Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life, yeah, thats life in the city

It was an innocent gardening expedition. I was going to cut a zucchini before it got too big. Maybe kara would want it.. I lift some leaves to free up the zuch and then I saw it. It was huge, it was green, it was an oh shit i missed one moment.. Or as kara said 'oh fuck.' Below is my city gardening, mr. normal zuch and mr big stuff, he's 5 lbs and proud.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simon sees dead people...

Okay he doesn't... but he looks at our ceiling like there are creepy souls on it...I blame the audio system in the other room. Tonight I decided to try Operation Kill Ghosts.... I fear my dog ages with stress as he sees dead children on my ceiling... so as Boo is gone i unplugged his sound system... We figure it still emits sound when turned off... Nope, not it.. Simon is still seeing dead people... I have three other options to try which i hope to do cleverly so that the husband doesn't notice... they being turn off the playstation all the way off (as it button in the back), turn off u-verse box (does it still record this way)?, hire ghostbusters... frankly if its the playstation that would be great, turning it off all the way would be a simple solutions. Having thought it was the sound system there was no solution to this problem so I'm in a way relieved.. although poor Simon, he still stares at the ceiling with its creepy ghosts.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You know i love you baby....

The short of it:
Better than Ezra concert was great. They put on a really fun concert and each time you think you've head all the songs that you know of theres they play another. They also do great/fun covers within parts of their songs. They did alot but some that i can think of off hand include blur, timberland, rolling stones, lady gaga's poker face.
Agility sucked. Such is life, we are in a new level of difficulty, klutzy mom is having a hard time and Simon is getting older.
Cheese making failed so i took a fourth shot, that being I have a job, made money and used that made money to buy cheese :P See, totally made by me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Little miss muffet said fuck it...

Alright, since half the internet world of the female persuasion is at blogher and live twitter/blogging I'll keep an update of my cool life here in the STL..
One thing I didn't list but is so what i do when Boo is gone is get Pizza World. The other third as I now will call her lovingly and appreciatively, suggested pizza world and I was game, plus she was dropping off cupcakes from a pilgrimage. She showed up actually with two cupcakes and my favorite type of donut. (sprinkles) I may have to stage an intervention for her to get back to her rockstar life change, that and I was losing a few lbs and I'd prefer them not back. Anyway I digress, she is very giving and awesome, I just feel blech from too much sugar and my below failure.
Boo got three gifts for his birthday. I had to nudge him to use two of them (in the future there is a good chance on little to no giftage as he tends to not like them even though i think i know my husband). As I made attempt #3 this evening at making cheese, I say fuck it, if i want cheese I'll hit the store, its not like you can't get decent mozzerella there anyway, its as trendy as hell. I feel a bit short bus for my failure and now will stroll of to manically cleaning while watching dexter as that will make me feel like i accomplished something in my weekend de me. As for the Boo nonsense, in VT he was very motivated for fun groovy activities like gardening and cheese making type things. It must be something in the air up there because I know its not his thing here but I keep trying cause I'm a chick, we push, its what we do. I should appreciate what he does do, he mows the lawn (or green field of allergy death) which he had never done before this year (not many lawns in hong kong) and he is the master of laundry, its more of a hobby than a chore for him, and he's a redonkulous awesome cook which he didn't do at all when I met him.

When the cat's away...

