Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Jeremy

Thank you thank you thank you.... Thank you and your 18 handsome years of age. Thank you for the fliration situation that I've never been in before. Sure we talked while Kara ran and got buns for the hotdogs. I had nervous unable to look up issues alot but dude, you held conversation about veggie bites that my roomate bought. This was the closest to a bar scene I've experienced and thats a little sad cause you know, you are a check out boy at dierbergs.
My heart is so all a flutter cause usually the only flirting I experience involved guys at home depot hitting on me and usually they are missing teeth and implement duct tape on their everytday attire. The little carding thing was a bit too adorable, oh did i tell you jeremy that you are way hotter than any guy who has ever hit on me...present handsome men in my life excluded. Who knew that 27 worked so much better for me than 17 when I would have at least been the right age bracket. Damn man, you were all sorts of handsome. Maybe your mom could drive us to the movies where I'd only let you hold hands with me cause yeah, I may be older but I'm still that 13 year old trying to drink that nasty milk and turn into a babe. You don't even get that reference... damn.


Anonymous Duane said...

Great post, this is why I started to read your blog in the 1st place.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Shoes said...

cause no one hit on me? Hmmm now to figure what flava this one had that others might not... stupidity, desperation, sarcasim, duct tape... okay, got it.

8:39 AM  

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