Monday, July 31, 2006

7 years

Boo and I are hitting 7 years... 7 flipping years. Granted after 3-4 we started over because he left his job, was unemployed and doing nothing about it and then went off to school or was in the process of it...
His best friend is getting married.... I'm sorry i should be happy for them but I'm sort embarassed as hell that we can't at least be engaged with an undetermined date. We talk about a house and moving to austin etc... remember when folks got married first....
He waits too long for every important moment til its like, oh yeah, i love you too... whatever... wanna move in together, duh we already live next to each other. I know he's planning on asking me to marry him after he graduates... fuck man... Lets do some math...thats 2 years away, plus a year before said "happy event" Christ... Frankly I like the idea of engagement with no immediate pressure of planning.
Of course there is also my side of it making sure he has his shit together. Like that he gets a job and keeps it cause I don't want to give up my good deal for him to be happy for 6 months and then wanna move on cause he doesn't have enough vacation time to see his family and shit. Noone has enough vacation days. I'd personally like 365 but that aint happening.
I'm probably only giving a shit cause i know 2-3 other folks together for a hell of a lot less than us getting married. He's best man for one and I just saw their xanga site for keeping track of shit. I hated that I had to email him and say, yo, fucker you better be keeping a better eye on this site as the best man than your email which sat for 4 days saying "hey tornados are gone and I'm fine, thanks for asking" Oooh I know... we can get married on our 10th anniversary.... We started dating a week before my 21st birthday.
Excuse me and my creeps up at times.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Need to wind down...

So I worked 12 hours yesterday, 10 hours today and should be sleeping like a baby. I have a major rendering due tomorrow at noon. F-u-n. Seriously I like it, just at a certain point ya need a break. Instead I washed the dogs, did laundry, found my old diary, built a shoe storage unit and cleaned. Gonna have to vacuum tomorrow morning.
This morning I cleaned a pair of chucks too with baby wipes and a magic eraser. What in the hell am I running on?
This morning as I watered my sad garden I found a surprise.

No, not peas in my pathetic patch of pea patterned baldness.

No not beans in my holy center of bean hell.

No not pumpkins or zuchini in my sad sad sad squash boxes.

I find my rogue squash plants have gone all bigigity. I remove 10 feet of them and prepare to remove more...

I then find melons... two-big-melons. Insert joke.

I can't grown shit in my crappy garden this year and I have two rogue huge melons of undetermined origin.
Now I've not heard of poison melon so do you think I should break into them at some point? Any idea what kind they are? Inquring Mindy wants to know.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Imagine that....

Right before i left for my retreat a coworker gave me a bag of glass baby jar at work. I came home and put said bag on my desk. I also took home my back up that night.... you do the math...

doll collectors scare me

I grew up next to one... they are very very frightening. Especially when those little dolls with names like Tyler, Heather, and Dylanie come to life and hack you to bits.
That being said, scary scary scary... "They've brought her a lot of joy, at times reminding the 73-year-old woman what it's like to hold a baby in her arms again. "

I prefer my collection of dust bunnies, ear mites and mold....
Or Muppet stuff but not stuffed/plush or sesame street cause I'm not 5, sheesh I'm 12 come on... grow up. I also have a collection of wind up toys put away in the basement.

Its not terribly interesting

So my computer at work plays music like its underwater. Not so much fun. Ipod, dead. I also have a cd player that if you don't remove the batteries each time you stop listening it drains them. I figure, being the smart gal I am, that I can plug it in. Well, not a bloody single plug at my work or at home fits in its outlet. I feel like I'm playing the AC outlet game. Last night I shuffled through a bunch til I found one that fit in my keyboard. The remaining ones I brought to work to see if they work on the CD player. Nope. I brought in my booty ho music CD's I had burned when the ipod died the first time and a favorite compilation called faded purple gerry curl. I'm not going to listen to them underwater so I'll just suck it up.
Oh and if you were waiting with baited breath, no back up CD here... commenceth the cleaning the house like mad. A manic personality can be a pain in the tuchas.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The lessons of piano

