Friday, March 31, 2006


In a country that is so "sue" happy this is obviously a trainwreck waiting to happen whether or not the lesson is a good one or not... Also apparently there are not enough of my people retiring down there to make it known what our symbol looks like.

I'm not a dr, I just play one on tv.

I'm a bit sick and twisted... I'm not sure my call in life, or I just don't have it in me to get the education for my call in life whatever that may be. Yet, last night I, the unpierced freak gave an injection to Coconut. I enjoyed it.. I know, fucked up isn't it? When I worked at the vet I was always the receptionist. The receptionist who was as smart as the drs but had chosen a "creative" education in the arts where I also didn't fit in so well. I couldn't do anything tech like but boy did I want to. Last night I finally got to and got through a fear of mine, needles. Iguana skin isn't quite like human or canine so perhaps it wasn't the same but I enjoyed it non the less. The only really tech thing I ever did at the vet was help a dog give birth on a night shift. I'm not one for breeding dogs but it was still cool holding the newly born yorkie pup.
I like to heal things, make things grow. Rescue work and gardening is the way to go for me when i have the time. When you really love animals being in a vet type position isn't just the love part. There are so many idiots you run into, so many euthanasias etc. No thanks, not the track for me.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


So when I started blogging I did it to not email people when I was upset. To not get on my parents case, now i barely talk to them. Things tended to work themselves out with other people when I had issues unless I rocked the boat while I was irrational. Then the blog was to meet people, then I didn't want to post when I was upset cause it would make me look nuts and who wants a pecan for a friend. These days I'm just in a state of chill. Its very interesting to see what other bloggers are doing or not doing these days. I think I caught on earlier about it being all weird and dead like. Now almost most of the folks I used to read are paused or dead in the water. Well, hey, at least it wasn't just me being all weird and angsty...its a trend.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pride Step Aside and Project Ladle

Tomorrow I have a vet appt for coconut. She has an upper respiratory infection. Probably from the smoothies she was getting. With the smoothies she got energy back and now eats again and has energy. I finally found out that she wants small ripped food no bigger than her width of her mouth hand fed. Spoiled huh?
So tomorrow I will be taught how to properly to care for an iguana, i will be told she has mbd, I will be told she has a bruise on her mouth....
She's an 11 year old iguana rescue. She wouldn't eat. I couldn't get enough calcium in her, she got mbd. I've been draining her multiple times a day cause of her URI Keeping her mouth open with another empty syringe while drainings she bit hard each time... hence the bruise. Better she being bruised and me having all my fingers...
I am also taking with me Riley's pee. Oh yes, right now there is a container of dog pee in my fridge. We've had such a hard time with his training but it has gotten worse lately. I'm trying a bizillion different things. He has always drank alot but now its time to make sure there isn't something else going diabetes. Sure, all you that know Riley thinks he's some sugared up crazy crack whore but maybe he's just a crazy crack whore. We shall see. Luckily he pees like a girl and I had an extra ladle. I scooped it under him, he tried to walk away, I told him to stay and I got a ladle full of dog pee.
Maybe I should have openned the container for it to go in first. I managed to open the container, pour the pee in over the bathroom sink and toss the ladle. What? Did you think I'd reuse it? So we shall see what happens. I'm at my wits end with Riley peeing when he shouldn't. Diabetes probably isn't a good thing and I shouldn't hope for it but well, i can't help it. With my sicko pets is sicko me.. damn sore throat and congestion. Too bad they can't pump me with drugs at the vets too... I'd really like to spend the day watching tv on the couch, experimenting with felt embroidery but alas, I have work, no embroidery thread and some patterns printed off would be good... yeah those printers i want/need will be waiting for the holidays, again....
Time to hit the hay, gotta get into work early. I did some work meanie moves, the boss said thanks and we joked around, I made a reference to my bitchiness and he said some nice stuff about how he likes me alot and to the rest I'm misunderstood. I have always liked him and know I could never find a better boss....a tough order to beat so young in my work career....of course he's only half of my employment pair....lets just say, they complete each other....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Luda vs Ice T

