Sunday, January 27, 2008

another hat bites the dust

So I have a huge head... Freaking massive... so when i knit a large hat I think it will fit.. My sheep and wool hat. Not so much... This would be my second non fitting hat. It was with stash yarn and I'm okay with not keeping it,I suppose..... but its still a bummer. I plan to knit for the needy this just wasn't my planned route... Although I think the hat is totally something that fellow STL blogger C.W. would look adorable in...question big is her noggin. Mine is a 23.... Riley looks simply dashing in it but I don't knit for my pets.

Hey look at me, its 1 am

So apparently the only way this 29 year old can stay up this late is to sleep til 4... okay I didn't really sleep to 4. I was up from like 10:30-2. But then the headache and sinus sent me off to bed for some sexy open mouth, drooling, no breathing through the nose action.
Eventually this evening i could do more than stare into space or at the tv. I finished my sheep and wool hat but there is end weaving to be done. I have a little project that i just need to sit my butt down and do. Its like going to the post office. I needed to go, dreaded it and today went and was easy as pie and the weather was even pretty nice for the walk. I love being in walking distance to the post office. Speaking of dreading I need to renew my license plates and all that is involved. Thats another thing I should get it over with and not procrastinate. The DMV by my work isn't bad, its just needing to coordinate the inspection/needed oil change. I hate how they always give you that, you should get this done. Dude, last month and the month before I had the "you should get this done" bit for my body and that cost a nice 1000 bucks before it was all said and done with. I'd like to do some "you should get this done" for my house. I want some better lighting in the living room. Like not the 8 buck target lamps by the dozen. I want some recessed or track.... probably recessed. Now to find "a guy" cause this is one home repair project I"m not touching with a ten foot pole.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cold part 14

So I have a cold again... I don't get how you tell the difference between this and allergies.. (My dr says the last time i had this it was allergies) Maybe I need a different dr. Frankly I'd take a nice flu that can be slept off versus this long ass pile of snot day after day.
So I've broken out the week long container of pills and am going to start taking extra stuff. I've been getting sick way too much even if some say its allergies.. its so not...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hi, I'm a Lactard

Did you hear? I had pizza last night and didn’t take my Lactaid and I was fine. At Walgreens this weekend I went to buy more Lactaid and saw that Digestive Advantage had a once daily lactose intolerance pill. The kicker, you take two the first two days and then one a day. It says some people may need two a day.. Gee can’t wait to find out if I’m one of those. So I continued with some Lactaid when I went to lunch with work and tested it out sans per meal Lactaid and I was fine.
I can’t even tell you how exciting this is. I still need to test the waters but not having my life on a 30 minutes til the next pill schedule is pretty sweet. Maybe I can even slow down my eating instead of shoveling it before I need another pill.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coffee to go

Instead of stealing the roomie's coffee mug from starbucks I went to buy my own. Other travel mugs have sucked monkey balls and hers kept my coffee hot like no other mug i had met before. I'm your average cheap chick so spending 20 bucks on a mug hurt my soul. I figure using my Keurig instead of the bucks will in the end save me money so dive on into the the pricey mug. They didn't have the one she had so i settled for one I didn't like. I had a hard time openning the top. Well, to my dismay, i go to use it with my keurig today and it doesn't fit, it makes me a sad panda. The only pic i could find of the good mug was at starbucks peru, thats a bit far to go for a tumbler.
or ya know... the roomie has her photographed

and yes, i did remove the drip tray, thank you very much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Woohoo for great things

So i don't know why people think I'm dark.. maybe its cause I like the same as
Last night was knit night and we had the splendid evening of finding out Selina's baby is getting new lungs... okay and by baby I mean, grown adult. Sure we missed Selina but i think we will let her off the hook :)
Funny thing, my insides are excited like I've had too much coffee...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fo' Sho....ulder

Crap, i hurt my shoulder again.. It was originally hurt Dec 06... I don't know what i did but i have been sleeping very tensely.... hopefully my yarn won't suffer like last time...although there is always paper arts.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is it the winter? The lunesta?

I'm bored. My attention span is sucking totally and I'm pooped. My body is not feeling rested and I wake up tense with my hands in fists. All week I wait for the weekend so I can rest and on the weekend I want the weekdays for the structure. My lunesta is old (cause while diseased I went with nyquil for good sleep) and not completely doing its job so first step is to renew my prescription and see how that goes.
It could be work related. Work is been really intense for me and maybe I am not leaving it alone when I'm home. My body knows how far behind I am.
Heck I'm bored with knitting right now.... what the heck. I am enjoying some craftyness which is bit more mentally engaging. Minds..they are funny things... and from what i hear "a terrible thing to waste"

Friday, January 11, 2008

I may have licked it

I always told Boo white gold or platinum..
He went with platinum.....

oh you thought I was referring to something else...yeah right!I'm enjoying some right now.. but i need to do a bit more research cause I just burnt my tongue on insanely hot coffee/cocoa...The only downside is the cups aren't recyclable and that's not very green of me now is it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I swear I am Crafty....

And here is some proof.
First up is the "Cashmere Scarf" with Boo's aunt's yarn. I've used it, I'm done. My love of vt yarn has waned.

Second is my hunting hat with yarn from Boo. I'm hunting rabbits... being that I have the wrong sort of gun they are going to be city rabbits. The orangy yarn is fearless fiber and is crocheted. Oh yeah I learned to crochet...

Third is cards I made this weekend at a crop going to Preppydude.