Much like my hands that attempted to play some piano tonight, I need to slow down. When I talk, I need to slow down, annunciate and get the right words. I notice a sober slur or wrong word more and more and it freaks my shit out.
In life, I should also slow down. As we recall I had to format my laptop recently. I backed it up on CD and also took the CD to work to add personal stuff off of my computer. Now, that CD is MIA and I'd like to add it back to my laptop. I think its at work although I looked today and didn't see it. I looked at home, nada. So its back to work and adding some cleaning to my schedule. Then I'll not find it, come home and tear through the house. Might I mention all of my heritage pictures are on this CD, this rewritable, in a black case with my info on it, CD.....
That is all.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The mac people have spoken

RIP ipod......

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bedlam in the County

So unlike the rest of the STL I have power and internet at home. Didn't have internet earlier but who cares, it will be there eventually. I moseyed on into work while contemplating a monkey see monkey do but only the fun stuff issue I was having. Completely clueless to the rest of the world, I found that the power was out for the lights. I give major props to the city of STL who didn't freak out at the light on Jamison and 44. There were no stop signs or anything but it was all smooth sailing. When i crossed over into the world of Webster/Shrewsbery it was all bedlam. Our very complicated lives were so put out by the power outages. I couldn't find people to let me take a left hand turn into my work. Please, its going to be a slow travel down BB Blvd so don't be bitchy and not let the Honda turn into work.
I got to work to find that the power was out. I cleaned my area and then proceeded to knit. The bosses say we can make up the time we miss today next week. Bullshit. I came to work, not my fault the power is out. Yes I had some office stuff to do but lets face it, its a digital world and thats where my work lies. Bill our time to insurance cause I'm not making up my time.
As traffic settled down I headed home. I was very pleased to see that the small hut's worth of branches I had stacked on the curb this morning had already been collected.
So now I'm home, I'm relaxing, I've got a bit of sinus issues and think I may take a nap. After that perhaps I'll get some chores done bathroom is messy, toilet hideous, dusting to be done and the dishwasher needs emptying.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Lord

Can you guess why I'm appauled at our Teen's Choice of musical guest???
Teen Choice Awards
Why, mr. producer are you choosing to further this twit... oh yeah, britney slipped you some cash and ass.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is just who I am

as I drove home today Supremes version of "Ain't No Mountain" came on....
I'm sorry but Design Women's lipsyncing it is what immediate plays in my head. And you know what, I'm not really sorry. I am however sorry I can't find a picture of Susanne and her girls in singing attire.
I feel like I've been gone from home a month, thats a sign of a good vacation.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Can you see me smiling?

Probably not cause I'm so relaxed that I can't move my mouth in that direction. I'm back from my weekend. Very nice. I've never felt this rested I even treated myself to a massage that was the shiznit. In the past every massage I had, I thought after, Eric does it better. I didn't think it this time. After wiping out last Monday I had some serious pain so it was nice. I still have pain but not as bad.
I seem to also be talking in my phone sex operator voice too.. Who knew?
I went to bed at 7 pm last night woke up at 5 with a migrane and then spent the morning before work having a relax like Sunday morning time with the doogenhauzens. It was really nice. Riley missed me so much he was cuddly in bed. Who doesn't like a little cuddling?
So relaxed be me and the thought of opening my mouth to talk or smile is too much work so I'm gonna just chill and get back to work.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

great googa mooga

I've been rendering for two days straight at work. Love it, but would go so much better with some music. Ipod is i-sucking. I offically can't figure anything out and need to take it to an offical mac store and hand over my life. Then I will at some point probably have to reload all music to it... Where I will beg room to share her 30 gig music plethera.
Retreat fun starts tonight. Woohoo for summer escape with paper, crafts and way too much candy.
I'd like to be knitting right now. Darn that whole job thing. I know know how to purl. I'm spank your mama happy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Everyone going surfin, surfin usa