I love my husband I truly do but I also savor the house to myself. So while he is being a very nice and upstanding guy in the city of sin I get to do what I want for four days. Not that I can’t do what I want all the time but there is just something different about being alone. Granted there are lots of things I have to do
Agility show in Collinsville tomorrow – probably won’t even show til 3:30 or later which is a total bummer. Last time I showed that late we bombed. I will attempt to not go to the show til late so the dog doesn’t stress himself into exhaustion but I will be stressed until I’m at the show.
Better than Ezra concert which I am attending as my other third and my better half both want to attend. Then the other half booked himself a trip. As for attending I could go either way but they do have a good concert, I’m just tired at the moment and bummed of the lack of Boo going. Anyone wanna go, we have an extra ticket at a debatable price.
Drop off art stuff for the Big Ass Craft Show
Things I’ll do cause he’s gone…(I get more done when I’m alone and get all domestic like)Cook something with my 18 inch zucchini…I have all the making for a fine grilling night (rained on last night’s parade) but I’m a tad scared to do it myself. I think I can handle reading instructions for a gas grill. But I have a lb of hamburger meat I need to use and a lb of asparagus with my name all over it. Boo isn’t that big of a fan of zuchs or eggplants which are two things I’ve hated until I was about 27 and now love.
Watch the Uninvited, the unborn and dexter til I pop… and see what other crap is on tv that I can watch without any judgment of my poor taste. (BTW have you seen the preview for Zombieland, its like a horror wet dream because half of the fun of horror is the ridiculousness of it all.)
Wash and change all linens in the house.
Replace shower curtain
Clean toilet
Possible try cheese making for the 3rd time before I learn the first rule of cheese making is just go buy some damn cheese. Really a horrid thing to list under clean toilet.
Stay up late which I only do when I’m alone and at home for some reason.
Read my new altered arts book (which I’m in) by my friend, wedding sign in book creator, and just awesome person – Roni. If you ever think about playing with collagy alter artsyness I highly recommend this book to send you on your way. She's the second best out there.. the first would be that guy who pretty much created the whole movement.
Read the new knit scene lent to me.
Possibly make pickles with the latest haul.
Knit, coffee, knit, coffee, knit.
I’m so stoked.. watch me have panic attacks and shit by Sunday morning. My boy keeps me sane sometimes, it makes no sense but sometimes when I’m alone for too long the crazy pops up for no good reason. It really can ruin a much looked forward to day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Concept Revisited

Who here has personalities? Just me? No, we all do. I have a work me, I have a knitting me, I have a JDawg me (Where the crass me comes out, its awesome but not for the faint of heart), I have a family me, I have an inlaw me (which is way quieter and more domestic), I have a STL me, gardener me and the list goes on. So with the advent of the internet its hard to keep them separate. Some people don't care. I do. On twitter I talk a lot, if I'm fed through your phone I'll annoy you. I also randomly yell on it when I'm annoyed. Here I meld a lot of my personalities but its still somewhere I don't share with all. I don't want my family here, if you have any contact with my family, or my in-law family I'd rather you not see my crazy bitchy self :) I feel the same about twitter... So when the lines intersected a few months ago i freaked the fuck out and blocked the world. I don't have twitter on here anymore and I don't have my blog listed there, although i may say if i posted something interesting and include a link.
I have incredible jewish guilt about this. Had I kept my feed private or require requests I wouldn't have had this problem but now I'm the bitch that blocked you. Sorry, let me say it here if you perchance land here. I'm sorry but can't we just keep some things just on email. If i have something interesting on here that I think my mom would like i send her a copied version of the post with all hyperlinkage removed.
Its just weird. I don't mind my worlds melding when it comes to friend but there is something about family, friend, spouses world colliding without my presence there that is unnerving. Had we not been so tech savey we'd see folks once in a while and bond but now we in each other's constant view and its just not so good. There is something about people who don't have filters, people who aren't in touch with reality, and people who know your dirty secrets, or the people who don't know your dirty secrets blending that isn't good and I worry too much about stuff that probably isn't happening. Really, if people see things, or hear things about me and dislike me I should be okay with it, not everyone likes everyone...its just the way it goes. And if I don't like you, you probably are allowed to dislike me (hopefully for a good reason), but it still stings if either finds out about the other's dislikes.
I know Boo has some issues with the Blarg lately, his friends, who are mine too see the blog.. I think he thinks I'm on here ripping him a new one but I learned long ago that doing that is oh so not smart. That and we don't rip new ones in person, no need to get balsy on the internet. I do wish he'd actually read the blog but alas, I'm not talking about Italian soccer so that just isn't going to happen ("Go Roma!")
Anyway, enough blubbering about this would be a lot more light hearted if the Doogie Howser typing sound was in the background...
queue the blue screen and white click click click click click click click click....

