Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween yal!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Talk preppy to me daddy.....

Last night Mr. Duane told me that I'm in fashion...not so much me...my chucks... converse, chuck taylors. Those items on the ends of my legs. You get the point.
I've also recently purchased a shell as some call it.. I call it a sweater vest.. So Duane, proud of his influence on creating a prep said I should get up in my prep gear and take a photo.
The one problem is the discussion started sounding so wrong..
"So wear your chucks, and a white button down, do you have a white button down, and put the vest on top but don't tuck in the white shirt, don't tuck in the white shirt...."
I suddenly felt into a fetish's happy preppy world...straight cut white shirt or curved on the bottom..oh yeah baby, button down shirt....
Maybe I'm just showing my own freaky or lack there of... I feel way sexier in a button down shirt than anything lacy.... besides then it doesn't ride up my butt.

*editted to take out confusing picture with Boo and my shoes in it...

Friday, October 27, 2006

My ass is wet, or that repair that isn’t going to happen…

So remember how I mentioned a break in to my car that I couldn’t date. Totally happened last weekend. How do I know you ask? Simple, last week it rained, this week it rained. This week my car has indoor plumbing.
I just got back from the post office and boy is my ass wet. I looked down to my normal sprinkling of rain and there was a hot tub with 2 mosquitoes and a beatle named Charlie in it. My door also no longer makes that nose of a regular car that clicks when you let go of the openny thing.So, am I going to fix it… no…why, cause a) it seems so minor b) I’m not rolling in the dough and c) I have squirrels in my attic and have an exterminator coming out and later, if I see dead/sleeping squirrels in my new outdoor trap its gonna cost me 70 bucks each to remove.. which is on top of the inspection, killing one squirrel and the extra of repairing the place they are getting in

Yep, gone batshit crazy

Did you know I’ve gone batshit crazy, I have…. I bake one day, the next day someone I curse out on here brings in donuts and I take it as a personal war cry…I’ve really got to do something about the rage I contain in me… Cause when I’m not at work, I’m cool…well except my soul being destroyed by my dogs.
Continuing with the bathshit craziness…I’m keeping a very specific journal of my dogs bathrooming events…when I walk him, if he asks to be walked etc.. I’m fucking nuts. I was going to walk them separately but that’s not gonna work… I’ll just come back to an accident or something. I think I need a double leash so I can get all paris Hilton with my bad dogs.

1. Onto the shuffle
2. Machine Gun –the Commodores
3. Rock the House – Gorillaz
4. Willing- Automator
5. Ponderosa – Tricky not to be confused with Trick Daddy but both good in their own right. I high recommend you give Tricky a try.
6. New Year’s Day – U2
7. Brown Skin – India Aire
8. Under Pressure- Queen/Bowie
9. A lifetime – Better than Ezra
10. Sweetest Taboo - Sade

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cause I know you can't get enough of my dogs

My new routine as of 7:09 tonight is to walk both dogs, seperately....
Walked Simon, score. Walked riley, took forever him to even stand on the grass. No defication although i came close as I walked down the block with a large rat or a baby possum. By the end of Riley's fifty spins and me stopping to untangle him ever 10 feet he spent a little time walking on the grass. Still no results.
I get home and find that Simon has jumped up on the cat table in Kara's room and eatting Ziggy's food...who has had an empty bowl twice in the last two days...perhaps not from Ziggy. The second baby gate has come out of retirement. I can't imagine how my hips hurt having to walk over baby gates multiple times a day.

Is there 3 year old dog prep school?

So lets see....two days of storms...two days of mini raw hides that keep riley busy and quiet. Two days of riley fucking pooping and peeing in the house... So for those who keep score that would be Monday, pee in kara's bedroom, Wednesday poop and pee in living room, Thursday poop and pee in Kara's room.I just don't know what to do....I took him out at 5:15, he does both, I then took him out at 6:15 just in case cause I want to do some crafting at my desk. Then at 7 he goes in the house..
All I know to do is try crate training again. He is going while I sit at my desk in the living room, anotherwords not right under my eye. I feel so lost......

Shut the fuck up...