Ludacris is on Law and Order. He kinda stunk... I never thought I'd see a day that I'd say "hey, Ice T kinda ain't bad, he's better than Ludacris."
Law and Order is an amazing phenomenan in my mind. People of all ages and walks of life love it. When Jerry Orbach left I was so sad, went he shortly later passed away I felt such a loss. He was a character that so many could relate to.
The new replacement stinks. . I don't like Dennis Farina. I can't even look past it to watch the show, besides I'd rather watch invasion if anything. I am partial to SVU but I'd enjoy the regular Law and Order pre Orbach lesving. I don't watch the Edgar Suit one. Once you do Men in Black as a bug in a human suit, being an serious overacting detective is a tough shoe to fill. Granted when you have cable and there is nothing on there is always a law and order on some station.
I also love me some Richard Belzer on SVU. Suddenly I find myself saying this dude, or that is hot even though he's old...
So here is some of my old dude hotties...
Patrick Stewart
Ed Bradley
Richard Belzer
Alan Rickman

Monday, March 27, 2006

Well hello, Aldis, its so good to see you, Aldis

I'm on way to having a car. I pick it up tonight if I get a ride to the dealer. Thanks to the wonderful lady that hit me I now technically have 434 dollars a month to live on ignoring bills such as my new bathroom payments which are supposed to be about 300 a month, insurance and vet bills. Really it couldn't come at a better time, right when my mortgage went up 130 bucks a month....
I'm hoping I can take care of most of the bathroom's expenses off of my return and my yearly bonus.
Luckily I live in the City so that things like having my own garden and watering it costs me no more than my regular water bill. Of course now I don't have the dough for the big ass plastic pots for my pumpkin garden, soil and planting something in the wasteland of my front yard.
434, contacts cost 300 bucks a year plus dentist, gyno, & psycho.
I cut starbucks from my life mostly a few months back, now I get one or two a month... buh bye.
Well at least this weekend went out with a bang. Saturday while reminiscing about a fine 1984 string cheese and a side of dark and dry woodchuck cider I enjoyed food and company. Oysters to be exact and fries and fish and sticky toffee pudding... I think I wowed the crowd with my ability to finish that pudding while they all declared defeat.
It was probably the most fun I've had going out in a while. Drinks, tables that rolled as they were really dish carts, jokes out the wazoo and the cutest couple to watch. She is all pretty and smiley and he is the best socialized man I've ever met. I just wanna pinch them.
Now we must come to the important part of being at the Tap Room, their ketchup mixture that comes with their fries. Good Lord its divine. Putting your finger on what it tastes like is the challenge. Its like a bbqed, cumin (not pronounced comin), cinnamon, tabasco delight. Being that I'll be living off pasta with a ketchup sauce the replication is tempting... Hey I could grow my own taters too...
I also did a big ass Target run. I'm stocked on lots of necessaries for a while. Still need to fix the ipod and get a new camera card...
E returned to GA yesterday. It was a very tough visit. I didn't get a back rub either, bummer. Today as I walked to work I could feel the back pain, then I felt the rain...The ride I had to work killed her phone this weekend and never got my massage that I'd like a ride. I called work half way through my walk and whined for a ride. I don't want to talk about E's visit, I just hope the next one is good. Hopefully the lack of family visitors and me having a car will help tremendously.
This is Shoes, with your budgeting report. Thank you and goodnight...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stay away from mechanics...

So I've recently learned I am the bearer of broken mechanics... I have broken my ipod, car, etc. Now my email address isn't working. Seriously yo, I haven't done anything to it....
This post will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...,

Friday, March 24, 2006

Make me happy, damnit

once upon a time, i had a few blogs, but one died and the second didn't take off... oh and there was version -1 that was all sorts of nutty with high school stalkers. So here is my final attempt, since I've met people through my blogs I have had a harder time blogging. Any time to do an about me inspired from Kara Hopefully I will dig the blog format here.

so, here are 100 things about me, Shoes, your crazy host for the moment, I plan to share too much:

