Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need to...

I need to get lots of stuff done.... wanna know what.. its tres lame but i haven't posted in forever.

Make a belated Wedding Card
Make dark sense of humor thank you card
Finish artwork for Kara
Fix my fabric wall in my living room.
Hem curtains in bedroom
Create curtain for hallway vacuum cabinet
Finish carpeting my living room
Finish decorating living room - find or create art.
Paint Basement floor
Replant Spices
Plant seeds for a second try at some flowers in front
Touch up steps/front porch paint
Clean out my car
Weed my driveway

Its exciting man... exciting...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've had it up to here

...with my non pierced ears....I wear clips, since 9th grade which was like 15 years ago, the clips I've gotten lately hurt, so hell shouldn't I get them pieced. I can't seem to pinpoint when to do it, who to do it with etc. Its gotta be someone who says its no big deal, but can route me on and not wig out more than me because they know I'm nervous. Even posting this makes me a little queasy. My one coworker might be great but then again, he might think me a nut....more than he already does...

The Crafty Part of Miss Crafty and Crap

Cricut Home Accents Die
DCWC Fall Paper
Tarot Card from Kara's yard sale stash
DCWC Buttons
Antique Paper Distressing Ink
Rub on Letters...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Miss Crap's friends get hitched

Life has been a whirlwind of life lately. My friends B&S got married a week or two back and Boo and I were in the wedding. It was a pure joy. We did spa and bachlorette dinner Wednesday night. Aside from some post greasy feeling from the spa I really enjoyed it. Both sisters of the groom and bride were in the wedding and I loved both of them. Dinner was really good and got to see more friends of the bride which let me know her a bit better.
Thursday I took off of work because it had killed me up to the wedding and i needed down time as well as needed to be at the rehearsal dinner. We did the walk through at the jewel box and i think it was more emotional for me than the wedding itself. Something about hearing their vows the first time and Peepaw was just a dear. Dinner was at the Feasting Fox and we got seated with the possibly most awesome couple ever. Asian/caucasian Cali folks into halloween, dogs and video games... We were the last folks at the tables talking that night.
Friday was the event itself. We got manicures and hair done and the whole 9 yards. We were afraid of rain but it held out. The wind wasn't so great but there are some beautiful flowing veil pics from it.

We ate and danced til late into the night. I may be known as "the bridesmaid who dances like a hoochie" now.... At the end of the night the sky had openned up and we ran to the car in bare feet which was quite fun and luckily not cold.
The rest of the weekend was spent with Sir Duane and co. Then it was clean house in prep of a yard sale for the next weekend and more crazy storms/mopping up my basement/mopping up work's basement... I'll let you all know when I feel human again.... Right now I'm lobster girl and I could use one hell of a nap.