Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh the huge manatee

So I've been working hard. Isn't that what I always say? Anyway 47 hours later from the start of my work week and I was all sorts of ready to nap. Cats had different ideas and processed to argue which makes the Riley growl. So no nap. Thought I might watch Friday night Grey's Anatomy..oh yeah thats not existing anymore.
So my thrill Friday night consisted of watching crap while learning to yarn over in knitting to make Caribbean Scarf. Its not gone so well so I think I'll wait until Kara returns and learn again with someone who knows a little.
I also have the worst cramps. * They are three days old. Yes those cramps. Usually they go away by now. That is all....

* It has been pointed out my typo that originally left out an M. Luckily I have like no readers and if so its friday.... who's reading about my craps/cramps.


Blogger Roni JJ said...

ROFL ~ I'd rather have the craps sometimes instead of cramps ;)

Like the scarf ~ will be awesome when you finish...what colors you using?

12:42 PM  
Blogger daiva e said...

LOL on your typo! I've been having the same problem. The scarf will be cool when it's done. I'd offer to help, but I don't do the knitting stuff...

10:44 PM  

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