Monday, September 29, 2008


So this weekend Boo and I played sharing.. we asked random questions to each other as if we were on the newlywed show. We had a delayed flight. We also watched the debate with 95% of my flight, it was awesome to see such interest but i digress. I also told him some stories while he was here in PA with me... After he left, my sanity did too.
I told him stories of hiding in my closet to ignore my mom, planning on running away and living in shrubbery. How I thought a shed would be a great home. So as my stomach churns I remember how I stayed thin growing up. Stomach ulcers. From my parents. Went away when i moved out... Every dinner I got sick after it. Which is funny cause you can't pee with out being called by my mom so stomach churning illness was added to by "where are you." You can call back but she can't hear.
After dinner this evening we had a few F-bomb tossing mainly by me as mom ordered around dad, yelled at me "where are you going" when i walked off to get said object that was being ordered for. Then we had dessert. And now my stomach is off. Poopy, poopy fun. Soon we will watch Heroes together which will be a) a nice move by me b) completely ruin heroes as i have to explain all of it mom. Especially since she thinks all the blonds are the same person. So throw in 3 women who are all Nicki in some form, its gonna get confusing.

Sweet goodness

So its 5:15 in PA, my mom go home at 2:30. Since then she has bitch bitch bitched, so let me spread the bitching. This is just in the last two hours....numbers are mom-ness.
1. You need to sew the turkey shut when you cook it
- me, did you tell me that, no then don't act like i'd know. I didn't actually say this but hell if it doesn't cross my mind.
2. We are having those left overs for dinner
-me, eating said left overs cause i needed lunch
3. I thought you were trying to watch your weight
-me, eating left over cookies from shower
4. Her, yell on phone forever as i try to nap about a microsoft word document to most insecure brother and things to do in STL while brother visits. Brother probably tells her when he takes a dump just so he can talk.
- she asked us to list stuff on our site, so we did, this stuff would be stuff to do so why are we remaking the list.
5. whats your websites address.
- great googamooga, our names, what names...........dude.....our nicknames for each other,, no, not really.
6. I'm on the phone and trying to take care of the iguanas, can you take the phone or take care of iguanas
- me still trying to nap, I have a migraine and i have no idea what she is on hold for.
7. Can you bring iguanas to kitchen for food
- me still trying to nap
8. Instructed to go find out temp of turkey but not open lid because there is an outside temp gauge.
- i tell her, she then asks how the turkey looked.... dude, i didn't look like you said.
9. she lets iguana A loose and calls other iguana B...
- A would like to do dirty stuff to B, I'm waiting for the mad insanity cause its not my job to prevent her stupid moves. Iguana B is also not going to "come"
10. Are you going to take your balloons home with you?
- really? come on, now you are just fucking with me.. I'm flying home and they are just balloons... ahhhhh maybe thats why all the closets are stacked full of crap here.

I thought this was my last year home for Rosh Hashanah. Something about age, tickets to synagogue and getting married. But she informed me i can get tickets for $36 bucks and keep coming in... whoopie! I don't get why she wants to keep doing holidays. Come to me, let me do them. I am a) not crazy b) not a constant state of worn outness, and c) younger. I can cook, i can do it all and not command her around. Its her way or the highway...but my highway is actually closed and I am not allowed to take it...damn....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Done and Done

I got it all done. Woo!
I also got an email with the most wonderful surprise this morning. My friend Roni had finished my guestbook for the wedding. I asked her with a really short deadline but she got done weeks earlier than I would ever have guessed.
Its like only the coolest guestbook ever. Definitely go through this flickr pages cause the inside is super super awesome.
Leave her a comment on her flickr page and tell her how much she rocks the casbah.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm afraid I'll forget something

So its going on here, things to do tonight:

Make cake topper – coat flowers with modgepodge and resin
Make up pill container
Switch out purses, still can’t find favorite REI purse
Pack dad’s tie to give him
Reattached Tzitzit to Tallit
Fill out Rock and Roll Craft Show Confirmation
Write out pet care instructions
File Wedding License obtained during lunch
Pay Rest of Reception Hall Deposit

Monday, September 22, 2008

Because a hundred days means nothing to me

but 28 days from the wedding...well thats more fun...cause of the zombies...oh the flesh eating zombies....

Hopefully in 28 days...I won't be a zombie, and my fiance won't be running for his life....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Boo just asked me today if i was making our sign in book... the book in general hadn't crossed my mind...don't think i have time to make anything either... we'd have pics, we have cards, how many more ways do we need to record everyones well wishes....okay...yeah... we need a book.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crafty Plea....

So, I'm dumb, and didn't think of how to keep our chuppah up til now..I knew it was an issue i just didn't have a solution. This weekend i came up with an answer I have an umbrella, citronella post holder from walmart...can I find more? No. Can I find 4 reasonable priced umbrella stands, no..
I need crafty advice.....
I have a gorgeous knit chuppah that we are going to line with beady vines... but I need it to stay in air without anyone holding it...I need to figure out poles, and how to connect said chuppah to poles.. Our Groomsman B&J (ha!)... keep asking if they can do anything... wonder if they can make me 4 phallic poles for our wedding...

Monday, September 01, 2008

What i did on my summer vacation..

I bought a new power cord cause my current one has to be held to work... sort of a problem with the whole blogging thing. Onto the pictures...I have a rainforest of plants... and i did cut stuff back....

I grew green beans on a vine. Not as good as bush beans. They seem tougher.

Rogue decorative squash from last year showed up.

I planted fall squash last weekend from seeds...already popped up.. sweet!

second round of green beans planted last Saturday

Cucumbers...We ate two today and I've had a bout a dozen in the last few weeks.

They even snuck through my fence into Boo's parking spot...

I bought discount bedding plants from bayers. lots of water and they are flourishing.

I experimented with planting locations and tried peppers and greenbeans in my driveway between the houses.

I grew basil from seeds..

You can't see so well but this is my pepper/cherry tomato solid plant wall... or at least it seems it. I pick about a dozen cherries a day during the work week and then eat them at work...

I also decided to take a swing at digiscrapping. I finally saw layouts that I liked and bought some kits that I liked the quality of.

I also learned to crochet amigurumi which i cannot pronounce. See Simon and lamb below.. I hear it looks like a dirty alien.

I also bough the coolest most desired labyrinth knocker....I'd been wanting one for a year or two and found a sweet deal on ebay. :)
This is the one that says "What no good, can't hear you, mindy is a dork"

I also applied for the rock and roll crafty show, started knitting my first sweater and am finishing up my wedding shawl. I have no witty end to this post... I have to go hold the adapter in or i'll lose power in 5...4...3..2....