Thursday, June 15, 2006

A new low.....

in the wonderful world of insomnia. I couldn't remember if I took the lunesta this evening. Its 2:30 and I'm up so I'm guessing no. I tried sleeping on the couch where I was unfaithful with my dogs by having a cat try to sleep by my feet. Then I start thinking about a mystery meeting at work tomorrow. I'm one of those people who always thinks they are the person at fault so thats more sleepnessless.
So I reach a new ghetto fabulous low in my city living. I went to Walgreens at two thirty, braless. I normally sleep in one but well tonight I decided to free myself and let the rest follow. Naturally I had to deal with insomnia and go out and hell if I was reholstering the ladies. I decided fuck it*, I'm gonna go get some Valerium and pick up my prescription which I needed to get tomorrow morning but don't have time to get.
I feel so ghetto. I'm also really hungry. I have some Swedish fish I keep forgetting about in a snack drawer. I really want them now. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll remember to at least pack them for work. Sure I could do that now but then I'd risk temptation for pure sugar at 2:30 in the morning and I really want to fall asleep soon and not run the risk of being a matchbox 20** song.

* I'm a sailor who has gotten in much better check these days. I know I shouldn't curse but by gosh the bunnies. Really shouldn't webster or whoever runs the spellcheck just face reality and add fuck to the spellcheck so its not pointed out each time I curse.
** my spell check thinks a proper replacement for Matchbox is Mitzvah. Imagine how many people write about Rob Thomas and have that pop up on their spell check.
*** so still not a sleep an hour later. guess I should have taken two pills. I've even popped a xanex. Totally can't breath either and feel like i'm raring to go run a race. Oh and I've eatten too.


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