Monday, January 29, 2007

Pan means Fawn

So I want to go on and on about how great Pan's Labyrinth was but unfortunately my teeth are still clenched and I may have ground out some extra filling while watching it. I think I might just need time. I can tell you character design was great and the environments were also very well done. On the other hand, seeing the hand stitching of stitches on oneself is sticking to me still and not in a very good way....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Dental Shuffle

So Wednesday I go to the dentist. I'm afraid of the dental world and the medical world and well many things in the world, like the crazies. Listening to my ipod chilled me out even though there were still tears.... The needle was big. I swear my last dentist had smaller needles but then again we were redoing some of his work. Knowing how large the needle was I'll be extra terrified at my next visit if its not just a routine cleaning. I'm a wimp, a baby a...pussy, slap your hands in the vajayjay sign and point it at me.
I listened to my collection of Alicia Keyes which was a good choice. I sat there actually thinking about the book Stiff and wondering if they worked on cadavers or parts of cadavers in school. After Alicia was my shuffle. There were enough songs to keep me entertained either by their content or by their irony to me being under the drill. I must say when the dr started to move in sync with A Little Less conversation I realized I was probably losing my mind..he wasn't but I was perceiving it that way....
  1. Hot fun in the summertime- Sly and the famly stone
  2. Roam- b-52s
  3. Beans and Cornbread- Louis Jordan
  4. Amadeus- Falco
  5. Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers
  6. Gold Digger- Kanye West
  7. A little less conversation - Elvis
  8. Southern Cross- CSN
  9. Bad Moon Rising- CCR
  10. Breathe - Asylum Street Spankers.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh baby I love how you tuck that shirt in…

I sport many a style. I am a fan of the cute preppy look or at least I think its cute. Me, being oh so suave have known for years that Chucks are preppy sheik. After about a year of Mr. Duane being in my life I feel the need to document such days that I am adorably preppy. I feel much better showing Duane pics here rather than our previous NOT phone fetish sex conversation. (imagine the search results that's gonna bring here)

I’d have my roomie take pictures but she takes the worst picture of me. She seems to accent my 3 lbs of extra chins. I think its her form of abuse to me when she isn’t doing things like dropping an effing hammer on my foot..oh yeah, she did that…not on purpose or so she says.
So I present my adorable preppyness… pinstripe skirt, cardigan with just the right amount of retro chic flair, my hooker high boots and my standard 'do of pigtails.

I would also like to take a moment to show you my newest chuck desire. Mary Janes. I really need something to slip into easily that's stylish. Sure I could get some ugly ass crocks around the house for indoor needs but I take the chance I might forget I'm wearing them and wear them out.... its been done with loafers and white socks...I really meant to change into sneaks before I left but I forgot and had run out quickly with the loafers to let the dogs out back and didn't change before I left for a Starbucks meet up. Of course who knows if you consider this stylish... but its something, and i need something to slip into that won't make me start singing Billie Jean and touching the youngins...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Veggies are good, mkay?

So I went to Jay's Grocery on Saturday before a little socializing with a coworker. I stocked up on all sorta of yummy stuff. Although I am only cooking for one, every once in a while i get my wok on... Usually its more authentic Chinese food inspired by Boo the Chinaman.... The great thing is that a lot of the stuff that can go in the meals are preserved or canned with the right amount of fresh veggies.....or lately Trader Joe's frozen veggies which are pretty darn great. It works for me cause I'm a spur of the moment cooker.
I need some bread now cause I'm a bit stoked about the kalamata spread. Or some roasted peppers...oh the choices...Maybe some mozzarella too...
Mr. Duane must be so proud of me getting all foodie.....

Friday, January 19, 2007

When you dip, I dip we dip

So in my shit together thing I'm doing now I'm signed up to show Simon in an agility show in February. We'll suck and probably dq but at leat i did it... I also bought my Buby flowers already for her Feb 13th...and have my mom b-day present for April.... On the not getting my shit together list I've been making more and more knitting mistakes which leads me to rip stuff out..bummer.

Any way onto the shuffle... this is last friday's shuffle that i forgot to post...

Colonel Josh’s BBQ Asylum Street Spankers
Lee Harvey Asylum Street Spankers
New Genius – Gorillaz
Antifreeze – Asylum Street Spankers
Unbelievable – EMF
Purple Rain – Prince
Bombs over Bahgdad – Oukast
Give up the funk- Parliament
Tipsy –J-Kwon
California Love- Tupac and Dre

Thursday, January 18, 2007

We went insane when we took cocaine.

So I keep trying to make this post about the song Genius of Love. I even put it in draft form... Well let me say that as much as I love the Tom Tom club, they love me too. Almost every time I put my ipod on shuffle they show up. And no, i don't have it on there more than once.
I'm trying to make a cure winter blues fun cd for some friends. Why is it I can't seem to bare the idea of not including the Tom Tom Club Genius of Love. I was 3 when this came out... I shouldn't be so attached to it...