So I had agility yesterday. I drove like the wind to st. charles. I'll be emailing the bosses today asking to leave 30 minutes early. I thought I'd sleep like the dead like usual. I'm up blogging instead. Thank you riley for waking me up from my already lack of slumber. Hell, my sheets are off the bed.
So I went to agility yesterday. I did pretty well and simon caught on to what we were training. Unfortunately the grass was wet and when i was suposed to do what would be considered a U-ey I instead did a straight line and wiped out. I thought I was fine. I discovered today I can't sit indian style as I like and I can't lay on my left side to sleep like I usually do, so hey I'm awake.
Class was fine, i even got invited to a social event by the 35-60 single maybe lesbian group. I'm gonna go even if i don't make the requirements. Actually its a poker night for just dog loving ladies.. thats so me, except for the poker.
As i drove home i had a fleeting desire for a tatoo. Small lizard on my right lower back/butt area. I don't like tatoos and don't want to see them so I'm obviously all emotional and retarded right now. I feel horrid still about coconut.
Obviously I won't get one. Especially in 6-8 years I then want puppy paws and at some point my ass would look like zoo.
When I was dreaming last night it was way fucked up. Starving kids, going to buby's with two friends and me mediating insanity in the dream. Oddly we were fighting about u turns...hmmmm.
So I'm awake. The alarm will be off in 15 minute and my whole body hurts. I should take this time to clean or pack for my retreat. Nah.......

Monday, July 10, 2006


I'm so sick of my damn ipod and its issues. The only solution at the moment from ipod world is to plug it into my computer but well, i'd have to resintall software cause I haven't got it on my recently reformated computer. Then if that doesn't work, erase the ipod. Screw you mr ipod man. You are sucking. I replaced my battery 6 months ago, I've reformated already once this year. I'd really like some sorta media player that lasts me more than 2 years.
Damn it, I'm sticking to drums for communcation and an abacys to do my financed. Music will be made from my head pounding against the wall.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Like the dead

Last weekend I slept like the dead. For that matter the week before too. No lunesta or anything. I'm wide awake and functioning when I'm awake.
Right now I'm so ready for bed and frankly I've not been awake 12 hours and well ignore the much needed hour nap. WTF. This 12/12 schedule sucks. I would prefer sleep to be taken by a pill and be done with in a few minutes I rather use my time doing things I want and with me incontrol of my concious thoughts versus crackpot dreams.
Goodnight Saint Louis, I'm tired.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Blasted Ipod Shuffle

My ipod just froze, it won't turn off, it won't play. I replaced the battery back in February. I'm not pleased at all.
It did spit out my shuffle first... little miracles people, little miracles.
Weekend line up of Joanns on a friday night, sewing cause we're cool, party like we're 31, craft like we're still 30, possible scrapping with the young 26ers, and Sunday matinee with Ann E. Rexic, Orlando and the Captain.

1. Want ads - Better Wright
2. Nice and Slow – Keith Sweat…oh great another run like ipod is horny
3. We like to party – Venga boys… yeah, I like it, shut up.
4. Shine on Harvest Moon – Asylum Street Spankers
5. Mortal Combat These Song
6. Joy to the World - 3 dog night
7. Buffalo Stance – nenah Cherry
8. Boogie Woogie – Andrew Sisters
9. Ride a white swan – T Rex - billy elliot soundtrack
10. Children of the revelation - T Rex - billy elliot soundtrack

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I need a little flowerpot

I'm gonna do project pincushion this month. I decided my "flower" is gonna be a cactus flower...but I need a small flower pot... oh and probably some stuffing..batting..whatever...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not every day

Its not every day you see a guy wearing one of these in black walking down Big Bend... twice. He had his Amazon or Conjure in it... Must have had a vet appt down the street.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I like to pretend I'm not

But i am. I'm a loner. I'm a shadow that you forget about over time. It just sorta my personality. Anyway in this loner ness I have had a very active fun weekend. This post is for my finished results. My skirt, layout and shadow box.

