planned to get a malabrigo for some fetchings for the holidays but they didn't have the right weight so I found a noro that looks pretty neat...
So other than driving, eating, tigers, and knitting its been a bland weekend... okay, that totally a lie...dude, there were tigers...

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Get off my Ipod Duane Shuffle

This weekend holds independent cartoons, trips to the Cape for BBQ and lunesta filled yummy sleep.... Enjoy the Truffle Shuffle...

  1. Umi Says – Mos Def
  2. Heartaches – Patsy Cline
  3. Its all good –DMX
  4. Offend in every way – White Stripes
  5. April in Paris – Count Bassie
  6. Little Lies- Fleetwood Mac
  7. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
  8. Stanley’sTheme – Swordfish
  9. Fashion – David Bowie
  10. Bubblegoose – Wyclef Jean

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just a tad nauseus....

I just removed a tick from Simon's head/ear was juicy. It probably landed over a week ago and I have combed him so many times.... So in theory I've cuddled it, slept with it.. probably even kissed it.....and now it is down the toilet...


Lets talk underwear… Come one all you perves, come on out..Yesterday I went to Target and had to buy bras. I proceeded to look like pervert as I felt up all the bras… People! If I’m buying a 36D why in the hell must you add enough padding that its like an extra a quarter cup of extra boob in the fabric and that’s the thinly added bonus boobs…I swear some add a whole full breast to the party. I weigh 135-145… I’m 5.6 and I don’t want bigger boobs. I don’t notice mine much but every once in a while, I’m like “damn!” I’ve got a wide rib cage and shoulders so its not always like, “shizam, here I am”. Going with the wide shoulders from all my years as a football player..or not.. why can’t these damn bras cross in the back…my straps just fall on off.. I’ve gotten the crossed in the back on before and it was a teeny tiny clip in the front supposed to keep it together and keep the girls in their respective homes…Playa please!
Okay we can return to our previously normal conversations…perverts go back to hiding…

He was hot...

Monday, November 06, 2006

When is the last time you stuck duct tape to your ass?

Never you say? Well I've done it two weeks in a row and then decided to try my upper arm which I have determined sorta itches....
Okay its not really duct tape. I've gone on the patch for birth control because I was being bad about the pill. The positives of the patch, change once a week, the negatives, increased boobage..which means i need a new size, which means buying bras, which means I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a fork..and the fact that it stays on for a week means its got good strong horse glue and once you attempt to remove it its like a scene from the 40 year old virgin and my ass hair... whatever, pretend like we don't have hair everywhere... okay except for duane but dude, that was cancer's doing, not nature.
So yeah, about this patch... I'm not sure about it yet..... in fact... I'm not really digging it but I've been a bad pill girl lately..... Plus its just damn sexy to look like you are quitting the cancer sticks....oh baby, love that sticker on your asscheck....

John you're a bore, we've heard this before...

So I'm still stuck in my 1776 thing... must be the upcoming elections...which I am not sure if I'm registered for... hang my head in shame... I'm not registered in the City but I don't know if I'm still registered in Webster... I of course wait too long and can't get anyone on the phone.....
Wanna know how I'd vote... well lets put it this way...considering all the facts and figures... doesn't matter, I think you can do whatever you want with your cells...besides too many idjuts get knocked up, can't do the adoption thing and basically let their kids run amuck until they are old enough to get hopped up on meth and shoot people....We are over full of people on this world because we have a lower rate of childhold mortality with vaccines and modern medicine...
We don't have enough time, space or money for our population. I'd prefer people were smart and prevented pregnancy but lets face it.. people are dumb...Not everyone is as smart and you or I...and I'm not so SMRT.....
So am I okay with Stem Cell research...yes. Do I consider it abortion, no, but if it was, I'm okay with that too. I also think we should tax cigarettes. I think if you are a politician and got to jail then you lose your pension. I think minimum wage should be raised cause lord knows I make a hell of a lot more and I have a hard time getting by.... And we need people in the basic jobs on the world....
Dude, so thats the most political than I've been...I usually stay completely out of it all.. Too bad I'm not in TX, then I could vote for people named Kinky....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Get out of my boxspring

Okay Mildew, otherwise known as MilJew...I like ya, I really do but I'm pretty sure you just wiped kitty snot on me... why do you have kitty snot....because you hang out in my box spring which is full of allergins and stuff... I have a few tears on the bottom of my boxspring and they are kitty entrances.
I'm taking suggestions on what to do to the bottom of my, i won't be knitting a boxspring cover.... Right now it looks like options include, ducttaping the whole bottom, find fabric and cover the bottom and staple gun like you've never staplegunned, get a top sheet and make my bed on the bottom and then um....duct tape around the edges.... Continue to be snot upon while at the same time being kneaded to death by Little Miss Sunshine Kitty Jazz Hands....Everywhere I read online says its a good thing... Personally its making my tummy feel a little jello-y from all the prodding... and of course only prodding when I try to do stuff, not when I'm actually lounging about doing nothing.
Maybe I should rename this blog, Mindy and her crazy animal circus.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Working Together

So its been a week in the severe training world.... I've popped in disk 3 of Dog Whisperer episode 23 must be watched again...The basic gist is that I've got to be in charge and Riley has to get to know it. Outwaiting his insanity can be a pain but then again when Riley only pees after work he now gets caged for a few hours. He doesn't get walked every hour... if i don't get to spend time with him thats his lose. He does love being in his cage but I do think he loved people more. He has not been out of my sight for more than a shower so as far as potty training goes who knows how he is doing. He hasn't had the chance to fuck up yet.
His improvement has come in less fear in the going for the walk. He will come to me. Starting this week he ran back to his cage and i had to go get him....he's getting better at not doing it.
I've done alot of ignoring and patience....he's barked less. He still barks alot but he is barking less.
I really don't get what happens to the dogs on dog whisperer...its like immediate transformation....meanwhile it takes us normal people forever to get things to happen... Simon i trained most things within an hour... Riley I'm on year two almost....
So the walks are helping. Realistically the walks are important and good for both me and the boys. Its hard to do with both boys but seperately won't work..the boys will need to learn to work together and behave together...
So much to achieve.... Simon on the other hand has had a bad week and even he chewed a pad while I was home tonight. In ways i think he is acting out against the other person and their cat... on the other hand, there is just more tempting trash, wayyy more than before... A smart move would just be to get the trash cans with the lids... Perhaps on my walmart list for the weekend.

