Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shut the fuck up...

Dear Future Fiances of America,
Stop talking about your fucking wedding at work. Stop telling me or others every detail. It can be heard throughout the office. Ever think there might be people out there who aren't happy for you and your controling jackass fiance....Its money and time out of my life that I'm not all that excited for. I'm not your friend, you're not mine... I thought it was sorted out a long time ago when you did some stabbing and I stopped waiting to do things with you while your boyfriend tried to find something better yal to do or you'd just have to cancel anyway. Why suddenly that you are getting tied down for good should I give a shit again...I don't.
You are Miss Perfect to so many and everyone loves you and you are used to that. I don't love you. I don't worship you. You are not the center of my social universe and I don't care about your every move so why do you announce all to everyone. Quit it before you drive me nut, okay, more nuts.
The Wicked Bitch of Office


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