My skirt pattern sucked. I wanted a zipper, it didn't have a zipper so I just tried it myself. It required a second person to help with the hem. i don't have one of those either. So I'll be surfing mccalls or something because I need to learn how to do these things. I like the skirt as long as it lays right and you don't see my zipper butt bump. Oh yeah, I'm showing you.

So I like it and plan to try more, i just ought to find a pattern first. Its hard when you know what you want already.
Other note, hair is wet cause I just got out of the shower. Note to self, shut door unless you want the cat to see you nekkid. Thats another male i can add to my list of those have seen me nekkid. Simon, Riley, Pickles, Eric, anyone who saw me as a baby... small list but I believed in waiting til marriage til i was 24/25.
Boy did the cat scream, sorry I was listening to White Stripes, Hello Operator and well if I'd ever be a good girlfriend and dance for my boyfriend if you get my gist that would be my song.
I also made a shadow box for my room. I haven't illustrated for a long time but I still refer to my supplies so often. Junk collector, thats me. But tell me it don't look cool.
The dogs and cat are all cuddly so i also got a shot of my favorite simon.

Well color me stupid

So remember that post about Danny. I had been friendster hopping not realizing that people can see that I've seen their profiles. duh, that would explain the last time I did it someone giving me a request afterwards which i actually said yes too... so i did it again and said yes to this guy. ho hum. please don't let communication happen. I changed my setting so I can look anonymusly if I chose but I doubt I'd look again for a long time...Bored web surfing days at work should be banned...okay not really. Kinda feel dumb right now... really really dumb. I know, we aren't 15 anymore but sometimes that stupid person does pop out.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Dear Todd, I'm not focusing at work today

I dont want to work

I want to bang on the drum all day

I dont want to play

I just want to bang on the drum all day

Ever since I was a tiny boy

I dont want no candy

I dont need no toy

I took a stick and an old coffee can

I bang on that thing til

I gotBlisters on my hand because

When I get older they think

Im a fool

The teacher told me

I should stay after school

She caught me pounding on the desk with my hands

But my licks was so hot

I made the teacher wanna dance

And thats why

Listen to this

Every day when

I get home from work

I feel so frustrated

The boss is a jerk

And I get my sticks and go out to the shed

And I pound on that drum like it was the bosss head

BecauseI can bang that drum

Hey, you wanna take a bang at it?

I can do this all day

Yeah cause I'm too crafty..these folks are too.

This would be awesome in my living room...
I heart legos
Fridge Lights

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Superman without giving anything away.

K, just got back from seeing a movie I didn't want to see. Love me some superman cartoon, not the movies. Maybe its the glasses shtick, or the outfit or the toupee like hair that hey all have but I've never been a fan. Batman I can see to death.
Bad guys rocked. Parker Posey was fabulous. I'd love to see her as Harliquin in a batman movie. Kevin Spacey, fab!
The good guys...... need to age 5-10 years for me to dig them. Louise's dye job drove me nuts. That and her lack of body.... I've seen sexier 14 year old boys... Wait til that gets googled.
The story was good, Jimmy was great. The kid is just cute, he was alson in Detroit Rock City and laid a jewish girl in it. I think perhaps an old wil wheaton crush would be effecting me there. Come on, you can see the similiarities. And the jesus man himself was cute with his dumb hair. I swear Superman always looks like he has a piece on.
Okay maybe they weren't referencing Jesus but there was a fainting scene that looked yanked right off the cross. The concept of one man saving the world came way before Jeebus but the cross thing is his.
Actor review. Douchebag James Marsden was in it not to be confused with James Marsters who i was much more excited about. I swear he should sing with Nickelbad and Creed. Harold and Kumar's Kumar was in it... I don't think he said one word...he may still have an upset stomach from the Whities though.
The rest is just Parker Parker Parker. She played the roll really well. Story wasn't bad. I always feel bad for the big SM or even more so CK cause I love me a nerd. Any other comment I would make would give things away so that is all. Get your hair dyed well, grease it up and remember kids, tune in next time for Pirates of the Caribean Part Deux.