Dear Future Fiances of America,
Stop talking about your fucking wedding at work. Stop telling me or others every detail. It can be heard throughout the office. Ever think there might be people out there who aren't happy for you and your controling jackass fiance....Its money and time out of my life that I'm not all that excited for. I'm not your friend, you're not mine... I thought it was sorted out a long time ago when you did some stabbing and I stopped waiting to do things with you while your boyfriend tried to find something better yal to do or you'd just have to cancel anyway. Why suddenly that you are getting tied down for good should I give a shit again...I don't.
You are Miss Perfect to so many and everyone loves you and you are used to that. I don't love you. I don't worship you. You are not the center of my social universe and I don't care about your every move so why do you announce all to everyone. Quit it before you drive me nut, okay, more nuts.
The Wicked Bitch of Office

Son of a Witch

Okay so if you plan to read these or something don't keep reading....
I read Son of a Witch a few months back. I couldn't really get into it. The whole mystery was if Liir was the son of the witch. So the last chapter they recall witch gets it on with this guy that she'd been into...he sees a scar on her from when she gave birth at some point... I can't recall Wicked so well... did they have a long lived relationship? They imply the kid is his....but i thought her going to the convent and subsiquently having the kid was after they knocked the boots... So how is he seeing the scar... did i miss where she went to the convent, gave birth unknowingly, left the kid and went back to knock boots with the dude...I should reread Wicked but I'd been too focused on that answer and not be patient for the first half of the book and actually reading the content...I just want a time line explaining what they try to explain in son of a witch. I also shouldn't care this much about such a little detail...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Works in Progress (WIPS)

Warning: Knitting Post Ahead

This weekend I finished my first of two fetchings for Erics 12 year old cousin alex. I'm please as punch with them. I'm going to use my wooly stripes yarn to make a 3 cable bracelet for his other cousin following the beginning of the fetching pattern.

My irish Hiking scarf is also coming along nicely. Simon wants in on the deal so badly its not funny. I tend to work on it at the Sunday knitting group because I don't have to concentrate as hard as as anything else I'm working on.. I know weird right? FOr some reason my bias scarf even requires more attention or I'll forget to add or subtract stitches. This is due on Thanksgiving. If I had a cool blog I"d have that little button/widget with how far along I am on my projects... This is I'd say a bit over 2/3rds done. I'm on my last skein. It knits up fast when I sit down to do it.

This was my saturday attempt. Not that hard, not that easy. I'm new at this folks... I don't do fancy patterns, or simple... so its a start.

This is my wavey gravey scarf from last year. I reallllllly need to finish it as it goes with my winter coat and its almost that time. For some reason I can't keep track of what i do on this thing... Its like a mental block.

This is my noodle...it will be an ipod case for my good ipod...this ipod is dead and is only good for a life of ipod modelling. My clasp will be a rubber chicken, the yarn is Cascade200 and is sorta of heathered. I love it. In fact I have 3 balls with my name on it... ahem... for a snake scarf for me.

Bias scarf....nothing fancy to say but it feels awesome and is make from Joann yarn... Its for theMIL

This is one of my scarves for the Dulaan Project. I have another done in big thick yarn... who knows what else I may make. Note the helping paws. Most of the rest of my yarns are inheritted from Kara. I just plan to knit up stuff for donation with them.... ya know, in my free time.

Real conversations with Dad.

Driving somewhere with Dad, aka Miss Daisy and mom next to me and I drove my Morgan Freedman ass to somewhere to eat. The radio was on. The announcer, as I like to call them said the next song was by Pink.
Dad, “Don’t forget she’s from Doylestown” (that’s by my hometown) Apparently I need to remember this.. It vital to my existance as a run away Buck Countier...
Me, “Eve’s from Philly”
Dad, “Who’s Eve?”
Me, “A singer, black chic, blond hair”
Dad, “What does she sing?”
Me, ”Songs, you wouldn’t know her”
Dad, “ Oh…”
Me, “Now she acts on UPN or something. She’s sorta doing the Queen Latifah thing”
Dad, “She’s (QL) not a bad actress.”
Me fondly remembering the beautiful black men in Beautyshop, “Yeah she’s not bad”
Dad, “What’s with her name? Is she a queen?”
Me, “No, she was into women stuff and African heritage stuff in the 80/90s. She used to do the Dashiki thing too…At least she did her in U.N.I.T.Y video. She just made the Queen thing part of her name. She’s not really born Latifah either…her real name is Dana Owens. She used to wear a key around her neck from the motorcycle she bought her brother and he later had an accident and died in.( I like weird info to share)*”
Dad, “Oh..well she’s not a bad actress”

