Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cause I know you can't get enough of my dogs

My new routine as of 7:09 tonight is to walk both dogs, seperately....
Walked Simon, score. Walked riley, took forever him to even stand on the grass. No defication although i came close as I walked down the block with a large rat or a baby possum. By the end of Riley's fifty spins and me stopping to untangle him ever 10 feet he spent a little time walking on the grass. Still no results.
I get home and find that Simon has jumped up on the cat table in Kara's room and eatting Ziggy's food...who has had an empty bowl twice in the last two days...perhaps not from Ziggy. The second baby gate has come out of retirement. I can't imagine how my hips hurt having to walk over baby gates multiple times a day.


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