Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well at least the cat is excited

So its the middle of the night and I'm Lunesta free because I had mucho alcohol tonight. After my 3 hour nap as my body sees it I'm wide awake. I've gone to the bathrom and had kitty paws reaching under the door, a massage that I'm sure I owe the cat money for and even spooned her without her running away. Its the night before New Years and I have party plans and need some damn sleep but it ain't happening. The cat is excited to have a friend... I am not...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some day when my kids are grown..

and in therapy or talking about how crazy their parents were with other of their peers, mine will win the contest on how "f-ing crazy" their mom is...
Why you ask? Because before she even had kids, their mother hit a 75% off sale and what did she get there? Kosherland... Yep, my kids will have Kosherland instead of Candyland which I didn't have because it glorified candy. At least I think that why we didn't have it... We had some similar game with a rabbit that was a bit terrifying instead, Uncle Wiggly which looked like a regular game piece that had melted in the sun and become evil game rabbit piece.

So I now own all its glory....

and with it comes the little details that make it great.... Note the king of Meat and Milk. This Jewish child that was me used to think getting food down the wrong pipe was mixing meat and dairy. Screw airways. Totally not important.
Hell, notice the heinous turn waiting spot...
And with any good Jew's holiday you get to go "Gefilte Fishing" with what I call albino shit looking food. Doesn't mean I don't still eat it...Note the orange lids of the jars. Synonymous with Mrs. Adler's Gefilte Fish. They are very happy fish of the Gefilte. Smiling as they are getting caught with spears through their heads. There should totally be a square, "Put too much horseradish on gefilte fish, take two steps back" Because the best horseradish is a spicy horseradish that makes you cry like you just found out you got the clap.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Friends episode with the 18 page letter

That's where I feel like I am right now... I'm having Boo issues but well I responded to an email with an email and now he has no email in France.... He gets back 10:30 pm on Friday and we have a wedding to go to the next day....
I'm so sweating this crap....I have some very basic questions I need answered.... what exactly is your major and what exactly are you hoping to go into... If A and B are different what are you doing so that you can achieve B because I believe B is sort of A+C....
Last night I gave this really cheezy description of how Boo is the cheezy romantic softy like you see in Love Actually but ya know...he's the 10 year old.... and doesn't have Liam Nielson to take care of his other responsibilities. Anyway imagine me liking a cheezy chick movie like that. I'm very intrigued by the flow of a movie. The first time you see a movie it has a certain flow and natural steps that make it right...the second time the flow is different. You wonder wait, when did they fall in love, gee that is quick... or non romance movies, the flow of the history of a character or the actual conflict in the movie. Movies like the Incredibles really took a long time to become the fighting family team...A movie can be great the first time but after you know what is going to happen its not so hot. That and there is that whole anticipation factor.... keep your hopes low people or you'll be disappointed.. case and point the last two Xmen... I was too excited and was let down...
I've got no hopes for Eragon so maybe I'll like it..Damn, I really am a dork aren't I? Speaking of which... Having grown up with someone who couldn't quite realize he wasn't Luke Skywalker I'm very entertained by this...Must...keep...expectations...down...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm not Annie Potts

So today I went to Target for one of those massive needs trips... Then there was the non need but total want. Ghostbusters I and II for 10 bucks. Been on my Amazon list for a while. I don't own many movies with an all human cast so this would fit under my regular genre of shite movies. Quality movies are not movies I like to watch over again. Besides its got Peter MacNicol and he's a funny little man... Chicago Hope, Dragon Slayer... he almost made me want to watch Ally McAnorexic but not enough to watch those duck lips.
Anyway couldn't find it... bummer dude....I found about 500 kids hopped up on candy and having xmas money burning in their pockets. I managed to not smack any of them and got out unscathed...that is until I saw them... the 2006 couple of the year...... Basically she was a large chocolate woman looking like Starr Jones but with a cheaper hair piece, a blinged out cancer purse and the skirt that let me know at least she wasn't wearing a thong...she did however have the cottagecheese dimples all on display through her gray skirt. He was a 6 foot greasy white guy.... shoulder length hair and possibly about to faint from the lack of nutrition in his body...He was at least dressed snazzily to go with Starr. Usually Starr hangs with Mr. Paint on His Jeans, Ripped Tazmanian Devil T-Shirt....The vision will stay with me for a long time.... cheese people, cottage cheese....