This was possibly the coolest conversation I have had with my dad. It also really makes me to want to make him a modern popular Bucks County CD. But would it be weird hearing the 59 year old man with a red Dodge Caravan listening to Pink and Eve…probably… He probably doesn’t know boys to men so it could be all new to him… I'd have to research to see who else would fit that boat... Its weird but very tempting... I really need a hobby...oh wait...no I have one...

*Sidenote, She used to seem really angry… my view….once she started tasting fish, she calmed the fuck down. Yes, I think she likes carpet.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I want to go get a farm and be all Amish..
then I remember I can't kill shit....
...and that our family farms are in VT....and its fucking cold up there...

Monday, October 23, 2006

I forsee a future of cats...

uc Okay no, not really. I love the dogs. Way too much in fact. But sometimes, oh sometimes I really question my devotion to rescue and such.... Riley, dear riley, you have to be let out every hour or two, you eat poop if I don't get there first, you have to be in the room I'm in at all times. Otherwise out of my sight, you deficate. Tonight, you sunk to a low.. you peed in Kara's room. Granted you didn't pee after work but I had let you out at 2:30 and you had not drink since then. I took you out, you pooped, i waited, no pee... How am I ever to get my suburbian home and SUV if I have to have you in my sight at all times? There are things like dining rooms which cannot be baby gated and its not fair to the others to be locked away. I'm a smart girl, I think, so why can't you be 100% potty trained. We've tried so many routes with you, we've even had your pee tested. And the barking, oh the barking.. I have the silent bark control, didn't work, the zapper, just scabbed you and these days the citronella doesn't cut it. You have too many issues. What therapy must I give you? I do have dog whisperer on my dvd list but frankly I still think I've tried so many routes, I feel hopeless. Dear doggy g-d. Please guide my dog. I have worked so hard with him for these 2 years he's been in my life. Isn't it time he gets his ahem...shit together? I never, ever catch him outside of my sight going. I have left him locked up in cages, in living rooms etc. Trying the most basic routes and it lacks fruition. I can deal with the barking. I hate it but I can deal, the having to be confined to rooms and it still being questionable is so hard. The eatting poop, also... I think I pick it all up but he still finds microcasms of turd. I've used meat tenderizor on their food as my vet friend recommended... not working. I think perhaps a purchase of the puppy poop stuff is in order. Unfortunately the Fortunate Son will have to have it too.
I'm frustgrated doggy g-d... guide my pup and save my sanity....

The why me concept

So right now I've been mellow, I've been recovering from just too much... too much of everything although too little Boo but thats it and I'm trying to not get worked up about it... I had a fabulous weekend. It was perfect in everyway. Rest, creativity, just a good time. Today I notice my car. My 3rd car from December to February last year. Someone tried to can open in... ya know, like a can openner.
I'm feeling mellow. I don't know if I'm upset more than the little draft. I kinda feel bad that I'm just like, eh, shit happens. I've been so worked up about work and a work consultant that everything else has gone to the shitter. Right now I'm sure so many would be Why Me-ing it.. Why my car, why my technological disasters... Why, because shit just happens. Its a shitty car, they may or may not have gotten in. They probably thought better once they realized they'd only get two puppy seatbelts, a striped hat and an empty starbucks cup. Hell I don't even have my tape adaptor for my ipod in there.. I've got jack... and so do they. Haha! Suckas!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lizabeth, I'mma coming....

