Monday, December 31, 2007


With my diseased self I've slept on the couch to stay elevated.. okay, tried to sleep. Anyway I keep finding Ziggy in my bed and he has lately become a much better, less whiney cat... I like it.. Love it actually. Anyway, I think he wanted to sleep with me but I wasn't sleeping in my bed. Well at some point last night i awoke to a noise in my bed... It was Ziggy snoring on my chest. Sweet! How i don't notice the cat landing on me I don't know but thats alright. He cuddled on my side at one point when I rotated.
He liked my dad a whole lot....actually mildew was on my dad at some point too. He pet her like she was a dog but apparently she likes it rough. Rawr!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too Honest

So I'm blunt and forward and don't like to lie. I do lie, we all do it but sometimes we just can't do it. Thus I made my mom feel like shit this weekend being honest about stuff. I have been sucking it up the last few years and keeping it to myself, doing my duty of the supportive daughter, but lately it has driven me nuts. So I told her about my "aftercare" experience and the stereotyping that embarrassed the hell out of me. I had kept lots from my parents because I had been burned before, I tried again with my surgery and IMO, it kind of blew. I honestly am frightened trying to figure out how they function each day and interact with the world. Am i too attentive for the world. Are most people a little spaced out and not focused on the task at hand and the next one coming. Or were they once like me and 2 kids and 30 years of marriage has changed them.
I don't know the right route with parents. I've always wanted to improve myself ever since I was a teen. Reflection, implementation, improvement...we are always a work of progress and can always improve, but in my family they seem to be content. Their own perfection. They say when I get old I will be the same and won't be able to control the things that embarrass me now. Like mom and gas problems.. she says it cause she is a mouth breather.. yeah..... well... I didn't grow up with the incredible bleching machine so I'm sorry but I think she's lost her sense of shame. So yes, I guess I'm shaming my mom and its a bit evil but fuck, get a grip lady. We seem to live in a world where we don't want to shame anyone for any problem, your problem is now a disease, shaky legs, gassy ass, attention...defi...oohh shiny things.... but sometimes we just need to have a little embarrassment and keep ourselves in check... otherwise we become the scary people that we can find in aisle 6 of wally world, picking their nose and talking about poop with a complete stranger.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why wait til the end of the year.

Parent visit is upon us as is the need to organize and clean out the house. So here is a detailed timed evening. Its so exciting you may fall asleep.

I have cleaned out rubbermaid organizers and sorted by owner.....labeled with initials... looks like I have a drawer set belonging to the KKK and another that is hungry, MMMmmm. Took out trash, cleaned out fridge, packed up with new stuff. Took all the newspapers and put them in a paper bag for recycling. Put all the 100 calorie snacks in one box/bin that can be picked over at snackers delight.

Just got off of phone with parents. Called to ask dad to help replace drain unit in sink.. I can't get the nut undone... ahem.... Dad doesn't do stuff but maybe asking will do miracles. Took opportunity of broken sink to take stuff from under it downstairs. No reason to have 4 backup soaps under the sink. I have a roomie who likes to shop.. I on the other hand see an inch left of soap and get another, maybe two.... off to go make the clock go back and hour in the bathroom. oh yeah, took this long to do it

Cleaned cat litter. Ran out of liners. Night is getting really old quickly and dogs want some love, I've been gone for a week after all.. Ziggy is currently standing on my back and I type this.. unless he plans to massage his little needy butt needs to get off. Got pee on me when cleaning cat litter... life is great.. Missed call from the dude due to said pee.
Found charger for old purple drill..charging it now, doesn't look like it has any life. It was my first power tool and from my mom. Probably was 5 bucks and I'm just a sentimental dork.
Dog puked. Think he may have gotten a cookie when I was cleaning.. he of course ate up the evidence immediately.. and it was the good dog....Started laundry....
Cleaned up crap all over, more laundry, talked with the dude, taught a little photoshopping, have had a pearl necklace stuck in my head for a few hours.. not a physical stuck necklace. Tossed brown bananas and greenish white banana muffins. Making soy mac and cheez for dinner.
Done, ish...The animals are crying for love, the kitchen is clean, living room straightened. did a little cleaning and unpacking in my room, cleaned a little in K's room. Took out trash, tried to take pictures of crappy holiday gifts.... all in all a productive night...

2008 Resolutions

So i don't usually do resolutions but I'm cranky and think i need some this year... last year I decided to drink more water which i did.

