Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Damn books

I like teen novels. Not cheeseball twilight shit but more along the lines of cheeseball Harry Potter, Forest of Hands and Teeth, Mockingjay, fablehaven, etc...just random types of teen books.. But i'm fucking tired... tired of everything being a damn trilogy. Can we just have a good story, a good book and it not be a damn series. Apparently I have issues with waiting for books. All three of the books above are series and while i have read all of them it still pisses me off when i read a book and find out there are more. I enjoy series, hey if you find an author you like its nice to know there will be more books but it seems every new teen book that comes out is a 3 course meal. Can I just get a few long lovely books that aren't going to have a to be continued?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie Swap Creations

Below are my creations for the zombie swap. A cotton scarf that shrunk up to be all apocalypsy, some repainted cheezy dollar store figures, and my first attempted at needle felting. I made an eye, brain, and lungs in that order.
8/2 cotton woven Scarf
Zombie Kids
Felted body parts

Friday, October 08, 2010

Who me a blogger?

Not so much these days, flickr, ravelry, twitter, and life just seem to have knocked me off the blogging boat. I think about canceling this but not need to do that I guess. This will be a bulleted post.
  • Finished a sweater but its a bit too big, need to seam it up.
  • I have had 25 lbs of edible garden stuff that I have harvested and an additional 31 lbs of pumpkins, actually two pumpkins, one was 10 lbs and the other 21 lbs.
  • Went apple picking, now to make pie. I'm excited to use my new pin and rolling mat.
  • Made my sukkah and then it rained most of the time. Next year sukkah will be built at the bottom of the hill. I also need more folding yard chairs so i don't sink into my ground.
Sukkah and Simon
  • Moles are still invading our property. We have found a good trap through our neighbor lending it to us. She has killed 4 moles...
  • Took part in a yarn swap with the theme of zombies. Future post will show what what i made. It was pretty kick ass. Heart the zombies.
Zombie SwapZombie Swap
  • Oh and i turned 32. Again, future post will show awesomeness of goodies received. Boo and I went to Tratoria marcella for dinner. Yum. Great restaurant but hard to hear each other.. very noisy for upscale dining. Kara made me kick ass carrot cup ghost cupcakes. Will need to try that recipe sometime sans raisins...
  • Went to DC for a nice wedding
  • Went to PA for a few jewish related trips
  • chopped the hair off, will be growing it back but it got had a rough time with hard water and really needed to be cleaned up.
  • Did the hokey pokey
Just kidding about that last one... maybe...