Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its hard...

to update your ipod when you leave it at work... somewhere, in my desk... but not quite sure where. I'm also missing a b-day card I took to work and thought I had brought home. Why is my brain gone? Cause i've been swamped. I took half a sick day on thursday and half a personal day on Friday. As one who holds onto her vacation days like leperchaun gold you know I've been pooped.
I hate losing things. I was at work. I looked for it in my side drawer and didn't see it. I figured i left it at home. Apparently not. It could totally be in my side drawer or flat drawer or on my computer where I often put it but I'm crazy and figured it was at home. I probably have it on my computer, I can picture me plugging it in to charge but I have a great imagination and could be remembering some other time. This is one of those pointless posts. One that is keeping me from going to work right now just to find my ipod. I don't need it now, I'm sure its not stolen (although I can always jump there with no problem cause I'm crazy) and I don't have to put the 1962 Peter Paul and Mary album on it at this minute. But not knowing kills me.
So for other useless ramblings my dogs are both nicely sitting and chewing raw hides. They get up and switch raw hides every few minutes. While cute, its also nasty. Boo would be happy though because he bought the boys a large braided rawhide and thats what one of them is chewing on. I think its too big for them so they don't go for it often. Riley really loves the small rawhide knotted bones from Target. In fact they both love the target rawhides, they're fancy.
Hmm anything else useless to talk about, I started a pair of fetchings, knitting is fun and mindless compared to scrapping. I think hardcore folks. I really ought to finish a project. I think mentally I need to or else I'll start more items for satisfaction of starting them since i don't have the satisfaction of finishing them.
Okay thats all I got folks. Possibly the most boring post- ever.


Blogger Roni JJ said...

I hate it when I can't find things I KNOW I put somewhere...

What are fetchings

and o.k....did you get the table or not??? Sounds like such a cool did after all say you wanted to start a few more - LOL!!

8:55 AM  

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