Who's your movie bitch?

So I have a movie buddy since we are both sans eric. He sometimes doesn't like that we only go to the movies together. Well suck it buddy, I'm going to see superman with you tonight and i have no desire. I don't know what crawled up my ass but I have no desire to see superman. Could it be that i loved christopher reeves, nope, thats not it, cause i didn't. Is it that I don't like flying men, nope, not it again. Is it that there has been a bunch of movies, a few tv series and a cartoon or 4. Ding ding ding. Dude, can we let sleeping kryptonite lie. Maybe I'm also just not a big fan of superman. I know, horrors. I love me anything batman...maybe this is cheating on bruce. :)
I was up til 2 last night doing a bit of everything. I can't quite recall if the boys woke me up today like usual to feed them. I think they haven't had breakfast yet. Scratched eyeball is still annoying and camera is still stupid...yes, its the camera...not the user.. :P

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Doing it alone

Hey, so I went to the zoo today. Should have done it earlier. Its way fun when you aren't listening to folks complaining of the heat or saying come on lets get to the next aminal. I went to see the southside that i didn't see earlier this week. The river's edge's plants are looking really sweet so I took some pictures for work.
Some moments of amusement included being alone with a few hippos while everyone else looked for them in the water. Then hearing southern missourians talking about how big the fish were in the water. Always night to hear the folks being more interested in the various fish exhibits than the "wild" animals. They seemed to really dig the catfish.
I went to see the giraffes also. Always makes you wonder who the animals are when the humans get all stupid by the giraffe getting close. Then again I was amused by the hippo getting out of the water with big turds on its head....
I visited the insectarium which is now free. I pretty much bipassed all the insects that creep my shit out and chilled at the butterfly area. Very cool. My sinuses are less than thrilled but whatcha gonna do?

The one thing the STL zoo lacks that the PA zoo has is the Amish. PA zoo is like vacation central for the amish back in PA. Then again PA is big with the Amish. Anyway there were some amish or the likes at the zoo today. Made me have a twing of youthful memories. Although when I was younger they didn't talk on regular phone let alone a cell phone... wonder what was up with that.
So my camera, totally not doing well again... I think I need to copy all photos and wipe the disk. I tell ya, me and electrics aren't friends. Unless you consider a glue gun an electric. Then we are <> this tight.
Spent the rest of the day playing computer games, reading, eatting my favorite salsa (jar nearly gone) and playing with the beasts. Stupid cat wants to be playmates with the dogs but the dogs are afraid and if they initate the cat forgets and hates them again.

Last night I had the weirdest dream. I was apparently majorly in love with Luke Perry and we were living in an art gallery. Really where does Luke Perry come from that he is infiltrating my dreams. Also I apparently spent 1000 bucks to brighten my teef. Impressive considering I haven't even tried the crest option thats just 30 somthing. I'm all money spending in my dreams, guess it makes up for the real me :P

The weekend

So I'm a bit slow and I have work on Monday. Kinda a bummer, i know.. I'll be off Tuesday but i was looking forward to rediscovering single life... as in single dwelling cause the roomy is up partying Chicago style.
I hung out with a friend last night and then proceeded to pass out for 12 hours. Why yes, i did have agility today, why no, i didn't go. oops.
I went out with the dogs at 8 am this morning. It smelled like bbq ribs... I love meat. Its so good. I definately have days where I miss eric's apartment with its steak that didn't cost 10 bucks just to buy.
So I want to do something different today. Besides stay at home. I'm thinking Hartford Coffee. Of course coffee make me nauseus these days. Lots of things make me nauseus these days. No I'm not pregnant. Gosh that would be awful. (those who don't read regularly I have a firm desire to adopt)