Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Project Sukkah

Stardate 10 dash 3 dash Oh 6. We have been on this journey on the SS Judaism for 28 years. We have finally sighted a sukkah. In fact we sighted two, one built, taken down and built again. The natives think a 10 foot and change sukkah is too large and had to rethink their plans due to the people of Lowes not cutting down PVC.
The journey was a near failure until we found a trace of building material known as a rubber mallet. This created the sukkah with more ease. My shipmates have had different responses to our journey. Ensign Simon has been thrilled with the outdoorness of the project and ran around the Sukkah parts with glee at its impending building. Ensign Riley however had adverse reactions to both the stepstool for reaching the sukkah top and the malleting of the joints. He has been barking non stop, I fear the worst, I fear he has been struck by madness.
Two panels of fabric have been strung up and it is leaning against a structure known as a house, it has been undetermined if we shall seek out another panel or two. It is in the 90s in this space and we have become faint from the heat. The hunger has overcome the captain and I fear she/I have had to ingest the roommate's push pop sherbert for sustenance. Tomorrow we shall explore the sukkah more, perhaps decorating it but that is all pending a previous eye dr appt.
Stay tuned for future photos and entries.
The Captain


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