Monday, December 25, 2006

Rainy Day Monday

So pretend you don't do really would feel like a movie hot cocoa saturday.... I'm almost donea book I've been reading since I jacked my arm up. I'm totally feeling the Labrynth watching.....Its only been a month since I saw it last. I could also do Big Trouble in little China or Clash of the Titans although I don't own that one...Willow would be good too or Conan the Barbarian.. can you tell what kind of chick I am. I also could go for a tv series all day but right now all we have is How I met you mother and a show about relationships aren't my cup of tea at the moment.
I could also do Xmen three as I keep feeling like Warren Worthington III/Angel...ya know the guy who pops wings out of his shoulder blades...
Oh and note to self.... remember to put the heat on a regular temp instead of the temp that is at when I'm at work on a was bloody cold this morning...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Too many monkeys on the bed

The animal mojo in Chez Shoes is all a flurry. I just had all four animals on my bed... which was preceded by both dogs playing with Ziggy... Remember Simon the dog afraid of ziggy... they played.. WTF. Mildew and Ziggy are playing too.. Guess Jesus brought peace to the jewish home for xmas....
The arm is still jacked. I managed to knit a little today but when I tried the fetching which is by nature a tight knit I couldn't do it. I did however finish a layout I started this week and did a simple layout of Ziggy. Lately layouts are sitting on my desk and taking a month to do...So many of my layouts are heritage family which is a joke as i sit here 900 miles away from my crazy family planning on adopting which will mean my heritage means nothing....Of course where I adopt from and with whom is up in the air. My boss had the brilliant question of are there many orphans in Israel. He was going with the Jewish angle. Not that I'm really thinking seriously about anything like that at the moment I thought it was a cool view to be had by him.
Off to read some more. I've been reading like a fiend since I'm gimping...I catch myself holding the book with my left hand and hurting so I'm a bit slow in the leaving the arm alone... I'm reading a book I've read before Stones from the River but I didn't realize it when I bought the book. Its still a nice read for me so I guess I'm all good.

Friday, December 22, 2006

What not to get your wife for Hannukah

When she asks for a bright fun cutting board, don't get her a scale that measures body fat too....
this, people, are the parents I come from....

so a jew walks into a church....

Friday Four....cause I couldn't get through my ipod without distraction....
Excuse me Miss – Jay-Z
Batter- Up – Nelly
I’m finding it harder to be a gentle man – white stripes
Bop gun – parliament

So my mom emailed me this morning. She lost her job. She was a one-on-one with an autistic boy. I don't think the job was good for her and pulled her down more than she already is at. It really angers me how my dad's poor business hasn't closed down or sucked it up and started paying him....well he gets paid and doesn't bring it home because he knows the business can't take it... yeah, what kind of book keeping is that. He hasn't had a steady paycheck in 10 years. They depend on a substitute teacher salary cause he does stupid shit...I guess i don't have patience with people who can't suck up responsibility and doing what should be done. It hits home hard for me.... Oh well. My arm is feeling better after a massage last night. Don't know if i can knit but I can type so that’s good. No plans for the next four days. Basically not giving a shit is my MO right now.... So it will be me, crafts and books and the roomate... no family, boyfriends, work... And I don't plan to worry about any of them cause I'm like that. Conceded!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best wife ever...

So the roomate got me the Stuff on My Cat everyday calendar.... I was sorta bummed when she told me that she got herself the monthly one.. I thought oh, you should have told me, maybe I wanted to order something too... Cause I sooooo wanted the daily calendar because it brings out the two year old in me.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So coming to terms...

with my depression and being on drugs and okay and in control if it will now effect my future plans...
Chinese adoption

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So I saw an HOHOHO card upside down and Walmart... I thought a far better card would be OHOHOH hope your Christmas is "exciting."
I also just want one of those fruity multi color candy canes. I'm craving them... I'm sure I'll have two licks and my craving will be gone... I told Kara to look out at her work and steal one if she sees it. :)

So here is my xmas list...its two long..
Favorite Song:
Christmas Wrapping
Favorite Movie:
Santa Klaus (1985)

I hurt my shoulder somehow, or multiple somehows. I think I have to put down the knitting for a bit. Roni's Xmas present will be late but she'll forgive me cause she's good like that.. :) Its kinda of a grouping of things. I hurt my shoulder when I moved...Walking the dogs with that arm, knitting and sleeping on it/popping it I think are making it worse. I did almost nothing last night but watch tv cause it hurt so much...I did layout out the beginning of a layout and put together a package of goodies for Daiva and Roni for xmas. Daiva's is just some layouts and some small goodies. Roni's is more because we go out on the gifts and I like to try to one up her :P
I also tried to order my supply of cardstock for the year...the stuff I know I'll use like crazy... 100 sheets of KMA's Barley paper, 50 sheets of bazzil which unfortuantly i got the wrong one and its not the basket weave which means its stripe and i can't use it in both directions, 50 sheets dark cocoa KMA cardstock and just a few various red/brown huges of bazzil, again not the right weave.
I also got a new blade from my cricut and attempted to buy another mat but messed up and bought the trimmer which I gave to Kara....If i ever get to michaels or walmart maybe I can get another mat. As if I'll get there any time soon :P Christmas+ the great unwashed=Big No!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad mood bears....

