Friday, October 27, 2006

My ass is wet, or that repair that isn’t going to happen…

So remember how I mentioned a break in to my car that I couldn’t date. Totally happened last weekend. How do I know you ask? Simple, last week it rained, this week it rained. This week my car has indoor plumbing.
I just got back from the post office and boy is my ass wet. I looked down to my normal sprinkling of rain and there was a hot tub with 2 mosquitoes and a beatle named Charlie in it. My door also no longer makes that nose of a regular car that clicks when you let go of the openny thing.So, am I going to fix it… no…why, cause a) it seems so minor b) I’m not rolling in the dough and c) I have squirrels in my attic and have an exterminator coming out and later, if I see dead/sleeping squirrels in my new outdoor trap its gonna cost me 70 bucks each to remove.. which is on top of the inspection, killing one squirrel and the extra of repairing the place they are getting in


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