Thursday, August 21, 2008


people are like, giving us stuff.. I know, its called a wedding but it seems so odd... Apparently when we chose to use option we didn't realize it was hard to understand so chances are we will buy stuff off of their ourselves later cause it won't be used too much.
Although our invites haven't gone out yet Boo's family is sending stuff and notes of not attending... kinda makes you feel like you shouldn't still send an invite but i guess that would be tacky... or not..
This weekend is invite stuffing weekend... we'll be watching loads of lost and stuffing envelopes til the cows come home...give me some coffee and I'll be a happy camper..Boo did a great job designing them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

you're all sick of all these crap rappers

So I just heard American Boy this week by Estelle and kanye and i really like it. It got me thinking about a discussion the jury had on a break this week at my jury duty call.. they were talking about how rap/hip-hop didn't use to be so dirty or bad infuencing.. well while I'd have to say White Lines which was originally celebrating cocaine did call me ho or a bitch its not quite a positive song either. I think the difference these days is just it all gets on the radio.... I prefer when we couldn't say anything on radio and tv. Maybe its a bit less realistic to call someone a jerk instead of an ass or a bitch but I'm okay with that.
Anywho it got me feeling my old age as I turn stations off because I'm tired of moist thong songs. While half the world is singing about Superman that ho without knowing the meaning behind it I'm thinking there are still some songs that are great beats without being downright nasty. I was singing along to Airforce Ones last week and i sat there wondering if I was missing any dirty undertones... I enjoy Mr. Pretentious, I mean Kayne, a lot and while he may have some songs that dip into the other meanings I can listen without feeling like I'm supporting the "bitch, ho, panty dropping" songs. I also listen to a lot of Outkast. My last album purchase was all panty talk between songs but alot of songs themselves were fine. They seem to be inbetween, just depends on the song but most of the radio play seems ok.
Anyway I'm getting old or uptight. I'm just tired of the nastiness. Sure slick rick can't sleep with the wrinkled pussy of Sally's mom but I definately don't feel all bent out of shape when I listen to Ladidadi as i do half the new songs I've heard on the radio in the last year.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

random pieces of info

The weekend I'm learning to crochet. I'm doing okay thus far. I have july duty on Monday and you can't bring knitting needles there. Plus the crocheting is for charity work. Mr. Duane is in town as well as Ann and Brenda who talks a lot more on the internet. Lots of laughing going on and way too much food consumption. My addition to the party was homegrown cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a sesame oil, balsimic vinegar and brown sugar sauce.

Its been damn hot and buggy in the STL and my garden needs help. I have a ton of weeds to pick/pull and with recent storms tomatoes plants need more strength to keep them up. I've got a steady pile of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and beans. Although my large bean plant hasn't done squat. Its beautiful and i see flowers but never the beans and I had grand hopes of canning beans. Self sustenance really rocks in my boat.

I have a few empty spots that after talking with Brent I'm considering fall planting. I have a zucchini plant in a pot but i fear if i transplant it death would go with it.

According to space i have i could. a) plant more bush beans I need to learn to make large gardens of green beans cause i want to can them also....b) More attempts on Zucchini c) beets d) research potatoes...

Wedding stuff is in full swing. I'm currently hunting for teal glass like the below pic.. I think i need to hit up some fleamarkets/yard sales which isn't really my strong spot... I guess I can try...especially knowing what i'm looking for.