Friday, January 30, 2009

A Public Service

I recently introduced a 60 year old coworker and her 75 year old husband to a crazy, wild, fantastic candy. Swedish Fish! Really!?! She hadn't had it before. She now is in love as I think most people are. Growing up we sold them at cupcake sales, got baggies of them at the swim club 24 for 25 cents. In fact I learned to steal change from my mom so could sneak up and get swedish fish. I'd bring them home and hid them in my clock ala Claudia from the BabySitters style..
They are not sea kittens or unkosher catfish so eat your swedish fish, they are effing fantastic. I personally am purist and prefer the red ones... Those mixed bags are a waste of my time.
I actually searched the internet to see if swedish fish are kosher... the responses are hilarious... Forums that people ask if swedish fish are kosher and get responses like the below:
"Fish has to be kosher too. That which has fins and scales." -Obviously this person had not heard of swedish fish
"If the fish candy doesn't have a kosher heksher then you can't trust it to be kosher.Anything processed should have a kosher heksher on it. Better to eat fruit."
"Those little red gummy fish? They're just sugar, like gummy bears. Is concentrated, refined sugar with food coloring pressed into the form of a sea creature un-kosher? I don't know how the Jews roll."
"most likely no, am not familiar with the Swedish fish candy, but if they have sugar, than they are not, sugar is processed. no processed food stuff in Kosher food (kosher=pure). read the package, if not stated or no icon for Kosher, than they are not kosher, thats simple enough." - Dude, if i worried about how the sugar is processed i'd kill myself and take all the candy down with me... meat and dairy, clean animal, unclean animal...thats enough to worry about.
Alas once seeing this site and reading this great trip to kosher stores (nothing life my own experiences) I think my precious fish are not kosher since they make "kosher" versions (ie can call them gummy gefilte fish).. gotta say.. i'm couldn't care less, me and my treif fish will live together and sweet, sweet, red gummy sin.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Kara and I went to my eye dr today... she came along cause well she introduced me to it and because after we went to cracker barrel. Total bonus, we each got a case of clearcare contact at least saving us each 64 bucks on contact solution per person. Rock on! and totally made up for gas to go to Festus.
Cracker Barrel, how sweet you are.. i could just eat a whole plate of the "breaded" regular places would call it, fried okra. Sweet lord its so good, how in the hell am I white, jewish girl from philly and in love with okra. I actually thought about growing some this year. Speaking of which I am going to order from the same company as the VT family does. Anyone who needs anything are welcome to join my veggie love.
That be all, I am off to dream of veggies and okra and okra.... yum!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ripping off Rachel

In more than one way. My laundry list of emails.
I have opened craftyandcrap on Etsy.. yarningyenta wasn't broad enough for this broad. Thus I have posted new yarns etc. Rachel already claimed the one with the most awesome picture.
I have bound off the body of my february lady sweater.. its super sweet.. But i worked overtime yesterday and was pooped so I didn't knit last night. I did however ready more of Sarah which is by Orson Scott Card of Ender's game etc. He apparently wrote 3 books about the 3 mothers of Judiasm etc... Sort of a bit different from futuristic children fighters. So I'm reading Sarah which is interesting but I am unsure if I'll read the other two.
Tickets have been bought for Passover. Two day stint. Boo and I decided last night to take his parents up on their invite of my parents going to France for our wedding celebration. Apparently we will be having a second wedding party in France and thus my parents were invited and I welcome them to this. Hell, they speak the same language as me so i may welcome conversations with mom and dad. I doubt they will take us up on coming along but its the gesture that counts. Mom will want to but dad won't especially since it will interfere with his regular vacation over july 4th. France or Jersey shore..its a tough call.
I had greek food last Wednesday.. I want more.. now..
I signed Simon up for an agility show during passover.. Shall be fun to get back into the ring but eating matzah all day long won't be quite as fun. We will be in a whole new competition level so our ribbons will get less for sure.
Its snowing in Missouri.. dogs love it and are doing Snoke (Snow Coke, coined by kara). I could care less about snow but i do look adorable in my pink wellies.
Oh and totally stupid but I'm excited. I bought an air popcorn popper and butter salt. I had neither before and should have had both. Mom wouldn't allow butter salt or just salt growing up but I'm 30 and allowed to do what i want :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Glamourious life

Yesterday I wore some awesome earrings Kathy gave me for Hannukah. I felt pretty and sparkly.. I can't help but keep surfing etsy for earrings although i don't buy many... I have kept my earring collection quite in check since the occurance of the June 08 pierce drama. I also need to get a silver polishing cloth before I get any more earrings. Mayhaps I should bust a few out from my bead etc collection... I for sure won't be heading to the dog park this weekend. I'm fucking cold and very whiney about it. I'm at work with the space heater on max, fingerless gloves, leggings under my jeans and a scarf...Seriously, huge ass whiner right here...
This week I finished some malabrigo gloves, they are toasty warm but ya know, cold is cold. Last night I started my snowboarder hat which will make me look like a goof but well, thats the look i aim for. The edges of it seem a bit lumpy but maybe that will all get better over time, I can always crochet an edge if i need.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

mah bebe cow

Vermont pics from Uncle... yeah I look cool but its was 11:30 at night on was mother lovin cold.