This year's goals:
1. Gain more control of my home. IE bringing in the paper that day, lawn not a mess, inside not a mess. No overflowing tables. I think to obtain this I will need to make some changes but I forsee many changes in my housing this year. One will probably be to park outfront again so I see these home needs. Details will have to be figured out since there is another driver in my home. From the back its hard to see what goes on out front.
2. Finish painting inside trim.
3. Touch up bedroom paint
4. Learn to sew skirts.
5. Do laundry more often and put away faster.
6. Leave less piles of "to go through"
7. Get another agility leg with Simon.
8. Get weight below the current bracket.
9. Each more veggies.
10. Sure seems like there should be a ten. Maybe get back to scrapping more.

Monday, December 24, 2007

That family right?

Inlaws and such... I'm really just not meant to fit in am I? its just the way it goes.. I'm positive, what I say is wrong, I'm negative, still wrong. Everything I do seems wrong and there seems to be this on going argument about knitting versus crocheting... I think of myself as a negative girl but I feel like i've gotten sooooo much more positive. They, every one sees as positive but all I see is negative unless we talk about the uncle is who is beyond awesome.
We hung out with Boo's sister yesterday..... I got crap for leaving too early.. Hello, I planned my visit to go with your trips.. if you changed you trips that isn't my fault.... This so has to stop being my vacation...
We are doing xmas at another house.. one that has no couch and no good sitting room. One that is an hour away and all the presents are at out house... Smile, Miss Crap, Smile.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It may be a 3 day week

for me before i head of to the artic north but hell if work isn't going to still try to get 40 hours out of me....

Monday, December 17, 2007

posted then unposted

blah blah blah... take my mother...please....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Poor pup

So Rileypants has been sick all week. He has been acting fine so I figure its he is stupid self, eating crap he shouldn't and then messing up his tummy.... Well I'm trying one more remedy and then its poop testing time. He may be acting fine but the darn dog needs some food to stay in his system one way or the other. I didn't take lunesta last night so I would be awake when he needed to go out... I forgot how much I'd wake up during the night.
Meanwhile have you tried to blog with a cat on you.. darn mildew wants attention but she isn't a sit still sort of cat, she is a walk all over you kneeding her way about....
Back to Rileypants... poor dingo looks silly as hell.. after bathing him multiple times this week he got his butthair cut... his pants are now shorts.... Its hair, it will grow back, right? Hell he doesn't care, he just wants to go outside and eat and the icecream buffet... both pups are thrilled about the snow and Riley thinks he gets ice cube/cream delights for ever... it just water dude, just water...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh the photoshoppery

So i'm not so thrilled with my current hair color, i'm too old to like the red that looks pink to me. Not that on purpose rocking pink either... So i go through kara's haircut magazine. I can't stop, can't look away...these women are so overly photoshoped that they look like wax figures or like their face is patched on. Too much photoshopping doesn't make the pic better...
And it doesn't solve my hair stuff. I really want it strawberry blond with super blond highlights. I'd settle for a brown with super blond hightlights ala 1997 rock girl but i never get my blond as extreme as i'd like it,maybe I should use Fun Betty (NSFW, kinda) and don't really highlight it so well...but hey, at least if my hair looks bad I could actually photoshop it to look cooler than those magazine girls...of course its hard to photoshop yourself in regular life.... what with me actually being a real person and not a pile of pixels.

ps. I'd show pics if i could find them. Think Lucious Jackson- Naked eye sort of colors

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Go to bed late, sleep late, bad shit happens

Riley's stomach is off... I woke up late to poop all over the hallway (He's been waking me to go outside but I don't know if I was Lunestad up or he just felt bad and had no choice)...normally he'd eat his evidence(cause he's stupid and weird) but he was busy puking through the house so he was less than tempted. So I've cleaned up like 7 or 8 spots of puke and found a plastic piece (center numbered part of a row counter) He ate it months and months ago and I so will be washing my carpet later today. He's contained in his cage now which is where i originally found him puking but now I've cleaned it all up and traded out beds...i tried giving him a little neutral bread which he didn't want cause food is less than exciting, he ate some later and then guess what...puked it now he is sequestered to his cage with water....
Its a pukerific morning.....see I don't need no babies to experience the joy of weird stories of puke and poop to share with all.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Grammy TIme

Hey its out, and its not usually my thing but what the hell, my preferences highlighted below

“Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” - Foo Fighters; Gil Norton, producer; Adrian Bushby & Rich Costey, engineers/mixers; Brian Gardner, mastering engineer [Roswell/RCA Records]
“These Days” - Vince Gill; John Anderson, Guy Clarke, Rodney Crowell, Diana Krall & The Del McCoury Band, featured artists; Vince Gill, John Hobbs & Justin Niebank, producers; Neal Cappellino & Justin Niebank, engineers/mixers; Adam Ayan, mastering engineer [MCA Nashville]
“River: The Joni Letters” - Herbie Hancock; Leonard Cohen, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Corinne Bailey Rae, Luciana Souza & Tina Turner, featured artists; Herbie Hancock & Larry Klein, producers; Helik Hadar, engineer/mixer; Bernie Grundman, mastering engineer [Verve]
Graduation” - Kanye West; Dwele, Lil Wayne, Mos Def & T-Pain, featured artists; Warryn “Baby Dubb” Campbell, Eric Hudson, Brian “Allday”Miller, Nottz, Patrick “Plain Pat” Reynolds, Gee Roberson, Toomp & Kanye West, producers; Bruce Beuchner, Andrew Dawson, Mike Dean, Anthony Kilhoffer, Greg Koller, Manny Marroquin, Nottz Raw, Tony Rey, Seiji Sekine, Paul Sheehy & D. Sloan, engineers/mixers; Vlado Meller, mastering engineer [Roc-A-Fella Records]
“Back To Black” - Amy Winehouse; Mark Ronson & Salaamremi, producers; Tom Elmhirst, Gary Noble & Franklin Socorro, engineers/mixers; Mark Ronson, mastering engineer [Universal Republic Records]

SONG OF THE YEAR - I'm guessing Umbrella or Corinne Bailey
“Before He Cheats” - Josh Kear & Chris Tompkins, songwriters (Carrie Underwood); Track from: “Some Hearts” [19 Recordings/Arista Nashville; Publishers: That Little House Music, Mighty Underdog Music/Sony/ATV Cross Keys]
Hey There Delilah” - Tom Higgenson, songwriter (Plain White T’s); Track from: “Every Second Counts” [Hollywood Records/Fearless Records; Publisher: So Happy Publishing]
“Like A Star” - Corinne Bailey Rae, songwriter (Corinne Bailey Rae); Track from: “Corinne Bailey Rae” [Capitol Records; Publisher: Global Talent Publishing]
“Rehab” - Amy Winehouse, songwriter (Amy Winehouse); Track from: “Back To Black” [Universal Republic Records; Publisher: EMI Music Publishing]
“Umbrella” - Shawn Carter, Kuk Harrell, Terius “Dream”Nash & Christopher Stewart, songwriters (Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z); Track from: “Good Girl Gone Bad”[Def Jam]

NEW ARTIST - no opinion since I don't know them but Wino sure gets alot of press
Taylor Swift
Amy Winehouse

FEMALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE Its a tie, candyman is damn catchy.
“Candyman” - Christina Aguilera [RCA Records]
“1234″ - Feist; Track from: “The Reminder” [Cherry Tree / Interscope Records]
“Big Girls Don’t Cry” - Fergie; Track from: “The Dutchess” [A&M Records]
“Say It Right” - Nelly Furtado; Track from: “Loose” [Geffen]
“Rehab” - Amy Winehouse; Track from: “Back To Black” [Universal Republic Records]

MALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE If you are Paul McCartney don't you just automatically get the award..i thought there was a rule somewhere for that...
“Everything” - Michael Bublé; Track from: “Call Me Irresponsible” [143 Records/Reprise]
“Belief” - John Mayer Track from: “The Village Sessions” [Columbia/Aware]
“Dance Tonight” - Paul McCartney; Track from: “Memory Almost Full” [MPL/Hear Music]
“Amazing” - Seal [Warner Bros.]
“What Goes Around…Comes Around” - Justin Timberlake [Jive]

POP PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP WITH VOCAL Tough Call.. damn delilah songs is way popular but some is maroon 5. and U2 is well, U2
“(You Want To) Make A Memory” - Bon Jovi; Track from: “Lost Highway” [Island/Mercury]
“Home” - Daughtry [RCA Records/19 Recordings]
“Makes Me Wonder” - Maroon 5; Track from: “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” [Octone/A&M Records]
“Hey There Delilah” - Plain White T’s; Track from: “Every Second Counts” [Hollywood Records]
“Window In The Skies” - U2; Track from: “U218 - Singles” [Interscope Records]

POP COLLABORATION WITH VOCALS Tony and christina seem like a shoe in but i still have my opinion.
“Steppin’ Out” - Tony Bennett & Christina Aguilera; Track from: “Duets: An American Classic” [Columbia]
“Beautiful Liar” - Beyoncé & Shakira; Track from: “B’Day (Deluxe Edition)” [Columbia/Sony Urban]
“Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss; [Rounder Records]
“The Sweet Escape” - Gwen Stefani & Akon; Track from: “The Sweet Escape” [Interscope Records]”
Give It To Me” - Timbaland Featuring Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake Track from: “Timbaland Presents: Shock Value” [Mosley/Blackground/Interscope Records]

