Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Real conversations with Dad.

Driving somewhere with Dad, aka Miss Daisy and mom next to me and I drove my Morgan Freedman ass to somewhere to eat. The radio was on. The announcer, as I like to call them said the next song was by Pink.
Dad, “Don’t forget she’s from Doylestown” (that’s by my hometown) Apparently I need to remember this.. It vital to my existance as a run away Buck Countier...
Me, “Eve’s from Philly”
Dad, “Who’s Eve?”
Me, “A singer, black chic, blond hair”
Dad, “What does she sing?”
Me, ”Songs, you wouldn’t know her”
Dad, “ Oh…”
Me, “Now she acts on UPN or something. She’s sorta doing the Queen Latifah thing”
Dad, “She’s (QL) not a bad actress.”
Me fondly remembering the beautiful black men in Beautyshop, “Yeah she’s not bad”
Dad, “What’s with her name? Is she a queen?”
Me, “No, she was into women stuff and African heritage stuff in the 80/90s. She used to do the Dashiki thing too…At least she did her in U.N.I.T.Y video. She just made the Queen thing part of her name. She’s not really born Latifah either…her real name is Dana Owens. She used to wear a key around her neck from the motorcycle she bought her brother and he later had an accident and died in.( I like weird info to share)*”
Dad, “Oh..well she’s not a bad actress”

This was possibly the coolest conversation I have had with my dad. It also really makes me to want to make him a modern popular Bucks County CD. But would it be weird hearing the 59 year old man with a red Dodge Caravan listening to Pink and Eve…probably… He probably doesn’t know boys to men so it could be all new to him… I'd have to research to see who else would fit that boat... Its weird but very tempting... I really need a hobby...oh I have one...

*Sidenote, She used to seem really angry… my view….once she started tasting fish, she calmed the fuck down. Yes, I think she likes carpet.


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woman, you are just something else!! Gotta love's a rule or something I think ;)

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