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Must love dogs

Must love Simon to be exact. Tonight we went to the vet. He has had a small growth on his back/rear area for a few months, we figured it was a bug bite that he kept irritating.... In the last week or two its grown and when I showed it to an agility person they said they hadn't seen its likes before I decided it was time for the vet and both of us needed to go, just in case. With a heavy heart we went to find out what this growth was. The vet looked at it, pinched it hard, oozed out nastiness and said, "Its a dog zit."
Yep, love Simon. Perfectly healthy, $40 appointment, ass zit Simon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales of the Crazy dog lady

I'm heading the IL tomorrow for an agility practice. For safety reasons that means breaking out the dog seatbelt. Item a)
I swear I don't use this thing right because if slip the belt through it the dogs are pulled down to the seat with no ability to move. Oh and if you are laughing, stop. How horrid would i feel if I got in a car accident and lost my dog.. Its happened before and Mr. Duane and convinced me to change my ways a few years back.
Looking at Item B
It looks like they have on of those carabiner hooks as part of it.. I could totally do this with the dogs, it comes with a metal loop and I'd surely be able to hook it to the seat. That would let use hook the dogs up before they get in the car which would be way helpful. Right now the current set up is a pain for both the dog getting latched in and other visitors to my car.
So I'm asking opinons, buy two carabiners or buy two new seatbelts that come with it.

Monday, July 06, 2009

On the road again

I'd like to have lots of snarky comments to write but alas the trip has gone well. I settled into the family mojo well as did Boo. I think I am at a great advantage by not speaking Cantonese so I just observe but have little idea what is being said. I may have agreed to lend out my ovaries and cure cancer but I'm not sure. I am pretty good at picking up body language and random words but they mostly involve food.
More details will come later. I'd say my roughest moment would be, below at our wedding celebration. Besides the fact that we were way stuffed from an insane amount of food that was so rich I think I had issues eating this liver stuffed entree, the artichoke stuffed with morels was quite nice though.

Update: Thats quail, full quail, broke and stuffed with liver and innards....

Friday, July 03, 2009

French, like the toast

July 1
I’m currently somewhere over Canada knitting away and the stewardess told me that if we have turbulence I should be them away cause I’ll get hurt. I’m thinking I won’t tempt fate when I return and will check in my knitting rather than lose my hard work.
I apparently am a country bumpkin also because I’m all impressed with the individual videos with touch screens. Thus far I tried to watch Valkrye and stopped and have watched the changling…meh….
We got to Philly to meet up with my parents pretty quick since we both fell asleep immediately after we sat down on the plane. I give kudos to philly airport with their recycling cans. They aren’t enough around to regular trash cans but it’s a start. I also saw a recycle bin at the baseball game last Friday. I get super peeved at public places where we obviously buy lots of bottles of drink and have to toss it in the regular trash. We also met up with the folks with ease since the air france line was closed for a while so we couldn’t check in immediately. We actually just ran into each other in line so that worked out well. Mom of course make me look quiet but I just knit and nod, its not too bad. Then again they are rows away from us and yet I can hear mom talk.
Off to knit some more, or stab an eye out.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where the naked ladies dance...

We are off... amazingly we weren't as rushed per usual. We planned ahead a lot more. The only non plan was me staying up late trying to figure out this herringbone sock pattern.. ya know, my easy project to take with me.. I thought i found my mistake but that was confused again at the next repeat. I think i solved all the drama but we'll see once i try it again.
We might have internets while there. If i was I'd "journal" straight to the blogger... big if. I never got around to a post or two this week but I finished grandma;s present and dug up my potatoes... life is exciting.
away we sing Foux du Fafa for 6 day.