So ironically I write about cramps and then i get one upped... I've had some sort of stomach issue. Last two nights, horrid... I made dinner. Dairy yes, took lactaid...was sick before I finished eatting. Fabulous. With a side of low bloodsugar shaking that caused me to make mac and cheese and tuna i then still get sick.. fine. be that way, blood sugar you are staying low...
I've been hanging low this weekend.. Cause all the cool kids knit all day and watch tv. Right now its Dave Chappelle... I really could go for a horror movie right about now but hell if I'm hitting up blockbuster.... There are so many I want to see right now and coming out. I won't see most of course but I am still intrigued.
Now I know you've been waiting with baited breath.... I figured out the knitting. I'm making it in a teal yarn bee baby yarn...
I also started the lastest Christopher moore book. I love his stuff...
insert witty ending....


How does one go from needing to get up at 8 am for agility to staying home and sleeping for 13.5 hours and sleeping into the afternoon at that. I can't remember the last time I did that. I'm melting down. No I don't think I'm having a break down althoughI do need to be more careful about taking the Zac especially now that I"m going on the patch for the no babies.
I'm just worn from work and visits and stress. Now the key going through with my mental promise when I decided to skip agility... Must walk dogs at a park today. I have never taken them to Tower Grove which is awefully sad and Riley has never been to Forest Park athough not great for walking dogs there.
One funny thing is with the Boss gone suddenly I need to do some bigger stuff... hopefully this will phase out next week and at some point I can just be a lowly secretary and file... I need to just do that stuff for a bit. I love doing the art even if its maxing me out which isn't completly all that I was doing but it does make me feel better about my education. It also helps my knitting cause i have no desire to think out creativity with scrapping when i get home and i have to keep my hands busy....

Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh the huge manatee

So I've been working hard. Isn't that what I always say? Anyway 47 hours later from the start of my work week and I was all sorts of ready to nap. Cats had different ideas and processed to argue which makes the Riley growl. So no nap. Thought I might watch Friday night Grey's Anatomy..oh yeah thats not existing anymore.
So my thrill Friday night consisted of watching crap while learning to yarn over in knitting to make Caribbean Scarf. Its not gone so well so I think I'll wait until Kara returns and learn again with someone who knows a little.
I also have the worst cramps. * They are three days old. Yes those cramps. Usually they go away by now. That is all....

* It has been pointed out my typo that originally left out an M. Luckily I have like no readers and if so its friday.... who's reading about my craps/cramps.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I was going to try to be entertaining

and tell you lots of exciting and fun stuff but unfortunately I worked 12 hours today, 10 hours yesterday and just cleaned up 2-3 cups of mysterious animal puke off my bed. It went through both comforters, the sheets and onto the mattress... and a bit on the carpet. Is it the dogs who eats gosh know what? Is it Ziggy with his attempt at a new food? Is it Mildew the chow feline? Either way I'm doing laundry, cleaning up and sleeping on the couch.
This makes Mindy the Elk very sad....

This was mom's first hunt, she shot me with a 45.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A day late and a dollar short.

Sometimes I wonder if I cross people from my past's minds. I'm not talking deep thoughts just hey, wonder what happened to her. Thats cause I think too much and its a real downfall of mine. I don't know, what happened to me.... Stuff and things.
Anyway to that question, yeah, I do randomly pass some minds... Woo!
So here is my Friday Fuffle... I have no idea whats with the large amount of Peas but its been a good shuffle.

1. Get up off that thing – James Brown
2. They don’t want music (With James Brown) – Black Eyed Peas
3. Our House - Loggines and Messina
4. Little Ghost- White Stripes
5. Happy Band- Mr Scruff
6. Pump It _ Black Eyed Peas
7. Let spend the night together – Roling stones
8. Anxiety- black eyed peas
9. War - OutKast
10. Getting High - Asylum Street Spankers.... who I'd have a sooner chance of seeing them in PA then here :( 11.12.06 Sunday Bethlehem, PA Godfrey Daniels 7pm 610.867.2390. When Boo and I do visit Austin for future residence we better get around to seeing them. They have their schedule up to June out and no STL. Not much Austin for that matter.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its hard...