100 Things I like

  1. A tree grows in Brooklyn
  2. 1776
  3. Scarves
  4. Hippos
  5. Rice Pudding
  6. Vietnamese food
  7. Aqua/Teal
  8. Socks
  9. Chinese Hot Pot
  10. Scrapbooking
  11. Altered Arts
  12. Breakfast Foods
  13. Grater's Ice Cream
  14. BBQ
  15. Knitting
  16. my ipod
  17. Giuesseppe's PA
  18. Mango Rita's Water Ice
  19. Christopher Moore
  20. Sports Movies
  21. Historical Fiction Girl with A Pearl Earring
  22. Along the same line Gregory MacGuire books, spins on old stories
  23. Walking
  24. My dogs
  25. My cat who thinks she's a dog
  26. Reptiles but not snakes
  27. Sweater Vests
  28. Flannel Pjs
  29. Dark Cherry Wood furniture
  30. Ikea
  31. Wasai Peas
  32. the smell of fall
  33. quiet
  34. zoos
  35. chocolate licorice
  36. soda gummys
  37. games
  38. buttons
  39. pigtails
  40. busy pattern skirts
  41. Lunesta
  42. Target
  43. hardwood floors
  44. naps on the couch
  45. tangy flavor
  46. Flava- i mean rap
  47. Asylum Street Spankers
  48. 70's rock
  49. Color
  50. Rootbeer
  51. The City Museum
  52. Robin Williams - saw live
  53. David Bowie - saw live
  54. Bowling - suck at
  55. ice skating - suck at
  56. mini golf - suck at
  57. my Simpson's puzzle
  58. jumbles
  59. snyder's pretzels
  60. Chasu Bow ---- not sure how to spell Cha - sue- bow like bend at waist, not hair item...
  61. Clam's on the half shell and roller skates...I mean disco
  62. Reading outside
  63. Sweet Tea
  64. Vermont
  65. Alphonse Mucha
  66. Toulouse Lautrec
  67. kitch
  68. rubber chickens
  69. collages
  70. Single Ply Yarn
  71. Fall
  72. Hiking
  73. Gnomes
  74. Muppets
  75. Courage the Cowardly dog
  76. Halloween
  77. Aah Real Monsters
  78. Outer Limits
  79. Xmen
  80. La Pizza
  81. the number 13
  82. converse chucks
  83. capris
  84. chai
  85. bugs in art but not bugs in my house
  86. Passover
  87. Matzah Brie
  88. my ottaman
  89. flamingos
  90. Jim Henson
  91. Labyrinth....hello Nah just a worm...
  92. a fireplace
  93. gardening
  94. good traffic karma
  95. nerds - candy or people
  96. handtowels for my kitchen...
  97. making people stuff
  98. plates that are more like bowls
  99. blade triology
  100. magnets

Too many flies, too many flies, but its hot as hell in Philadelphia….

As one of the few folks who enjoys the soundtrack to 1776 and the forcing of watching it in Mr. Connor’s 9th grade history class I’m rocking out my 1776 cd stolen from my parents today…
“Piddle dwiddle nothing to resolve….” Seriously how do I like Digital Underground and John Adams – Mr. Feeney……
Maybe I should use the plucking violen song for forplay music… sorry that just wrong….

While you wait for the shuffle here is a question... Squirrels are now not appearing to trying to exit or enter my house...they made noise for one day after the wall was cardboarded out.. (normally they'd tear through the cardboard and then thats where they put the trap later...) So what do I do now... There is no sign of torn cardboard...Maybe they kicked the bucket quickly and I have rotting squirrel flesh in my attic. Do I call and say make repairs and forget the I say, just put the trap above Kara's room where we previously hear noises...What is a girl to do???

Onto the Friday shuffle,
Let you Down -Dave Matthews
BYOB – System of a Down…what in the hell…. This must be a left over from Duane….
I can see clearly now – Johnny Nash
Stir it up – Bob Marley
Fire and Desire –Rick James and Tina Marie
Work it – Missy Elliot
20 cases of suggestive reasoning – Apples in Stereo
This is your night – Amber
Follow your bliss –b52s
Lady – D Angelo.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Retardo Phone

So my cellery and only phone has a case of the retardeds the last 3 days.... I can't seem to add a new number, it isn't accessing voicemail like it should....I have my old school cellery phone i supose i could switch too... I don't know what the dillio is but I'm on a down stroke of luck lately and I'm ticked.... Last night, dog, Simon the wonderdog kept my ass up all night.... I don't know what the fuck the deal was....I let him out like 3 times until i realized he didn't need to go. Then he attempts to hops my fence multiple times.... once he scored and I beat his ass out of Kara's room where he was eating food.....
Seriously, what is up in Shoe's world... its all sorts of annoying/crazy...and my mom isn't even in town!