“Off The Grid” - Beastie Boys; Track from: “The Mix-Up” [Capitol Records]
“Paris Sunrise #7″ - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals; Track from: “Lifeline” [Virgin Records]
“Over The Rainbow” - Dave Koz; Track from: “At The Movies” [Capitol Records]
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“Simple Pleasures” - Spyro Gyra; Track from: “Good To Go-Go” - [Heads Up International]

“The Mix-Up” - Beastie Boys [Capitol Records]
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“At The Movies” - Dave Koz [Capitol/EMI]
“Good To Go-Go” - Spyro Gyra [Heads Up International]

“Lost Highway” - Bon Jovi [Island/Mercury]
“The Reminder” - Feist [Cherry Tree/Interscope Records]
“It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” - Maroon 5 [Octone/A&M Records]
“Memory Almost Full” - Paul McCartney [MPL/Hear Music]
“Back To Black” - Amy Winehouse [Universal Republic Records]

“Do It Again” - The Chemical Brothers; Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons, producers Track from: “We Are The Night” [Astralwerks]
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“Don’t Stop The Music” - Rihanna; StarGate, producer; Phil Tan, mixer Track from: “Good Girl Gone Bad” [Def Jam]
“LoveStoned/I Think She Knows - Justin Timberlake; Nate (Danja) Hills, Timbaland & Justin Timberlake, producers; Jimmy Douglass & Timbaland, mixers Track from: “FutureSex/LoveSounds” [Jive/Zomba]

ELECTRONIC/DANCE ALBUM not knowledgable enough to guess
“We Are The Night” - The Chemical Brothers [Astralwerks]
“D.A.N.C.E.” - Justice [Ed Banger/Vice/Because]
“Sound Of Silver” - LCD Soundsystem [Capitol Records/DFA]
“We Are Pilots ” - Shiny Toy Guns [Universal Motown]
“Elements Of Life” - Tiësto [Ultra Records]

“Call Me Irresponsible” - Michael Bublé [143 Records/Reprise]
“Cool Yule” - Bette Midler [Columbia]
“Trav’lin’ Light” - Queen Latifah [Verve]
“Live In Concert 2006″ - Barbra Streisand [Columbia]
“James Taylor At Christmas” - James Taylor [Columbia]

“Timebomb” - Beck [Interscope Records]
“Only Mama Knows” - Paul McCartney; Track from: “Memory Almost Full” [MPL/Hear Music]
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“Radio Nowhere” - Bruce Springsteen; Track from: “Magic” [Columbia]
“Come On” - Lucinda Williams; Track from: “West” [Lost Highway Records]

ROCK PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP WITH VOCAL Oh oh nickelback... stab me in the ears.
“It’s Not Over” - Daughtry [RCA Records/19 Recordings]
“Working Class Hero” - Green Day; Track from: “Instant Karma - The Campaign To Save Darfur” [Warner Bros.]
“If Everyone Cared” - Nickelback; Track from: “All The Right Reasons Special Edition” [Roadrunner Records]
“Instant Karma” - U2; Track from: “Instant Karma - The Campaign To Save Darfur” [Warner Bros.]
“Icky Thump” - The White Stripes; Track from: “Icky Thump” [Third Man/Warner Bros.]

HARD ROCK PERFORMANCE Have you seen my taste in music, no clue
“Sweet Sacrifice” - Evanescence; Track from: “The Open Door” [Wind-up Records, LLC]
“The Pretender” - Foo Fighters; [Roswell/RCA Records]
“I Don’t Wanna Stop” - Ozzy Osbourne; Track from: “Black Rain” [Epic]
“Sick, Sick, Sick” - Queens Of The Stone Age; rack from: “Era Vulgaris” [Interscope Recods]
“The Pot” - Tool; Track from: “10,000 Days” [Volcano]

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Crayon Rubbings and memories

I so thought this was the coolest toy i had when i was little..I also liked the rubbing boards where you could make an outfit for a drawn barbie or the likes and then color it in later with pencils.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The key to finishing a project, is needing to finish something else.

And so as I try to finish Boo's Hannukah gift that will be exchanged near Xmas I finished my monkey socks.

I also did some embroidery... or anti embroidery... I tried to pull part of a stitch out and pulled it all out. They wanted to take them out today anyway, i just jumped the gun because I didn't make an appt til Wednesday.

So without futher adieu my Monkey Socks in sundara yarn. I started the second sock on the 22nd and finished it on the 2nd. It took me about the same time for the first but in September.
I didn't feel very excited trying them on....Kinda like, i spend this much time and money on socks, why? I don't feel that much more comfy or fabulous..... ah well, i have yarn in my stash, mind as well knit it... It keeps my hands busy and anyone who knows me, knows i can't sit still. Hell today alone i redecorated my living room but that will be a different post.