to update your ipod when you leave it at work... somewhere, in my desk... but not quite sure where. I'm also missing a b-day card I took to work and thought I had brought home. Why is my brain gone? Cause i've been swamped. I took half a sick day on thursday and half a personal day on Friday. As one who holds onto her vacation days like leperchaun gold you know I've been pooped.
I hate losing things. I was at work. I looked for it in my side drawer and didn't see it. I figured i left it at home. Apparently not. It could totally be in my side drawer or flat drawer or on my computer where I often put it but I'm crazy and figured it was at home. I probably have it on my computer, I can picture me plugging it in to charge but I have a great imagination and could be remembering some other time. This is one of those pointless posts. One that is keeping me from going to work right now just to find my ipod. I don't need it now, I'm sure its not stolen (although I can always jump there with no problem cause I'm crazy) and I don't have to put the 1962 Peter Paul and Mary album on it at this minute. But not knowing kills me.
So for other useless ramblings my dogs are both nicely sitting and chewing raw hides. They get up and switch raw hides every few minutes. While cute, its also nasty. Boo would be happy though because he bought the boys a large braided rawhide and thats what one of them is chewing on. I think its too big for them so they don't go for it often. Riley really loves the small rawhide knotted bones from Target. In fact they both love the target rawhides, they're fancy.
Hmm anything else useless to talk about, I started a pair of fetchings, knitting is fun and mindless compared to scrapping. I think hardcore folks. I really ought to finish a project. I think mentally I need to or else I'll start more items for satisfaction of starting them since i don't have the satisfaction of finishing them.
Okay thats all I got folks. Possibly the most boring post- ever.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Trash Picker

So there is this retro looking coffee table by the dumpster... Looks like the top needs refinishing... I so want to steal it. Collaging something over the top would be fun and why use a new table for that....
Do I pick, or do i leave it... I've been tempted for two days.

Edit: like a nose, i picked it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We interupt your regular mindy for the crazy one

I need anger management. I took in that stupid fucking cat, spent a hundred and a lot of money and energy on it and its been outside taunting me since Thursday. It escaped, came in for one night only to run away again. It was deadset on leaving Sunday morning and as i tried to pry myself into the house she escaped. Apparently I should have stayed outside in pjs at 7 am with the dogs.
I seriously could beat the shit out of something. Its not like she's wandering off. She's sitting out back taunting me like the little bitch she is. I shouldn't be this upset and angry but I am. Rawr!

Little bits of info

Who wants to go to the girly dr for me today? Anyone Anyone Bueller.... Guess not, how about eye dr recheck tomorrow? Again, no one... how about host my parents this weekend... Ho hum guess that would be me again.
Birthday was great. Kara can tell you all about it here. Dad emailed mea t 6:30 an ecard.... Such love.. :P I got tons of awesome stuff from Roni, Hungry hungry hippos from kara and a starbucks Gc. Eric made me a painting and gave me a Cricut (scrappy thing) and Brent and Shannon gave me Apples to Apples, a game for my highly unsuccessful game parties.
I also forgot to post the finished sukkah pics. The darn thing kept breaking and one day during lunch instead of emailing Boo and complaining i sawed it down more and rebuilt it. This one has lasted unlike Mildew who ran away onThursday and taunts me with her precense in my back yard but not in my house. I caughter her on Saturday, she spent the night and got back out sunday morning so even if i catch her I can't guarantee she won't break free again because damn it, she's wiley. I didn't tell my parents about taking her in. At this point, don't gotta.

Monday, October 09, 2006

So I see a resemblance......

I seem to be losing interest

in the internet... aside from work hours I seem to not want to go on...very odd.

Friday, October 06, 2006

you take the good, you take the bad.

The bad:
Mildew got out
Ziggy got out
Camera won't work
My parking spot was taken
Eric's flight got cancelled

The good:
Ziggy got in
Camera worked when i got to work
Eric has been rescheduled for this afternoon
Brent and Shannon can now come for my b-day tomorrow.
I knit 4 rows last night, I haven't knitted in a while
I finished a layout on Wednesday, forgot it to scan but its done and cool.

Mildew as my other pets, still retarded and outside. She cried all morning outside of my window wanting in... I go to let her in, she runs off. This is her 3rd escape since we took her in.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I may not make fun of kara's klutziness for a week

..why you ask....because as I multi tasked, the toilet went round and round and I dropped my chapstick and it went down and down.