Kvetch In.

So okay I've had a headache for 6 days... its sorta starting to get to me. I'm sure its from my clenching my teeth. I'm waking up with it and although I do wear a bite plate that doesn't mean I'm not clenching, it just means I'm not grinding down my teeth.
So stop clenching you say... yeah, well either you clench teeth together or you clench trying to not have your teeth together.
This morning I took half or something like that from the crumbs of a cut down xanex hoping to loosen my muscles. Work has been crazy and such but I should be able to recover ya know? Maybe staying late both Friday and Monday got to me. Who knows? Either way my head hurts and I'm really exhausted from it. I'm also locking Sir Riley up tonight. He's been a very good dog lately but waking me up 10-30 minutes before its time for me to wake up is really pissing me off.
Kvetch out.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So here's the thing about migranes...

migraines can make you nauseous and feel like shit. Sometimes you just feel like crap but don't feel like you're gonna puke. You then take meds to attempt to rid yourself of said migraine. Those meds also can make you feel nauseous... They also should be taken with food to prevent that but it doesn't always work. So you take meds for headache where you possibly need to eat or need to puke.... it may or may not make you feel better so in theory you can have a headache, take meds, feel worse. You might feel better but unfortunately its a crapshoot. This time the crapshoot is not in my favor...
I will admit though I've had less migraines as of late and so this 4 day old creeping up thing is really not something I should be all that surprised by.

Jitterbug Boogie

So I don’t know what my body is trying to tell me but I can’t seem to get it to level off energy wise. I’ve had a few times where am shaky but I just eat something and that’s fine. Its more like low blood sugar but I’ve eaten plenty that it shouldn’t be an issue. I was ill over the weekend and but I should be fine now. I even had a protein bar thing today to help me out and OJ and I hate OJ. That being said, this year, thus far, I seem to be more organized. I’m getting stuff done at home and even signed Simon up for an agility competition. I also scrapped and made cards from my left overs. Boo also has bucked up and is doing great. We have a trip planned in Feb to see ATL and Sav. I want to see the ATL aquarium and then we’ll drive to his place in Savannah. Going with the organization idea I have made flickr folders for completed projects. I hope to keep track of what I read and make this year. Fingers crossed. Not a terribly exciting post but hey, they can’t all be Kosherland.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I can't help it if I'm a rockstar

Okay I so am not but I am very excited by the fact that I finished my glove and I tripled my laptops RAM. Its freaking awesome. I'm suddenly feeling a bit like I'm getting my shit together. I've been organizing at home when I can and I actually have 30 bucks til pay day... of course after I pay credit cards, dentist and car insurance well, its Mac and Cheese time.... I still haven't broken out my scrap stuff that I cleared out for New Years. First thing to do when I do is a card challenge and get that out the door.
Oh and exciting new in the non lesbian household of me and kara, we got a toaster....I've never owned a pop up toaster... the best part of the has a poptart setting. Not that I'd use it but the fact that it has it entertains me too much...Its not apparently as new and funny as I think but thats alright cause we all know I should so ride the short bus...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Don't you wish your girlfriend was crafty like me?

Not much being said here as of late... Boo has returned to school and I've been a knitting fiend.... I'm making fingerless gloves.. I'm so darn excited. Its for wearing at work or agility (the running of the dogs out in chilly st. charles) I'm so finishing this one tonight... I've also been a cleaning/organizing fiend but thats not that exciting to share...ooh baby, filing....

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've spent most of my work day running around like a nut. Boo left at 4:30 am which left me lacking sleep. Finally at 9 am this morning, a week later than his arrive his luggage was found. Now it has to be flown to GA.... fantastic... I haven't slept well since new years...I think its a bed sharing thing. Tomorrow I have to get up at 7:30 for agility and then after that I can be a lump on the couch til i turn blue. I'm looking forward to massive antisocializing after wedding, parties. massive family stuff, etc. That activity will cease at weekly knitting on Sunday. Man I think I just made myself tired...7:30 tomorrow morning...oy......

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bare your teeth

So i'm grinding/clenching during the days lately. Dr. H is so gonna yell and me on Monday... Had a great weekend and discovered a love for a dirty vodka martini. Started knitting my gloves. Had Boo ask me to stay home today....cause its not hard enough to go to work each day. He wants me to do so much with him this year and there just isn't enough time let alone money. Grandmother turns 90 this summer. She wants us to go to her france. Dad wants us to go to shanghi for xmas.... we want to go to Austin, he wants to go to vt for a road trip with the hounds, I've got PA in April....really its so tough to be a young jet setter with a job and responsibilties.....