Sunday, June 04, 2006

Honestly, you're a bitch....

So in my wonderful world of scrapping I've had to recently deal with some not so honest folks. I sometimes wonder how many people are dishonest to others. Instead of taking blame themselves or truely placing the blame on someone else they come up with crackpot excuses. This on gal from Canada complains about her kid constantly. I want to scream, get off the internet and repremand your son then. Of course then there is another chic from the north that smothers her kids and they act out because of it. I wonder if their true friends ever tell them these things. I know when my mom's friend tries to tell her stuff about randy mom doesn't react well. Of course not! We don't want to be told we are less that we think we are. I did however make major headway points with mom yesterday on the phone so that was nice.
She complained about not being invited to a party. She didn't want to go, had she been invited she'd bitch about having to gift a monetary gift. I told her such and she agreed and reflected on it further.
Are you being honest today? Once sleeping beauty awakens I will be honest that it takes me a day to adjust to him being here. Right now I feel awkward. I'm also way sleep deprived and mentally worn out from it so I'm not as good as I could be personality wise.


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