Project Sukkah

Stardate 10 dash 3 dash Oh 6. We have been on this journey on the SS Judaism for 28 years. We have finally sighted a sukkah. In fact we sighted two, one built, taken down and built again. The natives think a 10 foot and change sukkah is too large and had to rethink their plans due to the people of Lowes not cutting down PVC.
The journey was a near failure until we found a trace of building material known as a rubber mallet. This created the sukkah with more ease. My shipmates have had different responses to our journey. Ensign Simon has been thrilled with the outdoorness of the project and ran around the Sukkah parts with glee at its impending building. Ensign Riley however had adverse reactions to both the stepstool for reaching the sukkah top and the malleting of the joints. He has been barking non stop, I fear the worst, I fear he has been struck by madness.
Two panels of fabric have been strung up and it is leaning against a structure known as a house, it has been undetermined if we shall seek out another panel or two. It is in the 90s in this space and we have become faint from the heat. The hunger has overcome the captain and I fear she/I have had to ingest the roommate's push pop sherbert for sustenance. Tomorrow we shall explore the sukkah more, perhaps decorating it but that is all pending a previous eye dr appt.
Stay tuned for future photos and entries.
The Captain


At Yom Kippur we start again for a new year. It’s like new years resolution without the drunkenness. At the end of the holiday I feel calm, refreshed, and reflective. As we say the Al cheits, we cover things that we all do in our day. I gossip, I slander….. Even as I pray for forgiveness I can’t help but still judge others, how can she wear furry bright pink flip flops to synagogue? Why bother coming so late to the service? How can we reflect on ourselves and then cut each other off to get out of the parking lot?
How often do we complain or gossip about something over and over again, thinking we will get it out of our system? Does it get out of our system or does it feed itself to a bigger pile of anger? If you stop complaining or gossiping do you not have anything to say? Its okay, be silent. It takes time and effort but things will change. If all you can see is the bad that you want to share, take a moment, do something for someone else. You may be stacked a mile high with responsibility but instead of taking two hours to “relax” push yourself to do good for someone or something else. In the end, it will “relax” your soul more.
Today, I feel refreshed, the fasting has made my body feel fresh too. Coffee, unappealing, crazy I know. I take Yom Kippur very seriously. I think everyone needs a YK in their life, no matter their religion. A time with so much silence that you cannot help but judge and think about your motions in life. We won’t stop anything completely but to lessen or try has it value. It’s a day where I enjoy discussing what we have covered in synagogue. Think about my actions and future actions. I think about my future family and their role in that day. I cannot help but miss my partner during this day. I want to talk with him, discuss with him, share with him.
The rabbi discussed this concept, don’t try to fix all the sins you commit, pick one or two. Who knows, you pick one, maybe improve on it and next year pick another. I’d love to share with you the al cheits but its hard to find on the internet.
Last year my faith was tested. This year, my faith is strengthened. I sit at synagogue and I get distracted. I think about my children to come, will they accept Judaism? Will they be uncomfortable because of their different race to their peers? I get distracted and excited when I saw the two grown black men praying their darndest at shul. I enjoy seeing the families that are just darn excited to be together and there. That is how the children learn to love their religion. Its got to be fun for them. If their parents don’t want to be there then they won’t either. I enjoyed the sense of community at this synagogue. Sure my kids probably won’t go to Jewish day school although I wouldn’t mind it but perhaps doing more activities in synagogue and Hebrew school they may find it a joyous place to be at. I’ve been searching for a place in this world since I was little. I went to children’s services looking for it and still continue to search for my place. I may not find it but I hope that perhaps when I have kids I can help them find a place to fit within the synagogue community. They say that we don’t just raise our children, our community does too. I would like to know my community rather than leaving it up to whoever finds their way to my family’s life.
So rounding out this reflection I want to say that I now plan to do one more of the things I hope to do in life. I’ve always wanted to make a sukkah. So tonight or tomorrow, I’m off to home depot, I’m gonna make me a sukkah. I’m going to pull my lame squash plants and used them to decorate it as well as my purple monkey grass to thatch the roof. It’s supposed to be 95 degrees in St. Louis which will make it a lot nicer to dine in than the 60 degree weather recently.