Okay ever rip out your Cause it feels like I've done that. I hurt it moving last time and its not been the same since.... I think because of knitting its hurting a lot more or it could be from walking retard and retard. I just about pummeled them tonight on our walk. Currently Retarded Dog 1 is sequestered in his cage from not pooping. Retarded Dog 2 formally known as Mr. Perfect is hiding on my bed. I radiate anger and they get to stay the F away.
I spent a very long day at work, I had a very long day in relationship world, I had an over two hour meeting that was a waste of my time for about 2 hours. I get to my desk twenty minutes after quitting time and ready to rush out to come home and do hannukah. Then Miss Hour late comes down and asks if I'm leaving. "yes, of course" "Oh well can you do this rendering tomorrow then"
Yes I can do it tomorow...but it takes me like 2 hours for the previous ones I did so don't ask me after quitting time... She work normally in another state and when she comes in to work in the office she hasn't got a desire to run home and continuously rakes me or others into staying late when she stays cause she's higher up. Totally unfair...that and when she comes in town the whole office stops like the second coming has arrived.
I stay about 20 minutes late at least 4 times a week. I just finished getting the work presents for the bosses, wrapping then, bringing them to the office, putting them away after opening, organized holiday party, picked up holiday party stuff and got stuck with setting out leftovers during lunch per bosses request. So no, I'm not staying late for no other good reason than you don't have somewhere better to be. I do!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

And a Happy Hannukah to you!
Tonight starts Hannukah I'm not quite into the excitement yet...then again..hannukah, not so important... if you are curious about the holiday this isn't a bad explanation except for the goy mention which is in my mind not a good term... its derogatory...
And for your oil happy holiday here is my Friday shuffle.
Blue Train- John Coltrane
Fu-gee-la - Fugees
Songbird - Fleetwood Mac
What's Up - Four Non Blondes
Fluffy - Ween
Dr. Funkenstein - George Clinton
Do you think I'm sexy the Tom Jones Version, who knew it even existed.
Honky Tonk Woman - Rolling Stones
Sabatoge - Beastie Boys
Hearing Aid - They might be giants

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Now freestyle, freestyle, freestyle

I really need this to get out of my head...
or I need it on my ipod...either way....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chimps and orangutans....

Who wants to hear about my splendid on Thursday with my pigment rich friend, Friday bbq and games and up past midnight, Happy Feet with Daiva and little Matt,(i laughed pretty hard, half at the movie, half at Matt's comments) Saturday drinks, awkward pointing and laughing at the more social adept at Mandarin, drinks and sushi and Drunken Fish, up past midnight, Sunday - knitting and food and almost finishing a scarf, started redoing craft area, and then a nice finish of Dave chapelle....
Shows my age with the excitement at up past midnight. Unless I'm doing a project I don't do it well... Before Kara moved in and I was painting the living room up I'd be up til 3 but without that umph to get the shit done I don't stay up well.
At the knitting fest I saw this stuff...
Remind me I don't need it...
Mister Joe Blanket
I've also decided I have to get rid of my email address... 100 non filtered spams a day is ricockulous... any suggestions for gmail names....

Thursday, December 07, 2006

hat and fat.

I feel nasty.. Really nasty… like I don’t fit in my skin, like its about to burst. I can’t get a picture with out my double chin and I stood at the mirror this morning seriously thinking about chin tucks…Healthy right? I’ve always had another chin… it sucks….I suppose money will never grow on trees along with guts and pain relievers.
I got on the scale and I’m up ten lbs. Maybe if I lose them I’ll lose half the chin… My eating habits have gone to the shitter and that has to change… When I make myself food there is less chance of me overeating cause its just so good. Plus I can make less. I know I’ve been forcing extra food cause its delicious and that’s gotta stop. I also can tell that I need more fruits and veggies and pure laziness has kept me from the market… My fall back is inhaling low fat but calories joyful pastas and other starches.
Anyway I finished my hat. Non of my 15 pics taken last night did me or the hat justice. Half looked like I was trying to do an angst MySpace photo. If I take a pic from the ceiling, much better…hell it looks good. Plus I stretched it on a pumpkin last night which helped the too tight headband that made a funny bump on my head.
I’ve got the winter shpuckas.. I need to redo my scrap area, work on the basement more and inhale less food that’s bad for me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Neat Freak

Not me by a long shot but I am currently wanting to tear apart my craft area and reorganize and add stuff.. I've not had enough space for a while and things have broken, etc. Also I work on lots of stuff at once and need space to put things aside and dry or just more surface space....
Alas, I cannot do any such thing... this thing called work makes me stay and be productive for the almighty dolla dolla bill yo...

Monday, December 04, 2006

I was going to be more creative....

Vermont pics are up
Vermont Pics

Saturday, December 02, 2006

What the F?

Shoot me now and make me a grandma... because thats how i act... I fell asleep during one of the best holiday movies last night, the Ref...that put me at falling asleep before 9. Today while watching the davinci code I slept again... and I really could fall back asleep. I'm such a good sleeper... I hate it.. I can fall sleep with out even trying. The cold doesn't makes me only want to sleep under nice warm blankets.
I talked iwth mom today which also made me want to be shot... good times....