  1. I have a suffer from migranes of unknown origin.
  2. I have one now.
  3. I love animals, too much.
  4. I have two dogs & an iguana
  5. I have lots of issues about bringing enough to their lives
  6. Airports give me panic attacks.
  7. Its something about seeing all walls of life and all phases of it
  8. I still fly anyway
  9. I don't do fast food for the most part, ever
  10. i have a serious target addiction.
  11. So do my friends
  12. I recently thought/think I've been dumped by most folks who know me
  13. I've got depression issue
  14. But alot of the time my shit is together
  15. Speaking of shit, I can poop at work
  16. the boyfriends thinks thats weird
  17. I think not doing it it when you need to is weird
  18. Perhaps no one will let me use their bathroom again
  19. I like bathroom humor
  20. I just started my knitting habit
  21. I blame Kara and Robin
  22. I'm glad to have gotten the habit
  23. I have a crafting habit too
  24. I wish I could live off doing artsy stuff
  25. I also wish I could live off of ice cream and cookies and cheese
  26. Although I love veggies
  27. I grow a garden with lots of veggies
  28. I love to give my friends veggies
  29. I wish it was gardening time
  30. I also wish my neighbor would finish redoing his shed that is on my side
  31. And my stumps disappeared to make a pretty yard.
  32. I wish I had time to cook more
  33. and clean
  34. and keep house
  35. I'm a bitch who wants to be a housewife
  36. I'd like to adopt children from China
  37. I will probably have one girl adopted
  38. But I'd love two girls and a boy in that order
  39. i like my socks to be funky.
  40. I need new sneakers, not tennis shoes
  41. I need a new car
  42. and to fix my ipod
  43. I need flip flops
  44. i don't think my 20s/college were the best years of my life.
  45. I have an excellent memory for useless info
  46. But i can't remember your phone number or address
  47. I have a bfa in visual communications.
  48. I majored in illustration
  49. I don't think I learned enough
  50. my style had too much to learn from media wise
  51. I don't think my illustrations were very good
  52. I don't think I do fine art well
  53. but I'm very creative
  54. it hasn't gotten me too far
  55. but I can work the computer programs
  56. so my job has developed and been catered to my basic skills
  57. but they think I have mad skills
  58. don't tell them otherwise
  59. I come up with the best ideas in the shower or bathroom
  60. I came up with my thesis in there
  61. I don't like serious art
  62. Kinda doesn't go with having an art education
  63. I don't know what kinda education would have been good for me
  64. I don't want to go to school again
  65. I don't do serious well period
  66. that adds to me not getting married that and a bizillion other things
  67. i collect converse shoes
  68. I'm jewish
  69. I want a jewish wedding
  70. but I don't do serious or family well
  71. kinda doesn't work but I can't keep myself from wanting it
  72. oh and he's not jewish
  73. I love music
  74. but it has to be upbeat
  75. so i like rap
  76. I don't have a very large movie collection
  77. I don't like to rewatch things or reread
  78. so i don't like buying books
  79. most of my movies don't have a full human cast
  80. My full human cast movies include billy elliot, ever after, a tree grows in brooklyn, eat drink, man, woman, can't hardly wait
  81. I want big trouble in little trouble in a bad way
  82. Its a quality movie
  83. really, seriously, okay its not
  84. I love asian food
  85. my boyfriend is asian
  86. I don't think I have yellow fever, its just worked that way
  87. I like humor, big time
  88. but I don't like stupidity
  89. I think that adds to me not digging drunkeness, especially for those who are close to me
  90. but i do like yummy drinks
  91. if it tastes bad, why do i have to learn to like it
  92. i wish I explored more or go out more
  93. but its natural for me to stay at home more
  94. i love bright colors, but have a good sense of color and don't always use them, thats what i bring to the artistic table
  95. I keep kosher but don't believe that i do it for G-d, its tradition
  96. I think alot, too much, I think it often makes us more unhappy.
  97. But i do consider myself happy.
  98. I don't think my family is happy.
  99. My family has issues
  100. ya know, so does everyones....