Friday, February 27, 2009

Get er done...

Okay dude, this weekend, thank-you card bonanza. I officially feel like doodoo for not getting them done... I even worked on them today at lunch and will take the cards and list with me to hair appt tomorrow. Then if Boo is lame and doesn't do his part thats his fault.. I can't write chinese so I'm in the clear.
Funny how I try to get so much done and neglect the important things like being grateful... On that note I decided for Obama's volunteer day to learn to crochet and make pet beds for donation. I had to work so I obviously didn't volunteer but we do what we can in our own way. Well here it is a month later and I have my first bed and I'm halfway done my second. Learning curve add some time on but I am damn pleased and its great for stash busting.

I've also been on a quest to warm my head. A) cause its cold B) i can't go to the dog park when I'm this cold which then effects the pups who need to run. I made this awesome alpaca hat that cost me more than any hat I've made before and its itching me. I still need to wash it so I hope that helps.

I've also been working on stem research, see as this single dog pops into two dogs in a ski hat. Viola!

Continuing with the hope to heat my head I used left over yarn from my Chuppah to make a beret. I know, I know, its not raspberry but lets face it, if you know me, you know i want to wear soooo much more.
It was on my list of things to try but I had a hard time finding a pattern for my bulky yarn. I did the sunflower tam by Norah Gaughan and edited some. This also taught me how to do twists which i hadn't done before. I got gauge wrong or something and had to crochet elastic into the band so I could wear it... Viola, I iz cute.

Riley is cuter. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

My work is teh awesome!

Yeah how often do you hear that. We are doing an addition at work and doing a whole practice what you preach idea so its very green and naturey. And we are going to have a veggie garden to boot. Well going with the practice what you preach I suggested my excellent idea of putting in a piece of playground equipment from Kompan that is both sculptural and full fun for adults. Coworkers liked it (it also would be great stress relief) but we hadn't suggested it to the bosses until today. Bosses' responses were "tell me what color you want." Score! My work will have playground equipment, how awesome is that!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So its not a secret that I am on anti depressants. Personally I think I have my depression better in check than anyone I know. This lifelong depression and my acceptance of it and taking care of it keeps me from being kosher for adopting from the country I want to adopt from, also the country of my husband's family. We recently found out that we also will need to wait two years til we could technically apply for said child.. With waits of about 35 months for actual getting of kid that leaves me about about 34/35 to do something I've wanted to do since I was 24. Not that I wanted it at 24 but I knew I wanted to adopt. We have some friends who like to talk kids and I have stated I am not ready. But suddenly knowing the additional wait as well as the depression issue I suddenly have this side that doesn't want a kid today but find another 5 years is a slight bummer. Weird, going from not wanting kids yet to find myself bummed out at the idea of waiting for that long of a time is so weird.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love rhinestones

Or as you hip young kids call it, Bling. I have a box of rhinestones that is in desperate need of refilling.. I love to use tiny red or white ones all the time. During lunch today i got my craft on for therapy :) I was out of tiny red ones so we got some big ole ones for this card. I used stickers for lettering which i'm not so hot on but I was too lazy for stamping or rub ons and I have handwriting that might compete with Michael J Fox's handwriting.. Total downer man..
So I present my lunch time therapy. Complete with a "this one is for you Deborah" as I did put the made by me stamp on it. Crooked, but its there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Go away!

I do my best housework when alone. I have off presidents day and this place is looking spotless. I've got yarn dying on the stove, laundry in the dryer and I may actually be considering a shower at this point.
Today I've:
Dusted living room,
Vacuumed, also vacuumed curtains free of cat hair
Washed sheets and blankets
Washed two load of dark clothes
Sanded my towel chest unit so i can paint it
Knit an inch of ribbed tam
skeined up yarn for dying or yarn for selling
Got my oil changed
had two size 4 cups of coffee
Washed dishes, pots and the counter
Organized clothes closet
I realize this is oh so very manic but I do all this best when alone which is close to never. I'm usually the gal who does chores during my lunch break cause that's when I'm alone but this was fun with tv in the background and knowing I've already relaxed, gotten over disease and still have time to play later today. Someone needs to take Boo out on the weekends so I can do this more often he is on the couch watch umpteen soccer games every weekend, dude we have dvr, don't get up at the buttcrack of dawn on your days off. And really, watching 6 games a weekend on laptops and tvs is a bit excessive. Anywho, the home is clean. I should do kitty litter but i hate that chore more than any other chore in this house. Off to dye some more and continue my day of me.. or my home i guess.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

can one blog about a good hair day...

Cause dude, mine be rocking... The hair in my sweater pics did not go well with my sweater at all. I have a love hate relationship with the straight hair, i needs the right outfit which I was wearing earlier that today. Today I have a the pin up hair going on with some waves and I'm thrilled. Of course as they say on fark, useless without pictures.. but ya know...I'm not near a camera right now and I just wanted to share the good hair-a-tude.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What up bitches....

Okay that's totally inappropriate but thats what i want to say whenever I realize I made my first sweater... Its the February Lady Sweater in Dream in Color Yarn - Spring Tickle, started in late October finished in early February.. Dude, I have a sweater, what up bitches?!?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nearly Killed Him

I had a date last night with Boo, we had bake potato dinner and then a movie, Underworld 3, the non-blond version. On the way home I nearly ran over a dumb ass grey cat in my driveway. Growing up I wanted a grey cat more than anything. That was my choice of pet. Now I hate changing litter more than I hate my sibling. Seriously, hate owning cats for that pure reason. Once the stupid fearless grey cat moved to the next house Boo decided that he is our cat's boyfriend and his name is Dusty... and that we should have a grey cat named Dusty since he can't have a grey dog (Weimaraner) so that we can have Dusty and Mildew. We aren't getting a cat but I was amused none the less. Frankly i think we have enough dust we could make a pet out of it.. but thats just me.
I had a few bad nights sleeping recently... Mildew however is thrilled to see me about in the middle of the night. I know now why an old friend had a cat named Whiney...this cat does not shut up...she wants love sooo badly yet won't sit still for it. Bitch, if you want the love and the petting, sit still and shut up... or something like that....