Thursday, June 08, 2006

Drama, drama, you don't want no drama....

Do you know why I'm not interesting? I don't have drama. Know what? Thats okay with me. Yesterday two things happened. One, I went to Sweetie Pies for dinner. Afterwards I really wanted to drop it like it was hot as I walked to my car past a blasting radio. Seriously, how does such a sober, prude girl love the hoochie rap music. I also clicked some link to myspace. I then did the mandatory random high school search that everyone does once in a while. Know what? I'm not drunk or pretty enough to be on there. I'm also not hard core enough or funny enough. Really I think we can go through and make catagories and everyone would fit in it. I love all the girls who have their wedding shots on there too. I like seeing the random oddballs that you never think about until you see their name. I saw one guy who was in one of the special eds. I don't recall if it was learning disablity or temper issues. He was a nice kid, had a little lisp. I can't remember him past 7th grade. Apparently he's still kicking so thats good. There are also all the ghetto fabulous folks. I think instead of two guns I need my watering hose cause I love my garden and a squirt gun. Oh wait, the chances of you seeing my stomach or my back on myspace is zero to none. Besides I don't have whore tag on my back. Remember all those drunk fun times in college, yeah not me. My favorite college moment would be with eric and sergi senior year having an indoor squirt gun fight after playing some kart. Mario Kart that is... I would like to have more indoor squirt gun fights but at this point the dogs would figure they were in trouble, my stacks of crafty paperness would get soaked and I'm sure I'd probably take an eye out.


Blogger Buffy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does the 'high school search' every now and again.

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